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Monday, November 20, 2017

Lisbon Flea

You all said you want to visit the flea market in Lisbon with, today we are going....wear comfortable shoes because it is a big one.....

I am really drawn to to the metal......shame it is so heavy....

And KEYS!!!!!!

And, I love religious statues like these....

and these......
I couldn't find any Portuguese holy cards though, except for a few vintage ones....

And, this is Lisbon so yes, there are lots of lovely tiles....

Fado? Si!!!! I loved the music and have a few Fado cd's to prove it...

Yep, stamp bundles!!!
I told you that I find stamp bundles in European flea markets......

15 euros each -- too much I think.....a photo will have to do...

Those cats again -- I think I probably should have bought them....too late now...

I want it ALL......
But, I actually didn't buy nearly as much as you'd think.......I did get four Portuguese passports and some official papers....but sometimes a picture is all I need to be happy. 
We spend hours walking around and looking at everything -- it was so much fun!
So, what would YOU buy?

If you visit Lisbon I highly recommend the flea market there....bring a bag and wear comfy shoes and carry a camera and have some fun!



  1. I would have gone crazy with the paper ephemera - so so cool - thanks for the tour!

  2. My keyboard is having a PMS hissy fit today, and refuses to work much of the time. I would LOVE to leave you a personal message like you are used to from me, but it took nearly 30 minutes to write my last "real" message. Fortunately, my mouse still works well, so I can copy and paste this generic message to you. So, I will just wish you a very happy Thanksgiving and please be aware I have seen and appreciate your post.

  3.! I'm on junking overload just looking at your pictures! I can't even imagine being there in person! Wow! I guess the fact that you were traveling was a good thing in that it helped keep buying in check somewhat! I would have probably added to my religious statue collection, probably something metal, and no doubt something postal related! Thanks for sharing! What a delight to shop vicariously (and not spend any money!)

    1. I like your choices -- I love religious statues too but I don't actually have any statues -- but I have other things......I often shop vicariously. It is a lot cheaper that way.

  4. Stamps and stamp covers, I would have spend my budget on those. The tiles are really pretty too, but I would be too afraid to buy them... what if they break!

    1. I wish I bought a tile ot two for my kitchen but I didn't.....I will just have to go back. I like your choices.

  5. Thank you for sharing! Lisbon doesn't seem to get the same kind of love as other cities so it's nice to see this.

  6. Cindy -- somebody is loving Lisbon because it was absolutely over run with European tourists when we were there (and almost no Americans).

  7. Love the doorknobs - wish I had taken the ones from the apartment I grew up in before my parents moved out. Love the hardware and keys. I would have gotten those pictures of ladies in costumes, and stamps, maybe some jewelry, so much eye candy! I think I'd have to drop the metal, also - too heavy to try to carry home, and then not know what to do with it.

    1. It is fun to shop in our imaginations, isn't it? Cheaper -- and easier to carry too.......But it is also fun to actually buy things sometimes...

  8. Will the vendors "haggle" on the prices? (I suppose one would have to have a good command of the Portuguese to make it happen.) Anyway, I would not have left without a few old photos. I love digging through the piles of old photos and always find at least one that asks to be rescued.

  9. I would definitely buy a few stamp bundles and passports!! The metal pieces are divine too. I think I would need a few small pieces!



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