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Sunday, February 15, 2015

A Little of This and Some of That....

Some lovely incoming mail with Valentine themes and Typewriter themes.....
Fabulous Valentine mail from Dori Singh, mail artist and pal extraordinaire!
Bet you didn't know there is another mail artist in my family -- my sweetie! He hand lettered this envelope and made the heart out of torn chopstick wrappers -- what a guy!

From Tough City Writer I got a fabulous tri-old card with tattooed and half dressed guys inside!
More that bikini gal on the card from Garci and the heart made of cancelled stamps she tucked inside.
Maybe next year I should make some Valentine cards....since everyone was so creative in the ones they made for me. 

A-mazing mail from Liz in New Zealand. I know some of you don't like FaceBook but I really have fun with it. Liz posted on her FB page that she was sending out 49 pieces of mail art -- no strings attached -- to the first 49 folks who asked for it. Well, of course, I asked -- and got this fabulous piece of sewn, painted, stamped, collaged mail art a couple of weeks later.
And inside were two little sewn pouches with tiny books inside with watercolored pages.
Now that is the true spirit of mail art -- just send it out and make someone really happy.

Here's the back of the envelope -- i would sure like to know how she did it -- it seems like she gessoed paper ??? Liz -- feel free to leave a comment and tell all.
Check out
Book Art Studios
to see some of Liz's work. And if you happen to live in New Zealand you can go see the art exhibit Project 49.
She is on Facebook too --
VERY cool -- many thanks, Liz and I will be putting something in the mail to you very soon.

Another surprise in the mail -- from Sharon. Sharon reads the blog and saw the post about the Vintage Paper Fair where I was drooling over the Japanese First Day Covers I couldn't afford to buy..she emailed me and asked if I would like her to send me a little packet and of course I said yes!
She sent a whole set of wonderful First day Covers postcard from Japan with drawing, a stamp and beautiful red cancellations of them.
And this one is of Japanese postal workers.
How cool is that? What a fun surprise to get in the mail -- just because someone was being nice and generous. Many thanks, Sharon.

A creative Valentine mailing from Niko who does bad things in the name of art --
see for yourself
Philatelic Atrocities
He started the PDX Mail Art Group too, just so you know. He set three different sheets of artistamps he made.....

OK, now this is what I'm doing......
Vintage Book
Have you seen those little secretive nooks for "Free Books" tucked away in your neighborhood?
There seems to be a movement going on of sharing books -- and I like it! I found this old book tucked into a little nook today and figured it is just what I needed to make an altered book like the one my pal Barb showed at the last co-op meeting. I loved that cover of the woman cooking. I kind of like to cook myself. When I'm in the mood. And, when I'm not busy with art projects. I think it is Swedish.....(anybody?).
I buy those cheapo sets of ABC stamps at Michaels and store them in a box. They aren't the greatest stamps. The rubber falls off sometimes. But hey -- they are cheap and fun to mix and match and sometimes sort......

I finished up some little RAM booklets and a NYC book....just puttering at the work table...

And I've been making some nice origami folders for remember, I did a tutorial on how to make them a while back. The tutorial on how to make the origami folders is right here on "Most Popular Posts". I actually saw an online class on how to do it and you had a PAY. Mine is free! 
I made four....and one for me too....

I love the way the look all stacked up and filled with little surprises. They are six pockets in each one that you can fill....

Put a Bird on it!

OK, kids, that's it for now. We are having crazy warm weather in SF right now. It feels like summer and I am not liking it at all.
So I have to go in my studio and make stuff to cheer up.
I know...I know...those of you in the snow (Hello Boston) probably think I'm crazy but I just don't like 75 degrees in February. I don't like snow either.
But I do like mail art!

Many thanks to all of you who have sent me great mail lately. If you don't see yours here you might see it on the blog's FaceBook page.
I enjoy and appreciate every piece of mail I get.

And if you want to see Cappuccino & Art on FB look HERE

Hope you all are having a good day and making some good mail.
No Mail Monday = No Fun

But at least it gives me a chance to catch up. What are you all making? Sending? Doing?



  1. I sent mail out every day of the week last week and received.... NONE! =( At least I can take a look in your mailbox, which is always wonderful to see.

    1. Oh nooooo.....that isn't good but I know the feeling. When I have a "no mail day" I can't believe it....and sadly it does happen....don't give up, TomoyoHime.

  2. Those artistamps are very well-designed. Simple concept and striking result.

    1. Indeed they are, FinnBadger......He sent three different sheets and they were all beautifully designed....

  3. all the one from your hubby...awww...xo

  4. Dori -- of course I loved that one the best. xo A chopsticks wrapper heart? Who knew?

  5. Looks like you got some nice Valentine's Day love! I don't know how people keep up with holidays and sending mail out for them ;)

    1. Tara -- I know, I missed making Valentine's this year.....I'll try for a 2016 Valentine.....what's the next holiday? hummmmmmmm

  6. What a great Valentine! Your hubby is beyond words :-)) Love that card! Well, all of this looks amazing, but my other favourites are the guys in pants (of course!) and the No Stings Attached. Wonderful...

    1. Thanks, Marie w (& arigato & merci)......It is all good, isn't it.....

    2. Forgot to say, the recipe boo is indeed Swedish.

    3. Thanks, marie w --that was my guess....pretty nifty cover art....

  7. Looks like you got some great mail! Seventy-five in FL in Feb is sweater weather :)

  8. Some amazing mail art here- I am astounded by the variety and creativity!

    1. Gad you enjoyed, Sharmon! I am so lucky to have such talented friends...

  9. Fun, fun always to come here. I recognize a Dori post card, I got one too. LOVE your zine by the way, so Pamela and perfect. Take me to Hon's....xox

    1. Glad you liked the zine, Corrine. Sure, I'll take you to Hon's next time you're in town...

  10. wow! what an amazing score on that vintage book!! those little free lending libraries are BIG around pdx. and i relish the surprises!! thanks for another wonderful blog post. xo, miss p

    1. thanks miss polly and have fun tonight at the PDX mail art meet-up. tell Niko hello for me.

  11. Love how you are keeping the small alpha stamps in that container... that is my big problem, so many alphabets and they are all hard to get to in a drawer -- I am sure I would use them more if they were visible and easier to get to. I need to reorganize and am going to use your inspiration -- many thanks!!

    1. Glad to be of service, Rhonda H! It was kinda fun sorting them...

  12. Goodness, Pamela. You make lovely art. Your books are stunning and amazing. I was really impressed with the oriental feel of the one with the birds and the butterflies. It felt very oriental to me, at least.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. To answer your question, I got the large and small jars of mica powders on clearance at a local craft store that sells all kinds of alterable things including paper, ribbon, stamps, and alcohol inks. Not sure if you can still buy them, but I suspect you can find them somewhere in your city. They are made by LuminArte. Look for mica powders that do NOT have a binder. That's what the glue is for. Of course, if you find mica powders with a binder (I think Tim Holtz or Ranger may sell that kind), you will NOT need the glue. The medium sized jars were a gift, so I have no idea where they came from. Hope that helps.

    1. Hi Elizabeth -- and thanks for stopping by the blog. And for sharing that info with me. i love to make my own art supplies.And many thanks for the lovely comment on my art. Hummmm.......maybe I won't trade weather with you after all.....

  13. Forgot to mention that I would gladly trade my ice, snow, below freezing temps, and high wind for your weather right now.



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