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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Poisson d'Avril

SF Correspondence Co-Op meeting on Sunday -- we had poissons -- I mean, fish!

The SF Public Library (Special Collections) has acquired 770 vintage Poisson d'Avril postcards -- that's April Fool's to you and me.
We got to view them at our mail art meeting and then we made some of our own.
Read about Poisson d'Avril here
My son went to a French immersion school and on April 1 the kids tried to pin paper fishes on each others backs (without getting caught). 

If you are local, and want to see some of these funny cards, the SFPL is putting on a show  -- and newsflash -- you may see some collaged fish cards by the SF Correspondents Co-op too.

You know how I am.....I went rogue and, is some of my cards..

When 1948 yearbook meets fish this is what can happen....

Don't you just love table tops that look like this?

I know I do!

My little workspace at the library...

Besides Fish, we had some chickens at the meeting -- Maureen brought some of her collection of vintage French stamps. If you look closely you can see they are chickens -- and were used to teach little French kids how to count.

More vintage French stamps -- and another chicken.

Something about those fish showing with French people all dressed up a hundred years ago or seeing them with college students from the 40's just cracks me up.
April Fool's is coming right up so watch out for fishes on your backs.
Want to get more inspired?
Listen to my favorite Bay Area Band - Rupa & the April Fishes

So, Happy April 1 and Happy easter and Happy Poisson d'Avril and happy birthday to KSP and Missy Millie and ME -- all Aries celebrating too.



  1. Fascinating post. I loved it! Happy Mail Day everyday!

  2. I have a friend who made me an altered journal with Poisson d'Avril as the theme. She did it because my birthday is in April. Neither she nor I knew what the phrase stood for at the time. But there were lots of fish, lots of little girls, and a few men, too.

    I really LOVE the postcards you created/altered. They make me want to visit France even more now. Of course, I enjoyed how you used more "recent" pieces, and they turned out fantastic. So glad you had fun at the SF Correspondence Co-Op meeting. Looks like everyone got into the spirit of the event, too.

  3. Elizabeth -- an altered Poisson d'Avril book!!! What a fabulous idea. And yet another April birthday -- I am a March Aries but I have so many April Aries pals. I am so glad you got a kick out of my poisson postcards. i was going to try for a more French theme but those guys and the fish were cracking me up....

  4. Something very Fishy about this post Pamela!!

    hahaaa couldn't help myself! Wall-eye wonder what you will think of that one!! again!
    Okay, I Musky going now,I'm Steel-Head ing in the right direction!
    It's a Halibut comment I left here for you,I hope you enjoyed!! I LOVE your Fish postcards!!
    Jackie ")

    1. HA HA!!! You are good and you're right -- it is a very fishy post. You are a riot and would fit right in with Poissons d'Avril........

    2. Oh what a fun post (and educational ta boot! lol). What an odd world we live in - who knew. Sorry I don't live close enough to see the collection. All that fish without the smell! I love your renditions.

    3. Jewels -- You are right -- no fishy smell but we had Goldfish crackers and gummy fish so we did have a whole fish theme going on there. And I am still sending sending you thank-you mail. Sorry i am so slow -- hard to keep up with everything going on. I am loving those RD book covers you sent me.

  5. Looks like you had a fun time :)



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