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Thursday, March 19, 2020

Locked Down but Not Locked Out

Who is that sassy girl?
I love this envelope made by my pal Missy Millie....seeing her in my mailbox really cheered me up, especially since I can't really go out.....
She had the wrong zip code so it took a while to get to me but get to me it did...

Well, this was sure a as we know it isn't the same....San Francisco is  locked down and rumor has it, things may get worse. So far I have only gone out for food and I am going stir crazy, even with the multitude of projects I have to work on....
So, what am I doing?

Drinking a lot of tea. I love the Smith Tea Company in Portland and treated myself to a new box. This is turmeric tea and pretty good. Just look at that tea bag -- so pretty. You KNOW I will have to do something with that tea bag....I love their Meadow Tea too....I'm just sayin' incase you are browsing their website for some tea you might like....

Besides drinking tea (and some wine) I have been reading books. I don't like to recommend books because we all have wildly different tastes in books (& movies...I hated Parasite and everyone else loved it) but I really, really enjoyed this book. And, you might too. And if you're really lucky, your library may be opened so you can get it from the library. It is a feel good-book and I need to feel better!

Happily I have a BIG stash of arty/crafty/mixed media/textile books and I have had ample time to sit and page through them and get ideas for projects. I hope you have some good books in your stash too.

This charming sewn folder was inside the Sassy Girl envelope (above).

All the way from OZ and my birthday buddy Vizma.
(Happy Birthday Aries pal!)

A delightful birthday surprise from my Portland buddy Miss Polly. My birthday is next week but what the heck....I opened it early. The PDXCC has their own pencil cases!
I really think the SF Correspondence Co-Op needs our own too.

I actually SET UP my unused sewing machine and I tried stitching on paper but the thread jammed. Or something. Now I am VERY cranky and I can't even ask anyone to come over and help me.

When the walls start closing in, at least I can go out on my deck for some fresh air and some Meyer lemons....

And, I can go out in the garden and smell the jasmine vines. They are all blooming like crazy and small so good. I also have been watching the little buds come to life. Nature is such a balm.

This plant is old and has lots of beautiful flowers.....

My favorite flowers and I actually have some blooming. They don't seem to do well here in San Francisco but my old lilac bush squeezes out a few every year right around my birthday.
I have lots of projects -- altered books, gelli printing, hand sewing and embroidery, etc -- but I only seem to want to sit and read. I guess I am trying to get used to the new and hopefully temporary reality.
I love Instagram and have been trolling through IG for inspiration. There is some wonderful art on there and lots of good mail ideas. You can sign up and make your account totally locked up (like SF!) and private but then you can see some great stuff. I can recommend some beautiful feeds if there is any interest.

So, I was thinking....
Maybe we could ALL make something "together"? want to try? I was thinking  Altered Altoid Tins or maybe Pocket Books....
Do you all have an Altoid tin? Some double stick tape? Gel Medium?
Want to play?
Clear those cookies and comment below if you do and I will try to set something up. It would be kind of fun to all work on the same basic project....I wish you could all come over but we know that can't happen right now.

Tell me what you think. And, tell me how you are all doing out there...How are YOU coping with things? Are you all under the Shelter In Place rule??
Stay safe and take care of yourselves.
And do something nice for someone else.



  1. Been thinking of you ever since I heard about the shelter in place! I’m finding it hard to focus on anything long enough to get stuff done. I’ve hardly sent any mail. Hoping to change that soon!

    1. Hi Cindy - I am having trouble focusing too. That’s why I keep reading and not making. But I hope the creative urge will kick in soon. I look at the long lines here and the empty shelves and the oddly ni toilet paper and I think of Soviet Russia.....take care.

  2. Your library has ALL those great books?!! I'm so jealous! I've gone though all the good art books at my library. I have to see if I can look some new titles up get transfers from other city libraries near me.

    Hang in there, my friend. Hopefully I can come for a visit soon, and can have a look at your sewing machine too ;-)


    1. Hi pal - oh I do hope you can come for a visit soon. I miss you! Hummmm I think the SFPL does have most of those arty books but I bought them. I can’t resist .....
      You should be able to do an interlink for them....
      Take care and hope to see you soon.

  3. This heartfelt share means a lot to me. Knowing that we are not alone in this helps. I loved hearing from President Obama that one of the things they did in Singapore (I think it was) was to send thank you post cards to people in the services on the front line services. I’m thinking we can send notes to people who have the virus so they don’t have to feel frightened and guilty.

    1. Hi CJ - yes, send out some cheering mail, I agree. And, thank you for yours. Loved the vintage SF postcard. I am leaving magazines I’ve finished on my neighbor’s porches....

  4. You got some lovely art to see while on lock down. You also have a ton of books, like the one by India Flint and the Cas Holmes books.

    I'm delighted to see you are drinking tea, but it's not cappuccino (grin).

    Let me give you some pointers on your sewing machine. You may have already tried these, but if not, remove the top thread and inspect it to see if it's damaged or frayed. To be on the safe side, cut off all the thread you removed from the part you threaded through the machine from the thread spool to the needle.

    Next, remove your bottom thread. Replace with a new spool. Inspect where the two threads meet. Make sure there are no frayed thread caught in the mechanism under the presser foot. While both the top thread and the bottom thread are removed, turn your wheel back and forth a few times. You may have to turn your machine on to do this. If the mechanism is working fine, oil the machine with your sewing machine oil.

    Replace both the top and bottom threads and try again. I hope that helps. It's all I know to help, other than taking the pressure plate off and cleaning with a dust brush.

    1. Elizabeth - how nice of you to write all that and help me. I really appreciate it. I will take a deep breath and try to figure it out ) with your help). Aries are not that patient but I do really want to see paper......

  5. Hi, waving from So Cal where I haven't left the house except for walks since Saturday. Luckily I'm pretty good at living alone and have tons of supplies for every art or craft I may want to do including altoid tins so I'll play along if you do that. Maybe a unique IG hashtag (Pamelatins or something) so we can find each other easily.

    1. Waving back — I too have tons of supplies and this is a good time to use them. I was thinking of an IG tag too but a lot of my blog readers are not on IG of FB. But we can try.....

  6. I love your garden! I miss lilacs. In Ohio, where I grew up, they bloomed around *my* birthday, May 19! They don't grow here in South Central Texas. We have wisteria and Texas laurel, both purple and pretty, but they are *not* lilacs! Parasite: I had mixed feelings. Didn't hate it, found it pretty compelling but very hard to watch.

    1. Hello! Nice to see a new name pop up here. We are two deprived lilac lovers! But at least I have a few. I hated all the senseless violence in Parasite. It just seemed so extreme and ridiculous. I liked the beginning of the film and thought the premise was an interesting one but the whole thing got surreal after a while....but there was popcorn......

  7. Happy birthday to you too! Hope we get lots of mail, well I won't because mail doesn't come on Tuesday...but I hope that I eventually get Miss Polly mail like that too! Or she's in big trouble! Haha! Cheers!

    1. I can always count on you, pal!!! Of course you want the pencil case. Lol
      Happy birthday dear Aries. Xxxx

  8. Thank you for continuing to blog during this time. Your posts are always wonderful to read.
    I hope you have a wonderful birthday.

    1. Thanks so very much. I am so glad to know you enjoy my posts. And thank you for the birthday good wishes too.



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