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Monday, April 16, 2018

I'm Going Dotty

Hello everyone!
OK, someone on Instagram started doing this and then I started doing this.
Monkey See, monkey do.
But it really is cheap entertainment.

And FUN!!!!

So here's what you do......get out some Staz-On ink pads and some markers...

Go to the Dollar Tree if you live in the USA and get a whole bunch of little packets of DOTS.
Or, have your lovely and generous friend and a new mama to Cora, Jessica send you a bunch of them.....(thanks Jessica!)

Get out some rubber stamps.....
I know you're going to these are from Casey's in NYC and yes they do mail order. And they only charge $4 to ship and no, Casey's isn't giving me anything but I wish they would...

I even like the out-takes.
The only tricky part (at least for me) was getting the paper surrounding the DOTS off the sheets. I found if I took one dot off I could easily peel off the sheets and then put the dot back on...if that makes sense...

So, besides making about a million DOTS I am packing my mail art  and collage kit up and taking it on the road.
I love that.

I've already put one page in the travel journal and yes, I most certainly do need a vacation.
And I need lobster.
Boston here I come. Just please please don't snow.

I am gathering up ephemera and sticking it inside my travel moleskin.....collaging will be happening...

I wonder if I will see Denise?

Moleskin and address book -- check! Maybe I should bring some DOTS.
I put this on Instagram and I've got a whole bunch of cool people trying to figure this out....and so far, no one has..
I found a secret message under a stamp on a very old postcard (not dated). I think the postmark is Vienna.
Was it a secret message during the war? Or a message between lovers?

This is very old German script and no longer used -- and it is TINY. It was under a stamp after all.
The IG crowd hasn't solved it -- how about you????
Can anybody read this?
Because I sure would like to know....

And, another mystery, does anyone know what happened to LIMNER? Her blog
Oh! Write Me has been taken down and she just disappeared. I am worried.

OK, so get going on those dots. And help me out with the mysteries. And have a GOOD MAIL DAY! And leave me a comment, please -- I miss you.


  1. Live the dots, will be making some. Have done sheets of labels on the gelli plate but have tons of markers that need using. I like the outtakes also but why remove surrounding paper? Cause it looks better to see just dots? Been to Boston once for 3 days and loved every minute. Have a blast!

    1. You are lucky to have tons of markers -- I only have four so my color palate is limited. I like the way the dots look without the paper surrounding them.....hum.....I haven't gelli printed any but now I might...As for Boston, it's all about the lobsters!

  2. I saw the dots on Pinterest and wanted some, too! Yours are so bright and cheerful. I've been wondering about Limner, too.

    1. I emailed Limner but no response.....somehow I don't think the news could be good....
      Thanks so much for the comment.

  3. Your blog is always great, colorful, creative and great ideas. Thank you for you! ♥

    1. Well, Jacki -- thank you so much. And I only have four markers so that's my color scheme and I'm sticking to it!

  4. I'm sure Denise would love to know that she is part of your travel Moleskin! What fun pages you've got started. Enjoy your trip, and I hope you have lots of lobster with butter!

    1. Yes, I think Denise would be happy......and I am definitely planning on lobster with melted butter! maybe a twin lobster special.

  5. Since I am Dotty, I love the dots. Great idea. Have fun in Boston....

  6. I really want to try to dot along now too. I saw this before as well, but still have to give it a go. Love your creativity as always!

  7. It's a circle of love. How clever and cute!

    1. Hi Vikki!! Thanks so much...I didn't think it up...saw someone else doing it on IG...

  8. Hope everything is okay with Limner. We never exchanged mail, but I did read her blog from time to time.

    Your dots look lovely. Now I want to try something similar.

    Never been to Boston. Have fun!

    1. Cindy -- yes, try making dots - it is fun. I did trade mail with Limner and I feel sad she just disappeared....
      I will post something about Boston after the trip...maybe I will find a historic PO there...

  9. Not sure how I missed this. I LOVE those dots. I will check with my Dollar Tree, but I'm fairly certain I've never seen them there. I do love what you made, though, and the dots will look good with anything you make. I may have to make a few using paper and a punch. Of course, mine won't be as lovely as yours.

    Enjoy your trip. I bet you are getting excited. And thanks for sharing this awesome technique, too!

    1. So glad you like the dots, Elizabeth. I think they are pretty common at Dollar Tree. Office supply shops should have them but they wouldn't be only $1 there. Someone gave me some sheets of large dots that i am excited to play with.
      Yes, I am excited and the art kit is all packed.....the clothes....not so much...

  10. Gorgeous Dots Leslie! Come play mail art with us on :) H

  11. OOPS, sorry Pamela. We'd love to have you and your friends join in on our fun at H



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