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Sunday, January 16, 2011

In and Out (not the burgers)

Can you believe all this wonderful mail arrived on one day last week?
How fun.
Faux stamps from John Held, Jr, collages from Karen Champlin, Lunar New card
from the wonderful Jennie Hinchcliff, joss paper from Barbara and a card from Carter,
and a zine and random things from Linsey.

Close-up of John's stamps.
Recognize anybody?

Outgoing from me  --  Mailart 365
# 12/365

Mailart 365
# 14/365

Mailart 365

Mailart 365 -- #13/365
I wonder if the peso will be on the card when it arrives at it's destination?
Hope so.

Thanks to Mim for the Mailart 365 postcard too.

Now I better get busy and answer everyone.

Send Good Mail -- Get Good Mail!


  1. Wow...I'm jealous! What a nice surprise to find all that in your mailbox.

  2. ooh! I am so jealous. Is this from being part of the International Union of Mail-Artists? I should check in more often, as I am a member there, too.

  3. Are the food-art pieces cut up pictures? That's a cool idea.

    I tried scribbling out a picture on a letter to friend yesterday. It didn't look great but luckily friends are usually forgiving.

  4. Mail comes in from all over -- IUOMA,, personal correspondence and quite a few contacts made from the Call For Correspondents post on the Good Mail Day website. Of course every day isn't that good but I have been getting a lot of lovely mail.
    And yes, those are cut up photos of mine. Since I am a photographer I naturally use photos I take in many projects. (Justin, you just might be seeing one very soon in your mailbox).

  5. Did the peso make it? Love ur blog!

  6. Haven't heard yet about the peso -- will keep you posted!

  7. Haha...I commented on the food postcard and, what do you know?, it showed up in my mailbox yesterday. I'll have to think of something cool to reciprocate with.

  8. So...the question is....did the peso arrive on the card?

  9. Sadly, it did not. There is an imprint that looks like a wax seal-type thing. I wonder if it fell off or if it was removed.

  10. Drats! We'll never know what happened, will we?



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