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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Places to Go & People to See

Collaged NYC Postcards on windowsill
I try to visit my second home every year. This time I picked a doozy of a weather week to visit but, of course, it was all worth it.
Frigid cold, rain, slush, snow, winds.
I may not be as tough as a New Yorker but I'm still here to tell you about it.

The High Line
I have walked the High Line a few times before but this was definitely the coldest  (& shortest) walk. It ends - or starts - right at the new Whitney Museum and I highly recommend a visit to both.

Yellow Cabs
I have a thing about Yellow Cabs and I love seeing them out at all hours of the day and night.
But I take the subway.

The Ink Pad
You know I've got to make a stop at the Ink Pad every visit. I met my pal CeCe there on a bitterly cold morning.
I nearly froze to death taking this picture.
No kidding.

Among other things, the Ink Pad is a great place to pick up some NYC rubber stamps to decorate your postcards and travel journal.

Next up - Casey's Rubber Stamps. Also in the West Village. Just step down and into a very fun world of stamps.....

Out front is always a table with some stamps you play with.....I stamped some mail I had with me and a little travel notebook.....

Casey's has got a great selection o stamps too and don't forget to look thru the catalog they have there because they will make up any stamp you want from it right on the stop.

JAM Paper & Envelope
This was a new place for me that CeCe took me to and fun to browse the shelves. My find?
Some really great very large airmail envelopes
that you can get by clicking right here
(I wouldn't share this info with just anybody but you guys are special....)

But, you don't have to BUY things in NYC, there is plenty to pick up around town. I scour every Subway station for those cool Metro tickets to pick up. They are getting harder to find because New Yorkers are getting neater and also, as my NYC pal Harriet says, they cost a $1 now and they are reloadable. But I did find quite a few. And Subway posters. Yes, a few did find their way into my possession. (I only took them when there were multiple copies -- don't want to screw up the transit system)......menus, blue coffee cups....all kinds of things to tear up and stick....

I worked on my travel journal diligently every day.....(more about that soon).

City Bakery
I met Harriet at City Bakery where we had cappuccino and hot chocolate and treats and talked about mail art and NYC.....City Bakery was having a month of hot chocolate -- a good time for it when the temperatures were hovering around ZERO - and on the day we went it was Hot Fudge Hot Chocolate with a giant homemade marshmallow....

Harriet gave me a big bag of fabulous Russian candy -- she knew I had been wanting them so I could use the cool paper wrappings in collages...eating them is kinda fun too.

OUT my hotel window. I loved looking out there. But when it was snowing I didn't like it....See that little red door right across the street?????

Well, this is what we ran out and picked up from there and got cozy in our hotel room one night with Chinese food and a bottle of wine.
Sometimes you've just got to do what you've got to do.
We saw plays. We went to museums. We ate out. We even saw Hamilton the Broadway musical with the BUZZ. And the hip-hop.

Valentine's Day
And I found a sweet little Valentine on the desk one morning....

HOY (Tomorrow) -- by Torres-Gracia 1919
I also liked seeing artists Henry Darger and John Houck
I spent a delightful few hours with Ester K Smith (How To Make Books) at MOMA looking at art.
A really good idea when it is is snowing.
Which it absolutely was.

Why yes, I did go to Junior's. Twice, in fact. And I'm not sorry.  You just cannot get this in San Francisco.
And the cheesecake....

More outgoing collaged postcards

So, I was trying to post about the travel journal but I just had to share some of the NYC fun I had with you guys.
I didn't put links to everything since I have posted about the places on previous  trips but you can just google them if you are lucky enough to be taking a trip to the
And a BIG thank you to my friends CeCe, Harriet and Esther who really added a lot to my travels but spending time with me and being such interesting and charming friends.

 I leave you with this ---

"We were happy to be in a city the beauty of which was unknown, uncozy and not on a small scale" -- William de Kooning on NYC

I am sorry I left because things have really been hitting the fan since I got home.....

(and sometimes you just gotta hang on till things get better)
See you all soon!


  1. My fiance is thinking of going to NYC (he recently moved to the state)... I can't send him to all those shops, can I? No, no, I can't...

  2. Sorry your return hasn't been the most pleasant...but thank you for sharing some of the highlights of your trip. I enjoyed the photos you posted on Instagram too. Glad you finally got some Russian candies--I personally like the squirrel wrapped one the best but they're definitely not See's!

    1. I love that squirrel wrapper too, Cindy.....and they taste good too, chocolate inside.

  3. What a fab trip you had. Now how many suitcases did you bring back????? xox

  4. The stamp shops look eye-popping!
    Everything is beautifully photographed and presented... love your style!

  5. I thought about you a lot as the temp kept dipping but of course you never let that deter you! Your trip looks like it was fabulous. Do you know who the artist is on that MOMA piece you posted? It's lovely. Welcome home!

    1. Sally W -- I updated the post above. I knew I should have put the artist name but I was too lazy.....bad Pamela. That piece was from 1919 and looks so modern, don't you think? Also saw Henry Darger's work and just ordered two library books about him....have you heard of him?

    2. Yes! I saw a big exhibit of his work --I want to say at SFMOMA, but it may have been the American Folk Art Museum in NY-- maybe about 10 yrs ago. The story of how is work was (narrowly) saved from destruction is really fascinating.

    3. I wish I saw that big show, Sally. I am not sure I had seen his work before but that piece just jumped out at me.....

  6. Oh I think I figured it out! Is it Joaquín Torres-García?

    1. oh! You ARE good -- yes indeed that is the artist (see above)

  7. Looks way too cold for me, but the food certainly could make up for it. What great shops filled with possibilities! You are right about that 1919 piece looking modern; it even has postage stamps and mail ephemera. Just wonderful!

    1. It was too cold for me too. But I'm glad I was there anyway -- and yes -- those postage stamps drew me right into that piece of afternoon in MOMA is just filled with delights!

  8. Not sure if the Michelle Ward Stencils are in the store (Ink Pad) but you can buy them from their online store
    I haven't been much of a stencil fan so far but these look perfect for some of your future NYC backgrounds and mine too!
    You had a great trip!

    1. Wow! Cheryl -- those really are cool. I didn't see them in the store but I didn't look for stencils. Now I wish i did. I am not a big stencil fan either but they do look great for my multiple NYC travel journals. Too bad we can't share them! Thanks for the link.

  9. Love love love your pictures!! The colours, the blur.... such an invitation to art and travel. Thank you!

    1. Marie w -- yay -- another blur lover! I love blurry photos and even though some folks tell me they prefer sharper images I have to stick with my own passion of blurry.....thanks for your delightful comment!

  10. Thanks for your travel story. Loved to read it! So many happy memories.

    1. So happy you enjoyed it, Nina -- hope you have fond memories of San Francisco too.

  11. Love seeing my home through your (creative) eyes!

    1. Thanks, Seth -- I love how you love your wonderful hometown. It is good to live someplace special that you love.....I love San Francisco and my second home NYC!

  12. Just loved your post on your frigid trip to NYC, and I bet you almost did freeze trying to get that shot! I loved the sign at the Ink Pad, very funny!! x

  13. lovely! Whenever I go to New York I wish I could stay longer.

    1. Pie Poster -- I always want to stay longer too and this time I stayed seven nights and I was ready to go home at the end.....I was tired of freezing and wearing so many layers and it really was a wonderful visit.

  14. I live in NYC and would gladly mail you about 10 expired MetroCards that I don't need -- not sure how to communicate addresses; if you need me to send my e-mail, just tell me know.

    1. Annette -- wow!! That is just so nice of you -- I'd love them. If you write a comment with your email address I won't publish it and then then I'll have your email and I will send you my address......thank you!

  15. I was just going to ask how many days you stayed & see that it was 7 nights... I am never there for more than one or two, that's how you fit so much in!! The thing I miss the most about NYC is the food, everything always seems so good. Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pics & more.

    1. Yup -- seven days, tamdoll -- and that is the longest I've stayed in a while. I think it was just about perfect. I usually feel really rushed and this time I had time to do more things I enjoy. And the food??? Oh yes. They have some fabulous food in NYC -- and that is saying a lot since SF has some great food too......but we don't have The Pickle Guys selling on the streets or black & whites or great delis.........



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