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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mail Makes the World Go Around....

I have been on a typing kick lately and I think my handmade envelopes are reflecting that. don't you?
Check out the Halloween stamps too.
Nice and creepy.

One of these went off to France and the other to Brazil.....
(Hi Bruno)

Ever since I got that bracelet made from old typewriter keys I have been typing my heart out...
go figure...

I really like cursive writing too...
working on a letter to Annejo (The Netherlands) today in cursive..

Correspondence Co-Op Meeting
6th month anniversary meeting last night -- so much fun.
Jennie is such a wonderful host.
And SOMEONE showed up as a flight attendant.
(Don't ask)

A pile of my stuff...passport (mais oui!), mail art kit, address book.....

Time for a new Passport at the next meeting...I am on the last pages...
Aren't these cool artistamps?
(Stamps by Gina Visione, Red Letter Day and Annie)

I'm going to pack up my Mail Art Kit and Passport and hit the road (so to speak) for a few days...

Have you sent me your entry in my call for entries?
What's In Your Mail Art Kit?
No jury/no returns/documentation to all
Due: November 1

Mail to: 3934 25th Street, San Francisco, CA 94114

Your kit can travel on a plane anywhere in the world, go on a road trip or just to the local coffee shop.
Or, maybe to work in your car or to the doctor's office.
Where do you work on mail art?
What do you bring?

Traveling Address Book
I whipped out a little travel address book to pack in my kit. Nice, isn't it?
I was supposed to fill in all the addresses I want inside last night
at the Co-Op meeting but (ahem) I seemed to be a little too busy (chatting).

Maybe you will get a postcard?

I hope I will be getting a lot of mail art kit entries  -- and of course a lot of mail!

Send a Letter Today!
Help save the US Postal Service and have fun doing it.


  1. Got a cool or should I say hot chili post card yesterday. No, we can't get thst here, but my friend who was woth me for a coffee meetup was making chili last night and wished she could! While we were chstting it up about mail art and pen pals, we found it was cake Friday at our mini store. So mail art and chocolate cake, what could be better. Maybe all mail art travel kits should carry chocolate cske for fortification. xox Corrine

  2. @dosfishes-- oh yes! -- chocolate should be included in mail art kits, I agree.

  3. Flight attendant...oh, I would love to know more. I see one man in that group, which made me wonder if it's generally mostly women who write letters?

  4. @ChristineH -- there are more women in the group but we have guys too...Ryan (in photo) came for the first time but we have James Cline, Burning Man Postmaster and a couple of other guys plus John held, Jr stopped by for one meeting...
    ...and our flight attendant...the Lovely Alice who had just returned from Korea and was handing on snacks and demonstrating the face masks...we think it was the jet lag....

  5. Pamela - those typewriter key envelopes are great! And the typewriter foto even better (one of yours? :D). It looks like I've missed my chances to officially stamp and sign your passport stamps, so another lunch date to do that maybe :)? And CHOCOLATE in a MailArt travel bag? Chocolate almost always travels with me wherever I go; I'd be afraid my MailArt stash would get covered in it, so I'll opt to keep them separate, but together for these two wonderful life indulgences to go "Hand in Hand...!!" At LEAST one Call for Entry will be submitted by November 1!

  6. @GinaVisione--the photo is mine but not the typewriter! Yes, I need you to officially sign and stamp your beautiful artistamps so we must do lunch!
    Looking forward to your entry....

  7. I guess the second envelope never arrived? It didn't have a letter....just some chocolate!!! I wonder what happened to it! Maybe some mail sorter was really hungry... :-/

  8. @Annejo--who ate my chocolate? I am so mad!!!! Outgoing to you today...

  9. what a great blog do you have , i love mail and penpal for years now .

    but 1 question , what is a traveling address book ?

    grt Roos (a newbie at letter-blog)

  10. traveling address book -- a tiny, take-along for travel address book (as opposed to the big one I have in my desk).....

  11. I really love your mail art! But where do you get all these nice things to make your art? It seems like in Germany only very few people write letters and stuff, as it is really hard to find nice things and they are always very expencive. Can you recommend a online shop or something which ships world wide?

  12. I read somewhere that you can't send food to California through the mail from Europe.... not sure if it's true because I couldn't find any more information, but that would explain why the chocolate disappeared >:-(

  13. @Pocci -- good questions. I will write about that on my blog soon so check back.
    @Annejo -- I am back from a trip and guess what was waiting for me? The chocolate envelope -- looks pretty banged up -- haven't had time to open it but will soon and report back...

  14. Maybe it got stuck in the sorting machine!! But hoorah! I hope it's still edible :D

  15. I am SO envious (that's right - I'm admitting envy) of your stamps & passport.



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