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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

And They Said It Couldn't Be Done.....

I wondered if I'd ever see the top of my work table again......

Things have been pretty messy here in my studio. Trips to the $1 library book sales and to Scrap have left me with stacks of books piled up on the floor and boxes of rubber stamps...
but really, enough was enough...
This is where the books were stacked up on the floor...

And look at them now! I sorted and tossed,  put boxes of books out front on the sidewalk where they were scooped by by passers-by. And I still have all these beauties -- loads of French dictionaries, lots of Atlases, typing manuals, Chinese and Japanese dictionaries and books, medical books, books in Russian and all kinds of other languages....
I think I still have plenty to play with -- and now they are all lovely and organized.

Finally got a nice spot to put my beautiful Japanese boxes. They are filled with paper treasures.

Vintage Japanese calligraphy

I am really enjoying being in my studio more now that I've picked it up and organized things.
And, my friends can come over now too.

You know who you are.
You're all invited to come and play. Type on the typewriters, stamp with rubber stamps....
I love company.

I even found things I forgot I had - like this old, blue metal box - perfect for my collection of vintage daters and some paints.

I still have some stacks of things...
The Rolodex Files

Two of the (Five) Typewriters

I even tackled the big closet! It is looking pretty good, don't you think?
I have been thinking of opening my own Esty shop but I see a lot of folks sell directly on Instagram and I am thinking that might be a lot easier..

My foreign language flasg card collection from all those library book sales...

Come on over and I'll make you a cappuccino and you can read....

The other studio is big! This is the room in the back and I cleaned that one up too.
How good am I?

Cappuccino Break
I think I deserved a cappuccino break after all that cleaning. I'm not even finished but I have the worst of it over with. Unfortunately I did fill up a cardboard box with STUFF I didn't know what to do with and now I have to figure that out. And I have two giant shopping bags filled up with free stuff for the SF Correspondence Co-Op swap table this coming Sunday.

Now I can get back to the art business -- I have so many projects going on -- altered books, travel journal prep, altered passports...on and on....and mail art....
is it any wonder things can get messy?

The Vintage Paper Fair is coming right up. Need I say more? You KNOW there will be vintage paper showing up here in the studio.....the only question is how much?

So, I'm back to work and I'd love to hear from all of you out there. Hope you enjoyed the cyber-visit and I also hope some of you will come over for a real visit soon.
We can make things and have show-and-tell and drink cappuccino. It's only 61' in SF and if you want to cool off, come over!


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

And One Thing Leads to Another

Rubber Stamps from SF Scrap. Somebody stop me!

I admit it...I have a rubber stamp problem and Scrap isn't helping...

The $1book sales aren't helping my studio space either. I have SWORN OFF going. But I was at the farmers market and ...well...I had to walk by on my way to the streetcar and I just took a little look.....ok, I bought ONE book but only one and I went right home and tore it right up. Now I have 25 beautiful Chinese drawings which are perfect to use in my Chinatown Altered Book project.
One thing leads to another...

The World of Stamps is a page for my altered book .....

My pal Dori needs more pages for the book I made for her and she likes joss papers so I played around a bit one night...

And, here is what I ended up with -- like it? I hope Dori does. I actually liked it and wanted to keep it for my book. But good behavior won.

Chinese inspired book pages made me think of Chinese food....and if you like it, SF is the place to be (unless you're in China).

The clouds parted one day and I tried out a little cyanotype printing. I have some ideas for that too....if we get summer sunshine any time soon. It was 55 degrees here the other day. In July.
We really are different here in SF.

Card for my pal The Artful ReCrafter. She recently got a beautiful old six burner (yes, gas) stove and this ad made me think of her. I'm sure she'll want to make that lovely hot dog casserole.

Re-purposed card made by mail art friend Judi K. She cut up and re-worked an envelope I sent to her and sent back this card to me. I love it, especially how she cut that slit in the mail slot and stuck the little card in it. This was such fun to receive.

The Rolodex Project
The cards are coming in and I am loving each and every one. These two from the talented Connie Rose. 
For some reason I am obsessed with cutting out all these heads from my old French and Spanish dictionaries. I can't stop. I have an Altoid tin stuffed with heads.
Why? I don't know but I am quite sure I will think of something to do with them.
Any ideas? What would you do?
I've been clearing -- and cleaning -- my studio. It was time. Those $1 books really add up. I put boxes of books out front on the sidewalk but i still have enough to fill up a brand new bookcase my sweetie installed for me.
Then, I started cleaning out the closet. 
Right now you'd never know how hard I've been working but things often get worse before they get better, right?
I hope so.
I'm getting tired of cleaning and I want to play.

When I'm done you can all come on over and we'll have an art party!


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Let's Make an Origami Wallet

(NYC City Bakery flyer with NYC ephemera tucked inside)

Origami wallets are so fast and easy to make -- and fun to fill up and mail.
It really takes only four easy steps to make a wallet and I can whip them out in a minute.
Want to see?

Take a sheet of double sided paper (maps, pages torn from an Atlas, magazine pages, menu, flyers).
Look it over and place the side you want on the outside of the wallet  FACE UP.

Fold the TOP of the paper down about 3/4-1" like this.
with the folded part on the top face down (as seen below)

Then, fold each of the (short sides) about 3/4" like this. Press them down with a bone folder.

Now your paper looks like this (only with the sides pressed down)

Now (fun part) fold the top down a bit less than halfway like this.(That very first fold you made at the top will be showing).  This will become the top sleeve in your wallet.

Now you will fold the paper up from the bottom to make the bottom sleeve like this.
You want to tuck that top corner right in to that bottom corner there on the right side....and then tuck it the same way on the left side, which will create the bottom sleeve.


See? Tuck the TOP (blue) into the bottom (Black)

**I hope this doesn't confuse you -- the wallet is flipped in these two photos. Remember you are tucking the TOP corners into the bottom...the black is the bottom here and see who the top corner is getting tucked in to it?)**
And there you are -- see the two sleeves? If you do it wrong you won't have two sleeves so just try it again.

Now your wallet looks like this.....
Fold it in half and you are done.

Origami wallet
It looks harder here than it actually is. Once you get it, you will be making them so fast you won't believe it....

By now you all know I can't leave things alone so I had to add some washi tape and dots and a cut-out from an old dictionary.....

And, of course, you can't send someone an empty wallet, can you?

Wallet from a flyer I picked up at the library around San Francisco...

Atlas page wallets

You can make origami wallets when you travel and tuck in business cards and souvenirs  from your trip. Make one with a flyer from your home town for a friend who is coming to visit...or use menus or atlas  pages or anything else you might think up...
it's fun and it is creative re-use.

I have had this ready for a long time but didn't post it since I couldn't be sure the instructions were clear enough. They seem clear to me but I already know how to make the origami wallets so what do I know? Let me know if you figure it it (I hope so!). They are really fun.
Hope you all (in the USA) enjoyed your holiday yesterday -- BBQ and fireworks and heat. It was a chilly 60 degrees here in SF.

Speaking of that, check out my favorite creative re-user, Monica at
The ArtFul ReCrafter
to see what origami tutorial she has for you!


Sunday, June 26, 2016

Just Playin' Around

MY Rolodex card project is rolling right along.
I made these Mr Zip cards -- with unused Zip Code stamps -- because Mr Zip has got to be included in the file.

I got inspired by my favorite set of stamps -- the USPS eight-cent series of postal workers -- and decided to make ten rolodex cards using each of the ten stamps.

I got out my postal supplies and got started....

Ten cards!
Those Rolodex files are BIG so it is going to take a lot of art cards to fill them up, even with the help of you guys....I've got to make cards too.

The backs have to look good too!

Since I was busy making cards, I got inspired to make four Paris ATC's as well.
(like that little Altoids box of heads?)

I made four French ATC's but only photographed two. C'est la vie!

(Photo by Ryan Tamares)
My little stash of stuff at the SF Correspondence co-op meeting....

INCOMING Rolodex Art Card
What have we here? Looks like good mail.

(Photo by Ryan Tamares)
Look at this beauty by Miss Millicent! She sewed up a little Rolodex pouch and tucked a little girl inside. Sweet.

I have been getting some wonderful cards in the mail and many thanks to all of you who have been sending them. I will try to post pictures of all or most of them. I have already been posting them on the 
Cappuccino And Art Facebook page and on Instagram (PamelaArtsinSF).
Check it out!

So, back to the work table -- I've got more cards to make.



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