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Friday, May 24, 2019

Treasures from the Berlin Flea Market

One of the things that fascinates me about old ephemera like this is wondering what  happened to the people who owned the ephemera. Many of the papers were and books like this (ration book?) were dated right before WW2. There are a lot of questions and thoughts to ponder.

See what I mean about turning the postcards over? The backs can  definitely be better than the fronts sometimes. I can look at old cursive writing for hours.
And postmarks too.

I love tiny photographs like these - perfect for cutting up and putting in my altered passport project. Unfortunately the one thing I didn't find at all the flea market I went to were old passports for my project.

This is a whole notebook filled with this cool writing. I think it is a student's notebook.

After the flea market we walked around and went into (one of Germany's many)  a bookstore. I was delighted to see a wall of book spines -- old book spines were embedded right into the walls. Very cool.

And, in Germany, there is ALWAYS cake.

I promised I'd show you some of my flea market finds, so here you go!  Now I am in the process of making books and journals and collages with a lot of the ephemera I found.  
So much fun to use such wonderful old papers.

What are you doing over this long holiday weekend (here in the US)?
Well, I'm making things, of course.....and I might have some cake.



  1. Oh Pamela, these are fabulous finds. I am in total awe. I wish I could write cursive like that, too. They don't teach it like that in school anymore. In fact, now we learn to "type" instead of write. One of these days, it will be laptops and tablets given to first graders and they will never have to experience those boring cursive letters we learned in school (off my soapbox, now).

    LOVED these photos and you found a fabulous flea market.

    Happy Memorial Day. I'll be baling water out of my basement and trying to stay dry all weekend. No cake for me, I fear.

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth -- we need cursive practice! Awwww it sounds like you need cake as a reward for all that work....

  2. I am sitting here sipping my morning coffee in awe!!! What absolute treasures you have found!! The cursive- is exquisite!! And those little photos are so neat! Kinda like our photo booth size?
    How wonderful this trip is for us! Thanks so much for sharing it!!I am constantly amazed at how many glorious items you are finding at the fleas...someday!!
    And BTW, my mouth opened,and my bottom lip hit the keyboard,along with excessive drool over those cakes! LOL-just kidding about the drool! Holy cannolis!Is there much diabetes in Germany? I want to be on their diets!!I am a total baked goods freak and those look to be dive right in kinds!!
    Okay, back to reality and on to your next post! We came home from camping early as it was total rain and quite the wash out(did manage to hit some good garage sales though!)

    1. The photos are actually smaller than the photo booth size....very charming. The Germans definitely know cake! But the French and Italians aren't far behind. It's a good thing we walked so much.....because we had cake every day! Sorry your camping got rained out but the garage sales sound fun.

  3. Oish - I just commented on your most recent post - all the things I said there apply here! What loveliness to bring home :)



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