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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Happy Find

Cleaning out my desk drawers over the long weekend....

I came across this wonderful stash of older stamps I had put away...

and forgotten about....
How exciting! Now shall I start using them on mailart or stash them away to find again in  a few years?
What does everyone think?

I am quite partial to the Lunar New Year Stamps.
Very soon we will have a new one.

No mail yesterday -- hoping for a double batch today.


  1. Wow, what a stash! I did basically the same thing (on a smaller scale..) when I got my stuff out of storage after we moved back to the US from Costa Rica. I was thrilled! If you have doubles, I would stash one away and use the other. If you only have one each then maybe you can keep a couple blocks of four (the collectable corners) and use the rest. In any case I am happy for you! What fun...and a bonus is that if you use them, your penpals get to share in the fun! Enjoy!

  2. Hi! I just found your blog and love it! Those are some cool stamps!I say use them....what if you put them away & forget about them & you get old and die (sorry to be so negative)...who's going to appreciate them like you would or your penpals?Whoever is going to go through your stuff will probably give it away or throw it away. :( Use them now to make your envelope pretty with those cool stamps.I used to hold on to all my pretty things but then realized it's crazy to keep holding on to them,use them now & get more new stuff to save for later...basically keep your stuff rotating.I haven't had time to go through your previous posts yet but wil once I get over my cold.I would love to see your zines...they are so cool.Also,please think about joining our 2011 letters project.I homeschool my 3 daughters and we are trying to collect 2,011 letters by Dec 31st from all over the world.We hope you can join and spread the word to help us out! :)

  3. I also say use them!! I love getting letters with interesting stamps that we have forgotten about. I have a small collection of used stamps that I use to make postcards to send to soldiers. Mainly because they need something interesting to look at. So, I say send some..and if you want..keep a few around to find another day! Love the blog!! Peace!

  4. I had a bunch of stamps that I put away too. I didn't forget the stamps, but I did seem to forget that I live in Oregon. They all stuck together. This could happen in the Bay Area too, so my advice is to use the ones that are not self adhesive. You really saved some good one...opera stars, comics. Those were gems!

  5. Wow those are all great stamps! I have exactly one stamp (95 cents World) put away...and I do not seem to be forgetting about it :-)

  6. Hello Dear Pamela.
    I just got your postcard today & it reminded me that I'd not visited your blog in a really long SO excited for you with the new stamps...what a great little gift to yourself.
    Will be in touch soon...I promise!

  7. If I found a stash like that I'd do a happy dance all over the place lol

  8. Me, too, I'd be doing the happy dance! Alas, I have no stamps stashed away.

  9. What a great find. I'm always putting things away and re-finding them.

  10. Wow, GREAT stash. Opera singers! monster movies! Wow!

  11. Geez,almost as good as a sunken treasure!



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