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Friday, December 9, 2011

What's Old is New

The typists
I came across these old photos of typists in an antique shop last weekend.
Man, things have sure changed, haven't they?
See the typewriter on her desk? I wonder if she thought it was state of the art

at the time?
And wouldn't she be surprised to see how coveted old typewriters are today?
(in certain circles anyway)

Here's another gal -- that smile looks a little forced, don't you think?
Maybe her shoes hurt.

Now these gals look a lot happier, don't they?
They look like they might like to go out for a drink after work.
I just love the typewriter sitting on the desk and ALL those rubber stamps
on the left. I sure wish I could get my hands on them.....

Now here's some typists now (of the mail art persuasion). They look a little more relaxed.

Even guys can type now!

Here's my old beauty sitting ready to help me tackle my big stack of mail-to-answer.

Those typists from the 50's wouldn't know what to make of that big screen above the typewriter -
will wonders ever cease?

On a walk in my neighborhood, I saw this crazy mailbox. It's been there for a long time. I always wonder if it gets good mail. I think maybe I should send some mail art to it?

Vintage Christmas & Happy New Year cards -
vintage cards are quite popular these days too.

Got a couple of fun things in the mail this week -- I know my letter carrier is amused.
A bouncing ball from Kelly P and a tin from Millicent.

I have been busy - I got to spend all day Sunday working in my studio and I sent all this out in the Monday mail.
Sent more out later in the week but forgot to photograph it.

If you haven't already seen Miracle on 34th Street -- an old classic -- I highly
recommend it. It is a charming old film and the scene at the end that involves the US Postal Service is great!
Also recommended A Shop Around the Corner (1940) about two pen pals who fall in love (after
a rocky start).
Get out that popcorn and get cozy!

Cocktail Hour
I'd say it's cocktail hour here in SF right about now. Time to  wrap up the mail art
and sit down and relax.....

Hope you are all having a good December.

169 "Followers" -- Can we make it 170?
Some people dropped out and I wondered what did I do? Or not do?
Sometimes blogging can be a little nerve wracking......
...have fun you all!


  1. Oh, I love all that gorgeous mail you're sending out! The ball and tin are really cool:). I actually just ordered "The little shop around the corner". I love the Classics! Can't wait to watch it!

    1. Hey VaGirl -- thanks for stopping by! How'd you like the movie?

  2. Great stories to go with the photos of your typists. I remember learning on one of those big old monster typewriters where I could barely find the strength to push down on the keys. It's amazing as I sit here and type on my wifi mac keyboard - but those finger placements never leave you eh! Got a great "nest" in the mail this week. Like the ornament mail you got, so fun. Thanks for the stories. xox Corrine

    1. Hola Corrine -- Thanks...I like making up stories, don't you?

  3. I still remember my high school typing class..I was the only guy in with all these gorgeous juniors and senior was great!!

    I recently bought an Underwood...what a treasure!!

  4. "In the Good Old Summertime" 1949
    Van Johnson, Judy Garland

    Consider it the 'original' You've Got Mail, straight down to the witty humour and dialogue! Takes place in a music store and its for anyone who adores letters and pen pals in films! I was soo happily surprised when it came on TCM one night, that I couldn't take my eyes off the screen! Its a musical to boot!

  5. Maybe people unsubscribed because they don`t want to clutter their inbox? Not me, I love email notifications :-) But some people don't check their mail often and I guess that when they do they don`t want to sort through hundreds of mails. (People like my mother :-)) The bouncy ball mail is awesome :-D

  6. I never took a typing class, but that hasn't stopped me from spending my life at a keyboard. Love the vintage photos.
    Have a great Sunday!

    1. I never took a typing class either, Steph. Got the two finger thing down FAST.

  7. @Annejo--did you see the Postcrossing stamps that The Netherlands PO put out???Please use them on my nest letter....I am writing you right now.
    @Steph--I never took typing either....but Dave did!
    Thanks everyone for the comments....

  8. I didn't know about the Postcrossing stamps, our local post office doesn't sell the special ones, but I just ordered them at the "Collectors Club" so I will use them on my next letter to you :-)

  9. I'm glad I learned to type in high school, when it was assumed that all the women would be secretaries, teachers or nurses. I denied knowing how to type, though I was good at it, because I didn't want to get stuck in a typist job. I love it that all of the young men now learn to type, or rather, get keyboard skills. Hmm, maybe I should check to see if I can get a new ribbon for my old typewriter.

    1. Mim, I never took typing in high school for that very reason so now I type with two fingers -- but I am very fast. And I know you can buy new typewriter ribbons. Did you get one?

  10. @Annejo -- yay! thanks for ordering the stamps. Can't wait to see them
    @Mim--Exactly why I refused to take typing in high school -- so I couldn't be a secretary -- went to art school instead!
    I got my typewriter from the guy who writes the blog Life in a Typewriter Shop and he sells ribbons....and he told me you can buy them in places like Office Depot...but I haven't checked.

  11. Thanks, I'll check with Office Depot. Yes, Art School, me, too; though I did have jobs afterwards where they asked if I could type, of course.

    1. I did find typewriter ribbons on-line. The ones that I purchased for my Smith-Corona also fit my new (old) Hermes Baby. Lucky me. TWO typewriters. The Baby is way lighter than the Smith-Corona. I love it!

  12. Oh, I think you should absolutely send some mail art to that mailbox. We could all wait for a response. You might get something fabulous in return, and think how surprised and thrilled the recipients might be (unless of course they think you're a stalker and call the police.)

    As for the number of followers. It used to bother me too, but I think sometimes people sign on on a whim or they sign on in anticipation of you creating new followers for them. I have noticed that there are a number of sites that have lots of followers but very few comments, so I wouldn't give it too much weight.

  13. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!! I got that wonderful envelope in the mail, and that right there was gift enough. But then I opened it and found the great card and the CDs!!!! You are so sweet and thoughtful and I've been listening in the car. Super bummed that you didn't get my postcard. grr... Will have to get to work on something new for you!

    1. Hey girl -- glad you liked the's been a while now I know...

  14. I would love to have a typewriter someday. That mailbox is wonderful, you should really send something nice. :)

    1. Nicia--So, did you get a typewriter? Hope so because they are such a pleasure to use.

  15. I would say that people dropping out of your blog has nothing to do with what you did or didn't probably has more to do with people's passing interests... when they thought they were interested in mail art they followed mail art blogs and later cleaned house when the interest passed. You have a lovely blog, it is well composed and has wonderful photos... Enjoy the process and know you and your blog are well loved :)



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