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Sunday, January 22, 2017


Good Morning
Greetings from windy, rainy, cold San Francisco. I'm loving it. Perfect time to stay inside and work at my studio work table.
After coffee and breakfast and admiring some vintage flower postcards.....

It may be messy but it is where I am happy making things for hours and hours.
I've been busy at this table trying to catch up with my outgoing mail.
But, we never really catch up, do we?

On January 1 I started my Rolodex Card a Day project and so far so good. Of course, it is only January 22 so I have a long way to go...but I am enjoying it..I have posted more photos of them on IG. And we all know I have endless amounts of paper ephemera to work with...

I have had some lovely incoming mail so there is a lot to catch up on...

I decided to "reprint" some of my older zines and send them to my newer mail art correspondents.

And, being me, I had to make little folders to put the zines in.....I do love a good presentation.

OUTGOING to Cuan in South Africa

OUTGOING to Virgo in Russia

Collages for Virgo

It always feels good to have a stack of outgoing mail.....

Rolo cards for Michele C

....tucked into a little folder....

The start of a mail art book.....more about this later....

PROJECTS: Mail Art book, a Rolodex Card a Day, Altered Passports,  Collages

It is raining AGAIN but that ought to keep me busy for a think?
What are you all working on?



  1. WOW!! I need some of your endless paper. You make the best mail art. I am always impressed with the art as well as the presentation. It is beautiful.

    Even your breakfast is colorful and filled with beauty.

  2. Lots of projects! I wish I could just sit next to you and watch you work.

  3. Ongoing mail art as usual. I'm hosting the Year of the Rooster swap for MMSA. I've received some great cards for the swap. Also, I decided to play along with Rae Missigman's Art Marks 30 Day Challenge and that has been taking up some time. I tried my hand at some eco-dyeing on paper and fabric last week. The results weren't great so I need to work on that a bit more. As always, I enjoyed seeing all the things you are working on.

    1. cjsrq -- I love eco dying -- are you on Facebook? There is a great group on eco dying on there. And I love that mark making challenge...I am working on a few Lunar New Years cards myself...

    2. Well, I'm sort of on FB. I have a page but only go on for various online classes I've taken I will check out the eco dyeing group. Thanks!



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