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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Real Beauty in Rose City

The Beautiful Pasadena Post Office
Visiting Pasadena last week, out on a walk in the 82' sunshine, I spied this old beauty
and went inside to take a look.

A marble entry hall and a lovely decorative ceiling...
Now THIS is the way a post office should look -- balcony? Check. Gold paint? Check.
Vintage tables? Check. Old wood? Check.
I think I'll move right in.

They must be busy because they had to add a bunch of new PO Boxes
that just don't have the same charm as the old ones.

I rest my case -- here are the charmers.

This post office is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.
I'd like to vist every PO on that list.

Stamps? Sure!

Mail your letters? Don't mind if I do....

They kept the beautiful vintage tables if you want to jot a postcard right on the spot.

I'd like to take this home...make a good desk for my typewriter.

PO Boxes
I think I'd like a Pasadena PO Box......but not this one...

Look at these beautiful brass eagles!

THIS is the one I want!

Mailing letters out front....

Highway 5
It's a long drive down Hwy 5 from SF to LA but totally worth it
to check out that beautiful PO. Just hop on 5 and......

.....take the Pasadena freeway to Colorado Blvd.....
Pasadena is also known as Rose City

IN & OUT Burger
And of course you can go to the drive-thru at the In & Out on your way...

I took quite a few more photos of this old beauty and I am posting some
on the Cappuccino and Art Facebook page.

Working on lots of various projects and will show some mail art photos in my next post.
Hope you enjoyed the walk thru this post office.

Greetings from the Golden State

Send Good Mail -- Get Good Mail


  1. Beautiful architecture, that old table is fantastic. Brass po boxes, well, all too nice. A bank of them in the house would make for interesting organizing. Lunch looks good too! xox

  2. So wonderful!! I want to look up some awesome post offices in Maryland and take a trip to check them out!

  3. Great blog post + photos. And check out that cool bracelet you're wearing!

  4. Wow! That PO looks really great -- I'd like a po box there too.

  5. Oh this PO is fabulous. Did you drive down just to see IT? :D I'm sure you've been to the San Mateo PO? Not as gorgeous (and grand, size-wise) but love the original features! That table is stunning. I see a familiar envelope! :D :D

    1. Gina Bella--no, didn't drive down just to see the PO - finding it was actually a happy accident.

  6. There's an envelope in almost that shade of green going out to you tomorrow :D



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