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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Vintage Paper 2014

It was that time of year again -- Vintage Paper Fair time! I look forward to these events every year.
It is so lovely to go and be surrounded by all that vintage paper ephemera.
I think there is something there for every paper lover. Postcards start at 6 for $1.00, many at .25 cents each but they go right up to highly collectable and expensive as well.

I always head for the cheap cards -- I like to use them for mail art or collage.

I enjoy buying postcards of places I will be traveling to so I can use them in my travel journals or to mail out in mail art....
I wonder where I'll be heading off to next?

Besides the postcards themselves, I find the stamps and the messages on the backs interesting  -- and even the postmarks are interesting.
Have you seen a postmark like this one (with the 1)?
I never have and I'm wondering what kind of postmark it actually is.
Anybody know?

(I asked on the Cappuccino & Art FaceBook page and there are some interesting comments)

Besides postcards you can find maps and pages from books - great for collage - and these were selling for 3 for $1.00.

I spent three hours browsing the ephemera but I could have easily spent more time (and more money).

Uh oh....I was on the verge of getting out of there without very much damage to my wallet when I spied this box.
A whole box of sheets of face value postage stamps?
Let the buying begin. But really, I am going to use all this postage so I wasn't really bad at all.

Lots of sheets of stamps as well as loose stamps -- and a very nice vendor too.

Postcards, papers, stamps....and photos....

Here is some of my loot...but I did buy some things for  mailing out to mail art friends..

A Texas flag for a friend in Texas...

You can see on that bag the next Vintage Paper fair is rolling into San Francisco on July 26 and 27.
Maybe I'll see some of you there.
They have other events during the year as well but they are all in Northern and Southern California.
Check out the Vintage Paper Fair's website to find the locations and dates.
You can sign up for emails -- and they also have a FaceBook page.
(no, I don't work for them - I just really enjoy the VPF)

You all knew they had to be food involved, right? After all that excitement at the VPF, I went to lunch with two of my pals...

......I can highly recommend a calming lunch after so much paper ephemera fun!
Hope you enjoyed all the eye candy.

Next up -- a studio visit with Red Letter Day -- and some Q&A about Ex Postal Facto.
I've got to get busy working on some mail art now and use some of those cards and stamps I bought.
Lots more to come...
Hope I'm going to meet some of you in February at XPF and maybe in July for the VPF...
Why should I be the one having all the fun???



  1. Man, I SO wish we had something like this here in FL! See you at XPF!

    1. B. Lee -- you can hit SCRAP when you are in SF. Not the VPF but it is pretty fun.

  2. LUCKY! those stamps are awesome- and the post cards? If I ever get a chance to hit the VPF...I'm going to go "tornado" in that place. I better start saving my coins.

    1. millicent -- I hope you do get to come down to SF and hit the VPF sometime in the near future! You would have fun -- but no pushing!

  3. What an awesome place!

    1. It sure was fun......anything like that near you?

  4. I'm so envious!! Sure wished we had something like that on the east coast. I don't think I could gotten out of there under 4 hours! Thanks for sharing the pics :>

    1. Happy Mail Day -- nice to see a comment from you! (and I am overdue on sending mail to you, I know). Maybe you will just have to come to CA sometime to check out the VPF.

  5. woohoo! such a royal swoon!! heya, maybe errol murphy would know something about that mystery postmark...or scott, at positively postal. curious about it myself! ah, teh mysteries and marvels of mail!!! xo thanks for the juicy swoonworthy post.

    1. miss polly -- there were some very interesting link about that postmark on the blog's FaceBook page that explained it....very cool postmark for sure.

  6. Thank you for sharing all of your lovely photos! It looks like there are so many awesome things to see!

    1. Cindy -- your comments keep me going! Many thanks.

  7. Holy moley -- the Vintage Paper Fair looks awesome as usual. Thanks for the great photos and full report -- glad to hear you liked Nanking too! Definitely one of my fave restaurants in this 'hood...

    1. Oh yes -- Miss Red Letter Day -- loved Nanking. Let's go there soon. And the VPF was too much fun.

  8. I can't imagine the hours and hours that could be spent in there. Oh wait, yes I can... sigh!

    1. Alisa -- you just may need to fly out here in July for the next VPF! And lunch.



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