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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Books and More Books and Mail Too....

Well....truth to be told.....I couldn't resist......

I went back on Sunday to the last day of the library book sale. Everything was $1.00.
I wondered if it was worth going and what would be left....

Yes, it was definitely worth going. Here are my shopping carts --
no, actually those are not mine but it looks like some people get more carried away than even I do..

This one is mine.....and I got seventeen books for $17.00. And actually the dollar sale was more fun than the members preview. No lines, fewer crowds and cheaper books.
I've got to remember that next year.

There is just something about foreign language dictionaries I cannot resist.

I like to think I can speak French.
The French don't seem to think so though...

I found two very cool old yearbooks -- score! One was from 1936....
and the other from the 50's sometime...$1!

Lots of lovely autographs and comments too.

I have been collecting vintage French dictionaries for years...who could resist those pages with pictures?

I was hoping for a French scarf-tieing tutorial......

I think this was my favorite find on Dollar Day....the beautiful graphic caught my eye...

I snatched it up.... discover it is a book on graphic design lettering -- in Cyrillic cool. Published and printed in Moscow. I wonder, how did it make it's way here to San Francisco? We do have a pretty large Russian population here.

I cannot bring myself to tear this one up. At least not for a while.

But in some cases -- tear I did! 

My worktable is a work-in-progress. I am tearing up books, sorting the pages, making piles and making things.

Handmade envelopes with yearbook pages.



I've been busy! But it seems like I have been sending out more mail than I have been receiving.
I better see a good mail day real soon.

Ok. I know you have been waiting. Many thanks to all of you who commented on the last post about the book sale. It is sure nice to hear from you all and know who's actually reading the blog.
I put the names in a hat (ok, it was a bowl) and I got a little carried away and picked three winners-
ta da

1. Linda Gibbons
2. TERAdactyl
3.pam foster

Please message me your addresses as soon as possible so I can put a paper ephemera pack in the mail to you. Congratulations. Hope to see what you do with the papers. Have fun with it.

And if Rhonda H would like some math pages and Cindy would like some Russian pages
you two message me your address too. I have a lot of paper to go around.

So, there you have it. Two outings to the book sale and lots of fun in the studio.
Next one is in April so maybe you'll want to plan your visit to SF now!
I'll see you there.


Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Big Book Fun

You may have heard the rumors....yesterday was the member's preview for the SF Library Big Book Sale.......

The scene of the sale -- SF Library really knows how to throw a book sale. I mean, it isn't in a parking lot or strip mall -- we get go down to Fort Mason and see the most amazing views while we are in line....And the sun is always shining too!
That's the building and it's BIG and filled with thousands of books.

Did I mention standing in line?
Actually some folks started waiting the day before....but I am not that crazy.

How come I never thought of looking at the table for MATH BOOKS before?
I just happened to look down and realized I might be missing some good stuff.
Like this.
The Stepped-Up Edition -- oh! the pain!

Arithmetic -- such a charming word.
As long as I don't have to actually do it. Did I ever tell you about my summer school experience?
Some things are better left unsaid....

Are you kidding?????

This is more my speed.....I like picnics....and I think I could manage the 6th grade reader.

Attracted by the age...and the green....

But what IS this?????
This doesn't look like any writing I've ever seen. A secret code?

Oh, poor think she got a date to the prom? And they put "a cigarette borrower" under her yearbook photo? Times do change, don't they?

The guys....

Those glasses are so far out they might actually be in now. But I'm not so sure about that hair.

Being in a huge room with thousands of books is a mighty fine way to spend a happy afternoon.
I ran into lots of my mail art friends too. No, I don't mean I ran them over with my shopping cart....
I was so busy shoving books in my cart I didn't even manage to take pictures of any of them though.

The Wine Bar
Check it out -- the Library even hosts a wine bar and food for the shoppers.
Imagine that.
Looked very fun but I really couldn't tear myself away from the books.
I wouldn't want to impair my judgement either...critical decisions had to be made.

Let the tearing begin!
I know...some of you might cringe at this sight but it really is rather lovely. And I did buy some good just to tear up for mail art and collage.
Those sewn bindings are so cool.

I got about four volumes of these, thanks to Red Letter Day pointing them out to me.
It's possible that's about three volumes too many...
I tend to get a bit carried away. about I pick one of you who comments on this blog post (randomly to be sure!) and send out a paper ephemera pack?
Surely I can't use it all.
If I get a whole lot of comments I may even pick two names!
Just comment and say hello.
I will post the name of the "winner" on the next blog post in about a week.
This is just a casual biggie. But it's good to share and you are all such lovely blog readers.

And thanks to SF Public Library system for being so wonderful.
I check out books, cd's , dvd's and more books all year long.
And the Library hosts this fabulous book sale twice a year and in an incredible beautiful location and with wine.
I mean...really!


OK, now I've got all this paper...I gotta go make stuff.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Summery September in SF

SF is too warm and too humid. We don't do "muggy" here in San Francisco.
The coolest place in San Francisco is in my studio. Cool in more ways than one.....
so, of course, I am hangin' in my studio...

.....playing with old photos and paints....
Don't you think this is an odd photo? It looks like a little girl's head on a woman's body or a woman's head on a little girl's body or something like just doesn't look right, does it?
And the caption on the back --
"Mrs. Carty by Addie"
This couldn't be a MRS could she?

A nun stamp-head

I couldn't find a stamp for her head but I kind of like this the way it is.

I wonder if Einstein played the piano? He does now.

Stamp Head Couple
wonder where they are from???

Look at that guy in the front...and the kid in the middle.....don't you wonder about their stories?

Some painted photos made into cards....

Painted Card

Envelope to Canada -- road trip inspired!

Air Mail inspired....

Play-with-paint folder

Here's the inside......with a letter tucked inside....


Presents for me -- some rubber stamps
(like I need any more...)

To/From Russia with Love
Some incoming mail from Virgo in Russia and outgoing from me....

Why do I think Stamp Head when I see this?

And this?
Amazing what you find when you are cleaning. Some money from a trip to Taiwan.
I'll think of a project......

Pack it up!
Tomorrow is a three hour gelli block workshop and I am packing up  some paints, work apron,  show-and-tell....
don't you like this bag?

This is the little pocket inside the could I resist?

Anything ARMAIL and I'm in!
I found these two sheets of airmail stickers in my cleaning frenzy too.....they are almost vintage. Shows you I have been liking mail art for a long, long time.

Things have been pretty busy around here (and getting busier).
I have to rest up for the Library Big Book Sale on Tuesday afternoon.
I will be carrying around a very heavy bag of books for sure.
And then there's the pushing and shoving....
(you think I'm kidding?)
Some travel plans in the air.
I still am working on a thank-you post.
Just thought I'd  check in and say HELLO.

So, how about you?
What's everybody working on? Let's hear! And hey -- what would you all like to see on the blog?
I'm open to suggestions (as long as they are nice ones!).
It isn't easy thinking up with you all might want to see.
help me out a little, ok?
Enjoy the rest of September and remember --



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