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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Last Two Weeks....

Hello you all.
I have been just a little bit too busy these days. The studio is slowly coming along.
No art on the walls yet.
And the work table is pretty clean.

I have been pretty busy sorting and organizing and tossing. I treated myself to a flat file and it has been so wonderful to sort my big stack of sheets of paper into the five drawers.
Now I can finally find what I'm looking for.
This is BIG!

Children under twelve should not see these next photos -- in fact, they make break the hearts of you mail artists out there -- brace yourselves!


Behind the North Berkeley post office is a very sad sight -- lots of old PO Boxes left outside to rust and fall apart.

This is too sad.....

The pal who showed me this pathetic sight told me she talked to the people inside the PO about buying a box but no one knew anything about them.
She also wrote to the postmaster -- no answer! I am pretty sure a number of mail artists would buy boxes to stash filled with mail art in their studios or maybe out in the backyard.
A win-win situation.
The PO would make some money, the mail artists would be happy and they wouldn't end up in the landfill.
But the USPS doesn't seem to be at all interested in selling them.
What a shame.
North Berkeley PO -- I think it could use a face lift!

On another note, I came across this rather charming book on Amazon. The  Stamp Head lady on the cover really caught my eye. Oh--and the fact the book is one cent. That's right, one cent.
And worth every penny.
(Sorry, I couldn't resist)

Inside cover

More Stamp Heads inside.
Those are the only Stamp Heads but the book is rather charming. And for a penny, why not get a copy?

Other than crying over sad post boxes and sorting papers and eating lunch with my friends I have been working on getting some mail out as well....

Origami Folders
Made some of my old favorite origami folders to mail out....

Picked up a pack of brown craft paper blank cards and envelopes and I've been having fun making cards with those...what you can do with a few rubber stamps and a cancelled stamp!

Here's a card that got collaged on the front and the back of the card stock...I even get ideas in the middle of making dinner....

Oh -- and I have been having a whole lot of fun putting my postal treasures on the new shelves.
Arranging and rearranging.
So much to do and so little time.
Today is the Library Big Book Spring Sale. And no, I don't need more books.
And yes, I am going. I can't resist. And, I do have more shelves to put the books on....

Bought the beautiful new bird stamps yesterday. Looking forward to the very cool circus stamps coming in May. Hoping to get the studio finished up, artwork hung and invite my pals over to play.
Getting out the mail.
And what about you? What is everybody else doing these days?
Do tell.

Happy Spring to everyone!



  1. What a pathetic sight, those unloved mail boxes, I wish I could have them. You and your mates should ram the fence with a rented truck and save them.

    Good to see you blogging again! Cool studio shots!

    1. Viz -- of course YOU would suggest ramming the fence! HA. I did think about it. I want one too....or a truck full. Why don't you fly over here and we''ll ram the fence together? I'm g;ad to be back blogging -- wonder if anyone missed me?

  2. I have the Harriet Russell book and I love it. Have you seen Alice Through the Pillar Box? Another great post related book. ~ Anna

    1. Thanks, Anna -- I will check out the book. Always on the lookout for postal themes 9as you know).

  3. swoon! thanks for book tip + lovely glance at your wondrous new flat files & your super sweet workspace!

    1. miss polly -- I didn't actually show the flay file! But i will do a "studio tour" when everything is all finished.....

    2. oh! i thought i saw it somewhere.....didn't i?

  4. Hi, How can I send you a postcard? I don't see a P.O.Box address...

    1. Hi Nancy Lee - nice to see a new name -- you can email me through my blogger profile and we'll talk.....thanks.

  5. I am envious of your flat file. My mom's office was getting rid of one and I could have had it for free, but it was HUGE and I have absolutely no place to put it. It was still hard to say no.

    1. Karen -- you could have had a FREE one????? Oh about under the bed?

  6. I bet you have the most wonderful big sheets of paper! How great to have a flat file to store and access them. I have only a few big ones, and they are rolled up, but frequently squished...grrr! I hope you manage to get your hands on one of those post boxes. I never even thought of a post office box graveyard! I am going to look for that Envelopes book...wondering if there are some more copies...I went to a local library book sale on Sunday after vowing that I was NOT going to go this year. Came out with 14 new books. I just CAN'T RESIST!

    1. Andria -- I have a ton of sheets of paper (partly thanks to the amazing Cavallini sale every year....i won't even tell you how much cheap the sheets are...). For years I haven't been able to store them properly and now it is thrilling to have them all organized in drawers. And I don't think I need any more paper for a while....
      FYI -- a friend of my stores some of her sheets using binder clips and a clothes hanger and another hangs hers on the wall using binder clips....maybe one of those methods would work for you?

    2. Those Cavallini papers are so gorgeous...lucky you to have a cheap source...they are SUPER expensive around here! Thanks for the storage ideas...My art room is a bedroom with a closet whose doors I have removed, so something like that is entirely possible. I'll check it out! (Of course, then I'll feel justified to buy some more big paper to store...)



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