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Monday, January 9, 2017

January Doings

January in San Francisco has been cold, dark and very wet. I love it! We need the rain and it is a good excuse to hang out in my studio and play.
I noticed there are a lot stamps in the studio and that got me thinking...well...about stamps.

These vintage Chinese beauties were included in a big batch of ephemera a friend gave me. I think I'm going to have a great year making collages and Rolodex cards and books and altered passports  with all the old paper....I can't wait. But, for right now, I am just enjoying looking at these.

I started noticing a lot of stamps on sheets of paper -- like these.

And like these......

 I got to thinking, it would be fun to sort some of my bags of stamps and stick them in a moleskin....
I find sorting stamps very calming.

I had sooooo many piles going.....I sorted by colors and subject.  And I stuck them in and didn't look back.
The book will be fun to flip through.

Handmade book by Christie J
This little beauty just showed up in the mail unexpectedly one day and what a delight.

Here's a look inside...

and, here's another......
Thank you, Christie! Love it.
(@christie_jz on IG)

More Good Mail
This arrived on another day from Dawn C. Also a handmade book filled with postal goodness and pages to write in.
Dawn knew I've been having some difficult times and thought I needed some cheering up.
How thoughtful!

Cheer me up it certainly did!

Thanks so very much, Dawn. I just love random acts of kindness , especially those sent through the mail.

And, speaking of random acts of kindness, a new Instagram pal, knew I have been looking for these Reader Digest covers to use for altered books and she just sent me a bunch.
I love them and I can't wait to get started making books.
Thanks, @sakameg (on IG)

Any of you make any resolutions? Art ones?

I have a list going.........
I'll tell you all soon. Happy 2017. Make all the art you can!


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