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Friday, October 14, 2011

The Week Around Town

Mail Art Sunday and Mail Art Monday added up to a lot of mail
to be sent out on Tuesday!
I put twenty - count 'em  - twenty pieces of mail in the mailbox on Tuesday.

Off they go.....
I promise I am doing my part to help out the USPS.
Sent more mail every day this week.

This little beauty went out to Kelly P.
Hope the washi tape held together and kept all the enclosures tucked inside the folding San Francisco envelope.

We want to see these babies filled up so I hope you are all working hard to do your share.

I am still waiting for my FIRST What's In  Your Mail Art Kit? far nada.
Come on people -- it will be fun.   ***This just in -- first entry arrived today and it is lovely** Thank you to Jennifer.

These cards were handed out at the Snail Mail Social (via  Missive Maven's blog)
and they were even pre-stamped. How cool is that?
So I sent some out, adding a few additional stamps of my own.

INCOMING from John Tingly --
How cool is this? Can you see how he put my address in the different candy jars?
This is his second attempt to send me mail, following in the footsteps of
Reginald Bray - The Englishman Who Posted Himself

So glad John  tried again (after the first one never showed up).
Of you haven't read his book, you should!
This time his very creative postcard arrived from England without even a postmark.

What We want!!!!!!

Vintage Supplies
I came across a box of these vintage erasers today and had to snap them up.
Stationery/mail art kit supplies are very difficult to pass up.

Instant Collection!

There is always lunch if you are hanging out with me...
mail and lunch and vintage and letter writing and exploring SF and putting things into big blue boxes.....

Save The Post Office One Letter at a Time!

Cappuccino and Art is on Facebook and so is the Englishman Who Posted Himself.

What's In YOUR Mail Art Kit?


  1. I love how you include tasty beautiful food in your posts. And oh, those wonderful. I don't have a Mail Art Kit, so I think I should probably put one together.

  2. Great looking mail art you've created. I don't know how you find the time to make that much great mail. That lunch looks yummy, too. Is that even pickled plum/ume on the rice? We love ume with our rice at home but we've never seen a restaurant include it. Guess we need to check out more Japanese restaurants (or start asking for it). :D

  3. What an inspiring post. There is a lot to love here...especially that bounty of mail in the first pic.

  4. After seeing Jennie's I am trying to order the bag she has for my mail art travel kit. They are sold out at Jet Pens. So I don't have one assembled. I don't carry pens or razors though because I usually fly. I have to rely on good old ripping while traveling.

  5. Catwrangler -
    We saw Dr. Ion bags (in several sizes & styles) at the Maido store in J-town last Friday. You might try their online store:
    ~ Jan :-)

  6. But I sent mine. The one with my smallest tools. It's a lunch box. :) For shame! I drooled from top to bottom. Now I have to wipe my keyboard.

  7. @Limner--haven't received your Mail Art Kit entry yet -- hopefully Monday!

    @Catwrangler & JanaBanana - I know Catwrangler found one and I saw them at Maido too but resisted and got a cool zipped pouch at the Japanese Dollar Store instead - for $1.50 instead of $41.00! But I still think about that Dr. Ion....

  8. That lunch looks delicious! I think your outgoing mail alone might save a mailbox... :D

  9. @Annejo -- I got your wonderful letter but not the other envelope.......
    hope it comes...

  10. I sent you a representation of my 'mail art kit'. should arrive soon. it actually had correct postage!

  11. @box652 -- your entry just arrived today -- very clever and charming! Thank you. Now I have two delightful entries and more are promised....

  12. I hope it comes too! I wonder what's taking so long... :-/

  13. I would send something if I actually HAD a mail art kit. But reading about it on your blog is inspiring me to get one together. There hasn't been much need for one as there has been little travel this past year, but a weekend away is coming up, and it could even be useful in the car while waiting on my kids at their activities and so forth. I look forward to the inspiration of learning what others' include in theirs!

  14. @Tiffani--well, it can be travel just outside your hose, as you said in the car or treating yourself to a coffee in a cafe. I got a few more entries today and will put some on the blog and maybe make a zine...good luck putting yours together.

  15. What great mail art!!! I started a mail art group a while ago but it's sort of disappeared! I need to get back at it! Thanks for giving me the nudge I needed!!!

  16. @Dave -- we have a very active mail art community here in SF. Hope you can start new up where you are and send mail! thanks for "stopping by"...

  17. Do you still have the erasers collection. I am in the beginning to collect erasers by myself and if your duplicates are available - it would be very interesting to me.
    Thank you



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