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Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Small Pause......

This time of year can just be so busy, can't it? I think we all need to try to slow down and smell the
evergreens...I am really good at not getting too wrapped up (ha!) in Xmas but even I have to admit that there is just more going on....

There are presents to be wrapped and then a trip - or two - to the post office to mail them out...

Happily I DO enjoy wrapping gifts and making them look pretty but this does take time away from other things -- like making art..

There are cookies to be made (and eaten) and delivered (to the neighbors and to my favorite postal clerks).

Cards to be written and addressed and stamped and walked to the postbox.

It is always fun to get the box of Holiday Rubber Stamps out to play with -- and it is always nice to put the box away till the next year too.

Vintage Santa Stickers

I made some origami folders.....

A little watercoloring on envelopes...

I think I am done! Fini! Time to do some serious hanging out by the fireplace with a good book.
Oh yeah -- no tree this year either. I am happy with my garland and white lights.
Just keeping things simple.

I hope you are all close to the peaceful pause and ready to relax and enjoy the rest of 2014.
I figure what I haven't finished by now is just not going to happen -- and you can think that too.
Go to a movie or a museum or a nice, long walk or sit by the fire -- a present for yourself!
Happy Holidays, my friends.


Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,
I have been very good this year.
Well, I tried anyway...
And I would really like this Mr Zip comic book.

I didn't even know that there were Mr Zip comic books but I'd really like one now that I know.

...and the Zip Code family game would be very nice too.
My friends could come over and drink wine....I mean...milk...and play by the fireplace.

and, of course a Mr Zip lunch box would come in very handy too. I wouldn't put anything messy like lunch in it.
Maybe art supplies....

Since you brought me a real typewriter last Xmas, Santa, a Junior Typewriter  would make a very nice gift for me this year.
The Typewriter -- a new book FINALLY coming out from UpperCase in January 2015
I chipped in to get this baby in print way back when....and have eagerly been waiting for it to be published so I am very excited.
Santa--I am getting my copy but I bet some other folks would love a copy of
The Typewriter
You can click the link, Santa, and send copies to all the typewriter lovers you know out there.

Hum........there were postal nerds back in the day too......someone stuck all the Mr Zippy stuff they found on pages in a notebook....
And I would really like every single fabulous rubber stamp from the
100 Proof Press catalog. My copy of the catalog is completely marked up with stickers of what I want that I think I want them ALL!
In fact, I know I want them all.

who would want this? A mail artist? A postal nerd?
I would like to give it a good home.

Maybe if you are feeling flush, Santa, you could get me this real, official, vintage US Post Box that is on eBay for only (only?) $795.00.
(I notice is hasn't sold in months -- price might be a little steep)

And, not only is it super-cool, but there is a Mr Zip sticker on the side!
I could store my mail in it....or maybe wine bottles for a wet bar? I'm sure I could think of something wonderful to do with it.
Please, Santa?
Actually, Santa, when you come right down to it, I would like anything that has Mr Zip on it.
That makes it easy for you.

Mr Zip Rocks!

Maybe this will give you a few ideas for some of the mail art nerds on YOUR list!
What I'd really like, Santa, is lots and lots of mail art all year long from my wonderful mail art friends.
What a terrific community the mail art community is!
I am so happy to be included.
And, I think Santa gets a lot of mail too -- and he doesn't do e-mail. Trust me, kids -- you've got to write a letter to Santa if you want him to read it.

Have you sent Santa your letter?

What's on you wish list?

Send Good Mail -- Maybe Santa will deliver?

Hoping you all have a very Happy Holiday and lots of great mail in 2015!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Where Santa (& I) Go To Shop (Part Two)

Vintage, wood-blocked Christmas cards from Japan -- just another wonderful afternoon at Scrap!

I can think of some fun things to do with these...and it's fun to play with paint too...

Cookie tin with stamps on it?
Perfect for my cookie delivery to my favorite clerks at the Post Office...I have a big bag filled with Holiday mail and packages going out this week and I am going to bake some cookies for the postal workers before I head out to the PO.

Notecards with stamp ephemera

Curated a few collections for friends....this one likes birds.

Cards at Scrap - the best place to buy em!

Some vintage papers to write on...

Inter-office envelopes are always fun for mailing.

This was quite a fun find at I just have to actually try to carve some stamps.

Red RUSH labels -- these I need!

Brayers -- the more the merrier!

The rubber stamps are not usually great but I hit it one really good day and scored all these....

This is all from SCRAP -- my favorite spot for shopping all year round. Some of my gift giving this year is from SCRAP. I curated a few collections for my pals.
Scored a few treasures.
Of course, being me, I also found quite a few things for myself. Ahem.
You never know what you will find at places like Scrap. You've got to go with a sense of adventure and open mind and don't find anything.
But I usually do.
You sure won't find me at a mall shopping but you might find me at Scrap or a thrift shop...
Gift giving from me -- handmade, curated and vintage treasures/ephemera.

Don't get too jealous though -- this was from about three trips to Scrap not all from one. And sometimes Scrap is pretty bad -- like today -- when you get some idiot checker who wants to totally overcharge you for everything.
There is nothing you can do since things are not marked with prices but I hate that people make up prices on a whim -- some folks there are totally realistic and others are definitely not.
It is like those nuts holding garages sales who want to charge antique store prices.
I have to carefully pick the days I go to avoid the over-chargers.

And where do you all like to shop? What do you like to make?
What do you like to receive?

We are getting ready for a great big storm here in the Bay Area -- so if you don't hear anything fro me you'll know why....

I have candles, wine, a gas stove and I've fully charged everything I wish us luck here...

3 PM Storm Update: Everything on track for a significant winter storm to impact the Bay Area later this week. Rainfall amounts will be heavy, and will fall in short periods of time in bursts of heavy rain that will produce roadway and urban flooding, create flooding of small creeks and streams, and localized mudslides and rock falls. In addition to the rain and flooding - strong winds will accompany this storm. This will result in a considerable amount of power outages across the area as gusts to 80 MPH are possible on the ridges and up to 60 MPH on the coastline. As currently forecast, a storm this strong hasn't occurred in the Bay Area for several years. The time to prepare and be aware is now - Thursday will bring the worst conditions including significant commute impacts and travel difficulties due to high winds, heavy rain, roadway flooding, and downed trees. Stay tuned to the National Weather Service and on twitter @nwsbayarea


Friday, December 5, 2014

Where Santa Goes to Shop (Part One)

Way back in August, I made a trip over to Scrap and had a lot of fun poking around all the bins and shelves -- and of course I found some good stuff -- like these peek-a-boo envelopes.
I usually go with mail art pals to Scrap and we are all on the hunt for more or less the same stuff. So, I realized -- this would be a great place to do my Holiday shopping.
I can make my friends happy AND I get to see what they do with the arty stuff I gift them with. And they might use some of the ephemera and make things for me.
(Ok, so I am naughty and nice...).

I am definitely NOT the Xmas type. I rarely get into the holiday mood till the week before Xmas (if at all). But I do enjoy finding treasures for my friends and I like to package things up in  a cool way and I like to wrap.
So, this year I started early. Real early.

But then -- I kinda forgot about it and now I realize --
It is only TWENTY days till Christmas!
Where DOES the time go?

Four packs of tri-folded envelopes with a little pocket at Scrap via the Paper Source.
Don't mind if I do!
I know just the person who will like making things with some of these.
And I have some ideas for using them myself -- gelli printing? Dripping paint on them? Filling them with ephemera? These could make some nice little gifts, you think?

There are always loads of rubber stamps at Scrap to dig through. And some of them are pretty good.
I actually curated a little collection of them for one pal.
But I can't show them now.......

Pads of paper with numbers printed on them. Pretty cool, don't you think? I would have prefered they leave the paper in full sheets but I still couldn't pass up a couple of pads of this numbered paper to share. Good for making your to-do lists.
Or maybe a list of what you are going to make for people?

This is just a little quick post -- part two will be coming round the bend very soon....
but wanted to remind you all to get busy making stuff...
I think handmade or personally curated gifs are the best kinds,
don't you?

What's everybody working on?

Send Good Mail -- Get Good Mail
(and make stuff!)

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Paint It Any Color But Black

What did you do on Black Friday?

I think not. I enjoy a holiday as much as the next person but really...all this commercialism and shopping to just too much.
I opt out.
Here's what I do instead.....

Morning coffee with some reading -- good way to start the day.
I'm reading:
Flirting With French by William Alexander
Mastering the Art of French Eating by Ann Mah
The Stories We Tell by Patti Callahan Henry
The Painting Workshop by Alena Hennessy
Sinfully Easy Delicious Desserts by Alice Medrich

All from the fabulous SF Public Library and all good.
I can definitely vouch for the baking book.
Trust me.


I got out my Gelli printing stuff and got busy making much fun. Put some music on and play with paint and the times flies by.

Listening to my two favorite holiday CD's -- both by Over The Rhine a group I really really like.
Snow Angels & Blood Oranges in the Snow.
Both really good.
And have you heard of The Civil Wars? Apparently popular group  few years ago who are now broken up but the CD I got from the library is quite good.

Printed on some plain white gift bags from Diaso....that was fun..

Some tags.....they can go inside the bags...

Cards and I have a stockpile to play with...

A much better use of my time than the mall.....not that I ever actually go to malls but you get the idea....

Worked on some Holiday gifts.....

This one is for me......

I enjoy wrapping gifts when I'm not rushed or have too many things to wrap all at once...


My pal invited us over for a wonderful lunch up in the wine country and I felt like I took a little trip to France.

When in the wine country...or know what you've got to do.....

Take a walk and look around.....

So, there it is -- my Black Friday. Not a store in sight.

And, thanks to all of you lovely folks who read and commented on my last post. WOW!
I think there were 29 comments.
I could sure get used to that. Keep 'em coming! That is the way to keep me going and working on the blog. It is so much appreciated and really means a lot. I'm feeling the love.
Questions? Ideas for posts? Comments?
All good.
I have so many projects to work on I think I better say good-bye and get busy.
Now tell me about you!
What was your Black Friday like? And are you all doing today?



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