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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Barcelona Beauty

If you ask me, the Spanish really know how to build post offices....


Don't you just want to mail something?

You walk in the door and see this! Nothing like any USA post office I've ever seen...

Built in 1929 but looks to me it is much older..

And they had postal products! 

The very friendly postal INFORMATION lady helped me buy these little postal beauties...PO Box key chains and a PO Box Bank.
Why doesn't the USPS get with it and have things like that for sale?

And I somehow managed to buy these beautiful stamps all by myself...
The clerk was quite amused by my wild enthusiasm over these food stamps. I was all ready to buy some other stamps for my postcards when I spied these and of course I had to switch. He was really nice about putting back the first stamps and I picked and getting these out......

They still use bikes to deliver mail....(but this one is an oldie).

Most people don't pose for photos with PO boxes but I do!

LOTS of those yellow CORREOS trucks outside too..... multiple sizes....

There go the postal ladies...I stalk letter carriers all over the world....

Love those yellow PO Boxes and yes, I did feed a couple of them. And, I mailed postcards to myself from Barcelona, Madrid and Fes and I got them all. I found Post Offices in Sevilla and Madrid too but couldn't find one in the medina in Fes.

Hope you enjoy the visit and if you get to Madrid, check out this beauty for yourself.
I'm working on making things and wrapping things and a trip to MY PO is coming up soon to mail off some surprises to friends...
And, what are YOU guys all up to?
Has the crazy holiday season started in for you?
I'm trying to keep it all very calm....



  1. I'm glad that you liked this post office. I do too! ( See what happened to me there See what happened to me there). Spanish postal service is quick and reliable. But, sadly, regarding to stamps you only have the choice in the biggest post offices. In the small ones, sometimes they don't have ANY stamp :(

    By the way, the riad I stayed in in Fes was next to the post office! I could take pictures of the post office roof. I will post them in the blog.

    1. I just read your post in that link and that is an amazing story.....

      You stayed at a riad right next to a post office in Fes? I am very jealous! I never even found the PO there but I did find some mail boxes (as you know). Did you take any photos inside? I'd love to see how it looked -- and I am jealous. The first thing I do is grab as many postal forms as possible -- and I am made I missed ones with Arabic writing.

    2. I didn't take pictures inside because it has nothing in particular: plain white walls :(

      Let me know your postal address. Maybe I can get a postal form in Arabic for you :D

  2. Nice going on capturing some of those food stamps! I also saw great post box-themed miniatures (they were like the bank above) in Paris, so you could put those on your wish list (if you don't have them already!).

    1. You saw them in paris? whaaaaaa I have been to Paris so many times and never scored a PO box miniature there. Anybody out there in France? Can you visit La Poste and send me one? I would think of something to send back.......and yes, Sarah, now that is on my wish list. Maybe I better plan a trip to France....

  3. Looks like you are enjoying your trip. Barcelona is a beautiful town. Enjoy your vacations, hugs, Valerie

    1. Valerie-Jael -- Sad to say, I am back in San Francisco now but I am enjoying re-living my trip by posting photos and working on my travel journal......thanks for stopping by.....

  4. Pretty spectacular architecture. xox

  5. Love the huge pillars, but a shame the paintings and tile work (?) are so high up that you can't really enjoy them. I'd like to live behind those 2nd floor windows. You could sit up there, unseen, and make art, knit, sip cappuccinos(!) all day while you watching the folks of Barcelona come and go.
    Then at night you could waltz around the main floor, singing to yourself. Or just slide around in your socks. I think they're missing something by not renting out rooms up there.
    I envy you this marvelous trip. So great to enjoy it thru your pics.

    1. What a wondrful idea, Leslie -- I would LOVE to live in post office. Hummmmm maybe they do rent out rooms and we just don't know? AirB&B??? And sliding around in my socks sounds like so much fun......
      I'm glad you are enjoying coming along on the trip.....still more photos to come (until everyone gets sick of them....)

  6. Wow! What a beautiful post office! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Isn't it, though? The Pasadena main PO is pretty great too but I haven't seen too many like that one in Barcelona....

  7. I can see how you'd like to live in one of those yellow correos submarines, Pamela :-))
    The USPS office I've been to was so... intimidating, in a way.

  8. This is incredible! I love this post so much, Pamela! I love how you photographed the postal ladies and said you stalk letter carriers!!! (^____^) And the gifts you purchased are superb! I do wish U.S.P.S. had such unique bits for sale, too.

    1. Hi Asli -- glad you enjoyed it! I seem to remember the PO boxes in Istanbul are yellow too. We need more PO Box keychains....

  9. I stopped by to see if you had posted something new, and was shocked that I had not commented on this post, especially since I've had the USPS on my mind for three days. This is a beautiful post with gorgeous photos. I'm in awe of the size of the PO, and the lovely yellow keepsakes you brought home with you. I agree that the USPS needs to start selling things like that. They aren't even allowed to have a copier in their establishments. Stamps, tape (which used to be free, I might add), and mailing supplies are all they are allowed to sell. So strange, especially since they keep telling us how broke they are.

    I'm so enjoying your travels. Seems I can visit vicariously, at least.

  10. Happy you are enjoying the trip! I still have a bunch of photos from Spain and Morocco to post but trying to intersperse them between mail art photos....
    I remember the free tape at the USPS too....I think the leadership at USPS is bad -- they need some good PR and they don't get it....and they need to promote the good things and have PO Box key chains and banks and better stamps and bring back the adorable MR ZIP! They should hire me.



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