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Monday, September 19, 2016

Good Things from the Mail Box

Don't you just LOVE getting mail?
I know I do. It is often a highlight of my day. But when there is NO mail.....well.....let's just say I get very crabby.
Lately my mail box hasn't been as happy as it sometimes is....
I have gotten a few beauties to share with you.
From the lovely MISS MILLICENT this cool envelope arrived recently. A red security envelope folded inside out and stitched together -- oh!
And some roses sewn on to complete whole postal beauty.

See that stitching? Miss Millicent is a whiz with a sewing machine....

Anything I get from Dori I love.....two terrific envelopes with Rolo cards inside....

These two came in another envelope.....The colors on them are more beautiful than in the photo.
My Rolodex fie is getting fat and happy.

Everything Dori makes is wonderful. Thanks, pal!
Susanna Lakner  (Planet Susannia)-- wonderful collage artist from Germany added these two beauties to my Rolodex Art Project. And a rumor has it I just might be meeting her here in San Francisco next month.

Susanna Lakner
The flip side of them....

Margarete Minar
A new member of the SF Correspondence co-op and new pal sent me three Rolodex cards tucked inside this charming little pocket....

And, these two from Margarete have stamps on them -- of course! You can check out her blog on my sidebar.

Barcode Barb
Another co-op member sent me these two Rolo cards -- with a money theme -- so cool.
Barb has been into making books and various themes with a money/banking theme and when I saw those coin stamps at ScrapSF I knew I had to get them for her...

Erica Lang
Now this was fun -- Erica contacted me and asked if I would do a swap of Rolodex Art with her -- why not? And she sent me these three lovelies for the trade.
I love the couch with the stamp "paintings" above it and the real feather glued on --
thank you Erica!
Delwen Tatton
And just today -- from Australia -- this lovely mail arrived and I got to squeeze in one last photo to show you. I love those cartoon woman with the mail comments....and those great Aussie postmarks.

I have had some pretty pathetic no mail days but when I do get mail it is
so thanks to all of you lovelies who keep sending me such delightful mail and cheer up my mail box -- because I am kinda like those kids at the top of the post waiting to see what the mail man will bring.

I have other things to report on. Stamp bundles. Library Book Sale. Co-op meeting. Altered Passport Project.

But that's for another time.

Get any good mail lately?


Thursday, September 8, 2016

Pretty Pictures & Things I Collect

A number of people have asked what do I collect?
It might be better to ask, what don't I collect?

Here are some pretty things sitting around my studio. I like living with them.
I love Japanese and Chinese calligraphy.....
.....and French cursive writing....and postal images of all kinds......
I have a very large collection of very old French postcards with people dressed up as letter carriers and ladies swooning with mail in hand...

If it is old and if it is paper I'd probably like it...

Old books, of course -- but you guys already know that -- that would be a whole other post.

Love old wooden rulers...

Flower and bird postcards and beautiful old handwriting in all languages...

I like outdated bank notes - love the bird on this one from the NL.

Anything and everything French. Well, you asked....

I love old airmail mail envelopes and bingo cards and typewriter and tape tins and old letters....

Stamps -- this is an old letter from Japan.

So, there are just a few of the things I love and collect.....but I just go to ScrapSF and the Vintage Paper and see what I come up with....I really don't spend a lot and I don't troll eBay for this stuff. My little sister is totally confused and does not get this at all.
I do not want things from department stores or malls....give me the old and torn and worn and I am happy.

I am on the look out for old passports if any of you out there have one to trade.
(You'll see why very soon)

Want to see any more or does this satisfy your curiosity?

And now, how about telling me what YOU collect?


Friday, August 26, 2016

Two Mail Art Gatherings in One Weekend?

My last post was about the LWA Mail Art Social on Friday -- and on Sunday we had a meeting of the SF Correspondence Co-Op. I know, you hate me. two mail art meetings in one weekend.
Well, that's the way we roll around here.
We had a guest appearance of this cursive beauty -- and it was for sale!
Imagine that.

There's always show-and-tell. SallyW brought that book in the lower right corner and it was really interesting. Maybe your library has it?

Our "theme" this meeting was sketchbooks of whatever interests/inspires you. And we saw some real beauties.

These are Gregg's and you can check out his blog
The Junk Thief
right here. 

Wonderful old stamp album turned into a book filled with collages by Scooter.

Two of mine.....that vintage telephone book is filled with collages....and, inspired by seeing all those other books I just started a new one....

Of course we had an artistamp for our passports! (And we had three new members of the co-op checking in and buying passports and adding stamps).

And another artistamp by James Cline, Burning Man Postmaster and -- I  just found out -- retired USPS letter carrier. How did I not know that?

Passports and artistamps...
(Can you see the little bumps on the artistamps? That is Braille!)

And what have we here?

One of our new members brought in a book she made using a Priority Mail Envelope she received.
Isn't that a great book?
I know you'all are going to be asking me -- YES there is a tutorial and you can find it
Right Here

And, I highly suggest you check out her wonderful blog with LOTS of tutorials and books she's made
The Mellow Miller
And I'd appreciate it if you leave a comment, tell her I sent you over. 

I can't just sit there -- I made a little collage postcard...

And, I brought some of the wonderful incoming mail I've received for show-and-tell.....

This little party-goer was so excited she had to take a little rest on her typewriter........

And here is a link to my pal Ryan's Flickr photos of the same mail art meeting -
Check 'em out

Remember my fabulous Rolodex Art Cards? Well, now you can have some too, Mail Me Some Art is hosting 
It looks like a good one to me -- I'm doing it! 
And, I added Mail Me Some Art on my blog roll -- there are a number of interesting swaps happening right now.
If you're looking for more folks to trade mail art with, this is a good way to go.

I added various things to the blog -- there is a brand new "contact me" form -- I still love comments but if you can't comment, try contacting me. 
And I added two new blogs on the sidebar - Mellow Miller and MMSA. 
Also a link to my INSTAGRAM photos. (click the Instagram logo after you click a photo to see them on IG)
So, I hope you all enjoy the changes. Say hello.

So, it is another Friday mail art events planned this weekend but lots of fun is coming right up -- The Zine Fest, The Library Book Sale, The Vintage Paper Fair....
I might need to rest up and get ready for all the upcoming fun...


Friday, August 19, 2016

Well, that was sure fun.....LWA Social in the Secret Alley

I saw THIS on The Letter Writers Alliance blog and of course I had to go....
(I am sure you all know about the LWA but on the remote chance you don't be sure to click the link and check it out).

We met unmarked door....and up the stairs and through this door.... The Secret Alley.....

This must be the place!!!!

Oh yes -- I spy Donovan up in a tree house -- so, I know I'm in the right place.
She's writing a letter, of course....

There were typewriters....

...and, invisible ink.....

......and LWA stationery and postcards....

And, there was lots of letter writing  and mail art lovers....

There was me.....
(thanks @DovBee for the Instagram photo)

Lots of friendly people, some from the SF Correspondence Co-op mail art group and others new people for me to meet...
(Hello @librarymail)

I'm quite sure a good time was had by all. Thank you, Donovan (@DovBee) and Carolee for such an entertaining afternoon.
What a fabulous place The Secret Alley is to make mail.
Yes, I know, we are so lucky to have such amazing mail art events here in SF. And thanks to Donovan and the Letter Writers Alliance for making this happen.
Some day I hope to make it to one of the LWA socials in Chicago.

And, no.....I didn't get too much letter writing done because...well...I had to meet people and take pictures and wander around and look at everything..but I did start a bunch of postcards and I promise to finish writing them tonight.

(and have fun doing it)


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