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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Passing the Afternoon Most Pleasantly......

There are lots of ways to spend a pleasant afternoon.....and one of them is to go to a SF Correspondence Co-Op meeting....

You can sit around and socialize...and you can make things at the same time.....

I like to collage...and take photographs.....and inspect the swap table.

Just look at this fabulous two-tone bird made with rubber stamps from Paris....

It takes two stamps and two ink pads and look what you get....oh lala!

I packed my special mail pouches up for the meeting.....The one on the left from the fabulous Dori Singh and the one on the right from my pal CeCe in NYC.
I'm pretty lucky.
Another rather delightful way to spend an afternoon is at the Vintage Paper Fair,
some thing I did just last weekend.

How could I pass up these postcard folders for $1 each? I couldn't.
I love the old graphics and they are fun "as-is" or to cut up for collage or use in travel journals.

One seller was selling old snapshots for .25-cents each. I don't know what they go for where you live, but around the Bay Area they are A LOT so I sifted through two large boxes for a stash of old photos to use in collage and cards.

And envelopes! Oh yes please. I just love vintage envelopes. (One day OURS will be vintage!)

Old handwriting? Old stamps? Cancellations?
What's not to love?

They really new how to make good letterheads back in the day, didn't they?

Picked up a few face value stamps too...

I think these are my favorite finds. Tiny little pictures of fancy ladies all dolled up with great hair and hats.....

These are going to work perfectly in those passports I am altering...

So, now another way to spend a perfectly pleasant afternoon is to stay in my studio and make things using all these great paper finds.
One thing leads to another, right?
I have lots of ideas.

You have a favorite way to spend a pleasant afternoon?
Do tell.


  1. This is a delightful post. Your comment "One day OURS will be vintage!" made me think. Are we feeding the envelope hunters of the future? Where will our words finish?

    1. Thank you, Eva A! I hope we are feeding the envelope/ephemera lovers of the future! Maybe people will have favorite mail artists they collect...

  2. I hope to spend my afternoon writing today: thank you notes, swaps and letters. I am way behind!

    1. TomoyoHime -- that sounds like a delightful way to spend an afternoon -- and you'll be making people happy by doing that too.

  3. An excellent day with many fun finds!

  4. So many great finds! Those hairdos and hats are really something! And yes, indeed, one thing always leads to another in the studio! So much fun!



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