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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Make Things

Tri-Fold Folder
(Just take a piece of paper you like -- double sided is nice -- and make the three folds).

I made a tri-fold folder and glued some stamp holders on it (I don't know what you actually call them). Gave them a bit of color with watercolors.....

And filled them up with air mail stamps for an air mail loving birthday girl I know....

Here's the cover of the folder -- yup, I've got an airmail thing going on there -- and an air mail envelope I slid it into....

Hope she liked it! (Happy Birthday, Monica!)
Now you can make one too.....

It 's been fun whipping out these tiny little folders lately.....I use 8x8 paper squares and paint the other side with watercolors and stamp them with rubber stamps...

The fun part is decorating theme with themes...I love themes...

8x8 paper makes tiny ones and you use 12x12 paper for larger ones.
Just fold them in half and then fold up the bottom to make a pocket -- and you're done!

You saw the Valentine tiny accordion book (last post) and here is a Postal Love accordion book....

A little peek inside...
And here's another.....I tried to match the postage stamps to the rubber stamps...

So, there you go -- that's what I've been doing. What have you been doing?
I like to make things. I bet, if you're reading this, you do too.

I got those nice, paper sleeve pages for stamps in the mail with some old stamps I ordered online.
What do they call them? Any stamp collectors out there who know? 
They are pages for three ring bingers and you add your stamps. I can think of fun things to do with them.
I have never seen them made with that heavy plain craft paper before.
I know someone out there will know.

My mail art kit is packed. My travel journal is prepped. I have my wool coat and gloves.
See you all soon!


Friday, February 5, 2016

You Know It's Coming....

You know what's coming up in about a week(ish). You know, that day with hearts and flowers and chocolate and romantic dinners.
Who care about all that?
WE WANT MAIL!!!!!!!! RIGHT?????
So if you want good mail -- you gotta send good mail and you better get busy.

Funny thing is, I wasn't even going to make Valentine cards this year.
No Way.
But then I looked around my studio.......

We've even got Cupid cutting and who am I to argue?

(MY PO has TWO kinds of LOVE stamps.....)

I saw those LOVE stamps and rubber stamps and white and red lace hearts and vintage Valentine cards and, can see what happened......

Is it me or does that Cupid on this vintage card look a little demented????

(Shhhhhh......good thing my husband doesn't read my blog...hummmm and why not?)
Anyway, I made him a tiny little accordion book filled with love...because he is the BEST.

I think he's going to like it. I might have to tuck in a piece of chocolate with it or take him out for some NYC cheesecake......

What teacher wouldn't like to get this cool vintage mailbox card? In fact, probably even someone who isn't a teacher would like it. I'm just sayin'.
Valentine's Day is for EVERYONE. We are inclusive here -- no body left out.
You have a 101 year old father in law like me? Mail art pals? A great next door neighbor? A friendly letter carrier? A helpful librarian? 
Make Valentine Cards
Let's spread some love around. The world could certainly use some. I can't show you the cards I sent out because it would ruin the surprise but those envelopes are pretty too.
(I'm not even going to be here in SF on Valentine's Day so I had to start early)

I am spreading the mail art love.
You can do it too.
Everybody loves to get mail -- on Valentine's Day -- and any day.
Now, who do you think you should make cards for???


Friday, January 29, 2016

When Is a Laundry Room not a Laundry Room?

When it's an art room, of course.....I have a laundry room next to the back of my studio and it has turned out to be a perfect place for gelli printing....

It's been such a long time since I pulled out my gelli stuff I had to take take a quick peek at the book to refresh my memory...but, as it turns out, it comes back to you really quickly..

Today was a dark and delightfully rainy Friday and what better to do than hang out and play with paint?
I couldn't think of anything......I had pumpkin curry in the fridge for lunch and rain on the roof and paint and paper and good music.....

It was so easy to set up since I had the boxes of supplies right there in the cupboards of the room....just pulled them out and in five minutes I was pulling prints.

Making pages for my altered book -- hey -- you guys told me I needed to make my own altered book after I showed you the one I made for Dori's birthday....

***And the pages at 5 x 7-1/2***
I'm just saying in case any of you ( I can punch the holes.and you know who you are) want to send me some pages you make to add to my book.

Stencils, all works....I employ a variety of techniques.

I was smart enough to pack a box with everything I need -- papers, bubble wrap, tags, card stock,  mark making things-- so all I had to do was to get busy.
And WHY have I waiting so long to do this? It is so easy and fun and a perfect thing to be doing on a rainy day.
(You may have to get used to us here in San Francisco talking about rain all the time...we are trying to get over a drought and every time it rains we get over-excited)

I ended up with about twenty double-sided pages and some tags and postcards....and one little bag I gellied too...not bad for a few hours.

You can see three postcards here and a couple of test sheets....

So, that you have it -- a rainy Friday afternoon with me.

Next up, got to trim the pages to size and do some collaging on them and punch holes and add to my altered book.
What are you all doing? Is it raining where you are? Or, maybe snowing?
Grab some paper and paint and start playing.
It's the weekend.


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Passing the Afternoon Most Pleasantly......

There are lots of ways to spend a pleasant afternoon.....and one of them is to go to a SF Correspondence Co-Op meeting....

You can sit around and socialize...and you can make things at the same time.....

I like to collage...and take photographs.....and inspect the swap table.

Just look at this fabulous two-tone bird made with rubber stamps from Paris....

It takes two stamps and two ink pads and look what you get....oh lala!

I packed my special mail pouches up for the meeting.....The one on the left from the fabulous Dori Singh and the one on the right from my pal CeCe in NYC.
I'm pretty lucky.
Another rather delightful way to spend an afternoon is at the Vintage Paper Fair,
some thing I did just last weekend.

How could I pass up these postcard folders for $1 each? I couldn't.
I love the old graphics and they are fun "as-is" or to cut up for collage or use in travel journals.

One seller was selling old snapshots for .25-cents each. I don't know what they go for where you live, but around the Bay Area they are A LOT so I sifted through two large boxes for a stash of old photos to use in collage and cards.

And envelopes! Oh yes please. I just love vintage envelopes. (One day OURS will be vintage!)

Old handwriting? Old stamps? Cancellations?
What's not to love?

They really new how to make good letterheads back in the day, didn't they?

Picked up a few face value stamps too...

I think these are my favorite finds. Tiny little pictures of fancy ladies all dolled up with great hair and hats.....

These are going to work perfectly in those passports I am altering...

So, now another way to spend a perfectly pleasant afternoon is to stay in my studio and make things using all these great paper finds.
One thing leads to another, right?
I have lots of ideas.

You have a favorite way to spend a pleasant afternoon?
Do tell.


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