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Friday, February 5, 2016

You Know It's Coming....

You know what's coming up in about a week(ish). You know, that day with hearts and flowers and chocolate and romantic dinners.
Who care about all that?
WE WANT MAIL!!!!!!!! RIGHT?????
So if you want good mail -- you gotta send good mail and you better get busy.

Funny thing is, I wasn't even going to make Valentine cards this year.
No Way.
But then I looked around my studio.......

We've even got Cupid cutting and who am I to argue?

(MY PO has TWO kinds of LOVE stamps.....)

I saw those LOVE stamps and rubber stamps and white and red lace hearts and vintage Valentine cards and, can see what happened......

Is it me or does that Cupid on this vintage card look a little demented????

(Shhhhhh......good thing my husband doesn't read my blog...hummmm and why not?)
Anyway, I made him a tiny little accordion book filled with love...because he is the BEST.

I think he's going to like it. I might have to tuck in a piece of chocolate with it or take him out for some NYC cheesecake......

What teacher wouldn't like to get this cool vintage mailbox card? In fact, probably even someone who isn't a teacher would like it. I'm just sayin'.
Valentine's Day is for EVERYONE. We are inclusive here -- no body left out.
You have a 101 year old father in law like me? Mail art pals? A great next door neighbor? A friendly letter carrier? A helpful librarian? 
Make Valentine Cards
Let's spread some love around. The world could certainly use some. I can't show you the cards I sent out because it would ruin the surprise but those envelopes are pretty too.
(I'm not even going to be here in SF on Valentine's Day so I had to start early)

I am spreading the mail art love.
You can do it too.
Everybody loves to get mail -- on Valentine's Day -- and any day.
Now, who do you think you should make cards for???



  1. Aaah, Valentine only gets away with it because of all this fantastic red :-))
    Love those cherubs busy doing the heart cut and paste by the way! Xxx

    1. Marie W -- I'm glad to see someone is out there in cyberland -- I was beginning to wonder! I know, I'm not a real Valentine fan either but something came over me....and I like red too....

    2. I'm making a minimum of 16 Valentines for members of a mail art group, plus a few more for family and friends. Who doesn't love a Valentine?

  2. I love those vintage Valentine cards! I am going to send some cards out too, only within Belgium though, to let some people know I didn't forget them. ^^

    1. I like the vintage ones too, TomoyoHime.....glad to hear you are remembering some folks who will enjoy hearing from you...

  3. Such a wealth of Valentine mail art goodness! Love those sentimental vintage cards! I remember the decorated shoebox mailboxes we used to make in school. Did you make them, too? Little did I know that my love for mail art was being developed early on!

    1. Yes, I do remember -- those decorated shoe boxes were pretty cute! Great to encourage an early love of mail art too. I loved getting mail when I was a little kid......

  4. Probably the second worst day of the year, right after the dreaded Black Friday! To make matters worse, my top viewed post on my blog is one on St Valentine's day!!! Glad you are making it fun, though.

  5. Finnbadger -- Black Friday is no problem for me -- I stay in and make art all day! I'm not into valentine's Day either but i like making cards for friend. My sweetie and I will be in NYC and we are going to an ethnic restaurant we like in Hell's Kitchen.....not a rosebud in sight!

  6. I had intended to make Valentines this year, but the time got away from me. I adore the ones you made. I have a friend who collects mailbox images and tiny 3-D art ones. She would love that mailbox you made. Yep, I agree. You have to make excellent ones in order to get good ones. Love what you've made here!

    1. You still have time to make some Valentine cards, Elizabeth! It is a whole week away....I collect mailboxes too....I have a big collection of them in my studio. I just posted photos on the blog's FB page.....

  7. Beautiful valentines for all of us to enjoy!

  8. I was scarred by Valentine's Day as a kid (well...not really "scarred") so I am not a fan but I do try to send out a few cards every year. I'm more likely to use a rubber stamp of an anatomically correct heart, though!

    Love your vintage cards!

    1. Cheryl -- an anatomically correct heart? The best kind -- or pages from a Gray's Anatomy Book! LOL. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  9. great hearts! happy love day! in advance!!

  10. Happy Valentine's Day! Your comment about the car driving Valentine baby just made spit my coffee out! 😍



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