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Monday, December 26, 2011

My Mail Man

Merry Christmas presents from my mail.....male man....
He is the best -- red & black typewriter ribbons for my lovely Royal typewriter
(a gift from him last Christmas!) as well as some great old French ephemera.
He knows what I like.

And since I know you'll be asking, here is where he got the typewriter ribbon
Buy Your Typewriter Ribbon Here

He even changed the ribbon for me -- what a guy!

This isn't him....
but I love this French guy surrounded by  letters. I want to be covered in mail all year long.

More from my guy-- Washi and Dyno tape all stacked up and ready to use.
Some woman want jewelry or expensive gifts but I want mail art supplies.
(Sometime I will tell you about the taxidermy bat he gave me).

And of course I want mail -- and I was lucky enough to get all kinds of wonderful incoming mail all year long. Thank you to everyone who sent me mail (here from Isabelle in France and Stephanie in NYC and the fabulous Alice S of SF who sent me the red mailbox!).

My son is getting used to finding all kinds of crazy mail on the front porch and bringing it in saying "More Mail Art, mom"....he put the flag up on the mailbox and was outraged the letter carrier left it down. Funny.

Look at the rubber stamps in this from Peggy. I am just a little bit jealous...ok, more than a little....I want those postal stamps.

To Tallie (thanks for the surprise)

OUTGOING (to Maureen)

OUTGOING (to Annejo)

OUTGOING (to Christine H)
Thanks for the French postcards!

OUTGOING (to Susan)

Thank-you note time for me!
 I am going to sit at my desk and write some thank you cards.
I hope it will come easier for me than it is for this girl...she may need a little help from above to think of what to write.

I can't wait to get into my studio and write some thank-you notes and type with that red ribbon and make some envelopes.
See you in the mail!


  1. Thanks for the link to the typewriter ribbon place. When I return I'll definitely want to order some ribbon for my old machine. Love the Washi tape. My favorite gifts are definitely along the lines of yours. Happy and Merry and see you in the mail.

  2. Washi and Dyno tape -- where are the best places to buy them!? I always wanted to use them but never knew who sold them? Are their online stores if your local area is remiss with brick and motar versions!?

    Thanks heaps in advance.

  3. Washi tape is widely available online at Etsy. I buy mine in SF at various places including Japan Center and FLAX art supply. The Cavallini co also sells it and it is available online at Amazon and in shops....
    The Dyno tape I get at Patricks in SF - an old time stationary company but I would imagine you can find it online.

    @Mim--Have a fabulous time in France and I will be sending you mail to Paris.

  4. Swell gifts from the man. Bijoux is nice, but mail art has spice!!!! xox Corrine

  5. Thank you for the lovely little notebook, it was very nice to have a real gift under the Christmas tree! :D

  6. I just imagine your son collecting the mail and shaking his head, although I know he secretly thinks it is very cool.

  7. Great to see such fun mail coming your way my dear - I think you probably write more than anyone I know.
    Happy new Year!



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