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Friday, September 2, 2011

A Week in Mail

This week's mail 

Outgoing Monday

A lobster for a friend who just returned from a week on Cape Cod  eating lobster!
She had the real thing -- now she got a paper lobster in the mail.
And, I didn't get any lobster so I am a bit crabby.


Some giant forks, some washi tape, handmade envelopes....


Love those old Life magazines for cutting up and collaging.

I didn't get one single incoming piece of mail on Tuesday -- I couldn't believe it!
That hasn't happened to me in years.
We were not amused.


Some handmade postcards and envelopes, Chinese red envelopes and one for SuperHero.


A typewritten letter went out -- among other things.


More handmade postcards (including one for Maureen who has chickens).


A nice recovery from a pathetic lack of incoming on Tuesday.
Thanks, everyone.


Burning Man Postmarks by James Cline, postmaster extraordinaire  of Burning man.
(Thanks Alice and Phyllis)


More of the wonderful food stamps from  La Poste in France.
I can never get enough of these.
Merci beaucoup, Isabelle!

A Mail Artist must always take time for lunch -- garlic noodles, imperial rolls and five spice chicken at Perilla here in San Francisco.
No, I didn't eat it all.

An afternoon walk today and a lovely letter box.

POST BOX -- Read this and weep --
Mailboxes Disappear

                    I posted this link already on the Facebook page for Cappuccino and Art but think it is important to post it on the blog too. Use them or lose them, people! Get out there and mail some letters. I am doing my part. We may lose our post boxes and six day delivery one of these days and that is just sad. I am wondering if the postal services in other countries are having the same problems as ours (anyone know?).

                              This is a long holiday weekend in the US. Things are hoppin' in San Francisco.
We have the SF Zine Fest this weekend in Golden Gate park and the farmers markets are fully loaded. And there is a party with my namer on it on Monday so things are looking good. You all have a festive and safe weekend and SEND OUT SOME MAIL ART!

                            SEND GOOD MAIL -- GET GOOD MAIL



  1. Love all of the photos -- the mail, coming and going and of the mail boxes and mail slots. That angel mail slot is just beautiful! I hate the thought of us losing our mailboxes. I'll start looking for one to mail from while I'm here at my son's. At home, I mail as often as possible at the actual little post office because I'm so concerned that they'll decide to close it (even though it's not on the list at this time).

    Have a great holiday weekend and be safe!

    Sharon in TX (but visiting OK for now)

  2. When do you have time to sleep???? That's a lot of fabulous mail going out. Enjoy the zine fest, treat us to your fab photos of the event!!! xox Corrime

  3. Ha! Funny you should mention sleep, Corrine -- I am getting up earlier and earlier!
    And, I owe you some mail yours this week.

  4. Love all the pictures of your mail (as usual =D). After reading that article I decided to start using our corner mailbox more often instead of just when I don't get my mail out on time. Walked to it twice yesterday & was shocked at how beat up & rusty it's gotten. My fingers are crossed that USPS won't remove it.

  5. JanaBanana -- I thought exactly the same thing yesterday when I looked at the post box near my house -- very dirty and covered in green moss!

  6. I see my name! :D I'm happy it's very uncommon...always nice to know for sure that mail is on the way :D

  7. Wow, you were very busy this week. Love all the mail art you do. It's awesome!
    I can't even find a blue mail box close by here.

  8. You receive (and send out) such fun mail! :D

    I love the lobster package... My best friend from high school calls me her hairy lobster! ;)

  9. I use my friendly, neighborhood mailbox...and will stomp my feet if anyone tries to take it away.

  10. Pamela, thank you for your postcard. <3 I love it.

  11. Thanks, Mary. And I just spent quite a while this afternoon organizing postcards people have sent me into albums and I see quite a few very cool and creative ones from you.

  12. LOVE - a nice inspiration and you are so lucky to have such correspondance!

  13. laurie - yup-- I am lucky but you know, if you send out a lot of good mail you will get good mail.



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