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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Things I Made

It is a cold, dark and rainy day in the new year now (which I love) and Santa has delivered all his presents -- and mine too -- so I can show you some things I made for  some pals (other than those altered Altoid tins).
I got some great Cavallini paper at the sale and I especially loved the typewriter keys paper.
(You know how I love typewriters)
So, I folded some of my large origami six pocket folders and then I "lined" the unprinted parts of the folder with pages from the Gregg Typing book.

A whole lot of my special mail art pals also like typewriters so I decided to whip out a few....they are so handy to have with six pockets for stashing papers and ephemera.

In the same theme, a little Gregg shorthand/typing HS class collage  went in to one of those pockets of one of the folders.

Pages for Dori's Altered Book
I got busy and made some more pages for my pal Dori to add to the altered book I made her last  year....and I had to put them in something so they slipped perfectly into the pockets of an origami folder...

I used a vintage envelope to make a pocket on this page and put in a stamp collaged postcard.

I also scored sheets of postage stamp papers at Cavallini and made a few stamp folders too.
You KNOW my friends like stamps.
And, I used pages from an old stamp album as liners over the plain paper sections....

You can never have too many postage stamps!

Here's an open folder -- what treasures did I tuck inside? Vintage stationery? Vintage cards?
A typewriter origami folder with a sheet of vintage Photography stamps tucked inside for Monica the Artful Recrafter (who, in another life, was and still is a professional photographer).
A Mail Art Pouch for my pal The Artful Recrafter! An oversize, heavy canvas one  -- pretty cool.
Before you ask, I found it on is larger than it looks in this photo...

These six pocket folders are so fun to make -- and so useful.If you don't have access to the wonderful Cavallini sale to get the papers cheap, you can use large maps or maybe brown, heavy Kraft paper that you rubber stamp....
Where there's a will there's a way.
I sure hope my friends liked the presents.

So, there you have it -- Altoid Altoid tins (previous post), large origami folders, mail art pouches, vintage postage....I love a handmade Christmas....
and my friends do too. I received some of the most wonderful and amazing handmade Holiday gifts from my incredibly talented friends. I'll show you some in a post soon.
I love a Handmade Holiday.
What did you make this year? I could use some more ideas of things to make for next year so do tell.

I am starting off the New Year in my studio -- I started the 2017 Rolodex Card a Day project and I've been working on my planners and having a good time tearing and pasting...
Hope you are able to do some of the same.
Happy 2017!!!! SEND GOOD MAIL -- GET GOOD MAIL!!!!


  1. Those stamp collages look great!

  2. How impressive. I know everyone on your Christmas list must have fallen in love with the things you made. Love the shorthand because I've been looking for a Gregg book since FOREVER. Happy New Year, dear friend.

    1. Are you looking for the Gregg shorthand books? I seem to find tons of them and I stopped even buying them. I'd be happy to pick one up for you next time I see one. I could send you some pages now. Just send your address using the Blogger Contact Form -- it is a personal message to me.

  3. I never did pick up shorthand, but my best friend did. After learning to type on those huge clunky typewriters where my hands could barely reach the keys, shorthand was out. Wonderful books and as a leftie I appreciate the Left Hand. xox

    1. My mom knew short hand -- and she was a typewriter whiz too! I don't think I fully appreciated her. I can't imagine how anyone can learn it. xo

  4. Okay - amazing creations as usual!!! Thanks for sharing! Your access to Cavellini sale goods make me jealous 😀 - love their papers! Can't wait to see your Xmas presents!

    1. That Cavallini sale IS amazing -- maybe some day you will get to go. I did get some absolutely wonderful handmade Xmas gifts. i am in awe of my talented friends. Thanks for your comment, Michele C!

  5. That stamp paper! <3 Everything you've made looks amazing again. ^^

  6. I agree with TomoyoHime that stamp paper is wonderful! I found a large box of stamps (canceled and uncanceled), 1st day issue envelopes, and stamp books right before Christmas. I still haven't gotten to look at all of it there is so much. I can see that there will be some stamp paper in my future...I just need to make the time to do it! Looking forward to seeing what else you made.

    1. You FOUND all that? In your own stash? or where? Inquiring minds want to know. I'll show you something I have been doing with stamps in my next post. BTW that stamp paper is Cavallini - but you probably know that.

    2. No, I found it at a junk/thrift/antique store. It wasn't cheap but there are many uncanceled stamps in it that help offset the cost (at least that's what I tell myself LOL!) It also contained some interesting envelopes, stamp books, and miscellaneous ephemera. When I saw it, I grabbed it right away. And no, I didn't know the stamp paper is can do anything postal, so of course I thought you made it!!!

    3. Whoa!!! That IS a score!!! You will have fun with it I'm sure!

  7. Thank you Pamela,
    I LOVE my handmade gifts from you and my air mail pouch too. The decorated air mail tin box is right beside my computer so I can look at it for inspiration and just yesterday I discovered my amazing sheet of photography stamps (15 cents! each) tucked into my typewriter folder. How it managed to be folded to show left hand (yes, I am left handed is amazing). I appreciate your attention to detail in your lovely gifts to me. You must plan all year stashing things for others..Thanks again Pamela. signed Monica the Artfulrecrater.

    1. Monica -- I am so very pleased you like your gifts. You are always so wonderful to me. I am so happy we are friends. Hope 2017 will be filled with art for both us of -- and field trips! xo

  8. I always LOVE receiving these from you! And all the wonderful goodies you tuck inside... a paper party!!
    I will learn how to make so i can send to you, too.



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