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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Postal Friendly City (Budapest)

Budapest is a very postal-friendly city. If you are looking for a place to mail this.....

...or maybe won't have to look very long long................

......before seeing one of these...
And is that a great mail box or what? Just look at that little envelope on the side with the red dot!

I only mailed four of these incredibly fun postcards (sorry guys) and they got delivered to the USA very quickly.
Budapest puts mail boxes on post cards. Postal Point Number One.

And they have a really great Postal Museum (Point Number two). We don't have a Postal Museum here in San Francisco. But we should.

This is the street we walked down to get to to the Postal Museum.....lovely, isn't it?

If you get to Budapest I suggest a visit. Lots of vintage Hungarian post boxes to ogle. 

Interesting exhibits. And did you notice that wall?

Just in case you need to see it close up. I may need this in my studio. Anyone want to come over and stencil?

Delicious Hungarian stamps with postal workers and post boxes on them....

And some very cool mail...

A display of a postal workers desk from way back in the day....see all those seals on that envelope?  Those are "security envelopes" and I found two at the Budapest Flea Market.

I want to take all these home with me me....but having a picture of them is almost as good. 

And, if a Postal Museum isn't enough -- there is also a Stamp Museum. And it is amazing.

The Stamp Museum is filled with interesting displays....

and rows of these pull-out drawers that are filled with stamps from all over the world.
The collection is so huge that only a portion can be displayed here in this room.

And -- due to an introduction from my pal Alice -- I got a personal, guided tour from the delightful
Lucky me! Monika took time out of her workday to spent a couple of hours showing us around the stamps.

It was so lovely to meet her and we are now swapping mail art.

See those things that look like small records? Those are stamps!
No kidding.

The Stamp Museum

Ladies room door.....Monika's idea and I think it was a really good one..

Me and my new best friend.....

This is the last of the "travel posts" from  my last trip. Thanks for coming along for the ride and all the nice blog comments. 

I wonder where I'll be off to next? You know I'll be packing up my mail art kit one of these days.

Where would you like to go?

Only three more blog" followers" needed to hit 300. A nice round number.
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  1. OY! Down here! Visit me!! What are you waiting for????

  2. You had a ripping good time in the city of my birth, as I see! :-))))

    1. Indeed I did, Planet Susannia -- but I didn't realize you were born there. It was wonderful. (and meeting Monika too)

  3. I know you would have brought that best friend home if you could have. Thanks for the peeks into Budapest, a place I always wanted to visit.....xox

  4. So much fun stuff to see! Love the detail on the wall--that would be fun to replicate!

  5. Thank you for sharing the photos of Budapest. I specially loved the round stamps and the wax seals. That stamp museum looks amazing.

    1. Janet -- nice to see you here saying hello! Thanks for commenting.

  6. Love the pic of you and your new best friend! I don't have much desire to travel but love to read about other people's trips - thanks for posting.

  7. I was inspired by the wallpaper in the museum to create a tangle pattern - (I teach Zentangle®) called Zenvelopes.

    All of my friends love it.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Grace--that is wonderful! Thanks for telling me -- and you are most welcome for the inspiration.



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