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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Let's Do Lunch

Lunch in Chinatown on Stockton Street
Mailartists have to eat too.

Clay pot and Shanghai noodles on Balboa.
And, you can keep an eye out for terrific take-out menus to make mailart with.

Tortilla Soup in the Mission District.
You know you want a tortilla chip.

Coconut Chicken Curry Soup at PPQ.
And, course chopstick wrappers and cartes de visite and take-out menus are good ephemera for mail art.

Dim Sum cart at City View on Commercial.
There is no city view there but you won't care.

Lots of great places for Mexican food in SF
I like tostadas best myself.

Caffe Puccini lunch in North Beach
(try the carbonara)
and go for a long walk afterwards.

A very long walk....

Sanruku at the Metreon downtown for a Japanese bento.

Delfina Pizza
Try not to miss this one.

Middle Eastern food right near Golden Gate Park
(you can walk to the Japanese Tea Garden)

Chicken, leek, carrot, and pan fried noodle PHO at Turtle Tower
on Larkin Street in "Little Saigon" (also known as the TL).
Near the SF Main Library.

Ramen at SUZU
Every kind they make is delicious
(in Japan Center)

Save room for cappuccino and writing some postcards......

San Francisco is a great place to eat and these are only lunches.
I recommend going to the Zuni or Absinthe late (if possible), after a concert or movie.

People are always asking me about what to eat and where to go in SF so I thought I'd do some random posting on my town for your visitors out there.

Of course I should have posted this in time for Ex Postal facto but I didn't...

Come to San Francisco and have fun with food. And mail art.
Hope you enjoy the pix!

I am so busy these days I've had no time to post so I thought I'd tempt you with some eye-candy.
My studio is coming along but it has been so much work. And I am trying to squeeze in art when I am not organizing and tossing and will see photos soon, I promise!

So, what are you all doing these days??????



  1. A very interesting point of (mail art) view. :-)
    My favorite is the Japanese bento. Inspiring and yummmy.
    Enjoy your meal! Enjoy your mail!

    1. Come on and visit San Francisco, Planet Susannia, and we'll have a bento box! And make mail art and booklets together.

  2. Wow, that's quite the lunch line up. I'll take Mex every time. Can't wait to see your studio.

    1. Leslie -- Mexican it is -- when we finally get you to visit SF. The studio is really looking good. But I have to get artwork on the walls next.....

  3. Replies
    1. FarStarr -- I should have included that lemongrass pork we all had at Mau during Ex Postal Facto.



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