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Thursday, April 30, 2020

And Here We Are....

Well, best intensions aside, I haven't been keeping up with posting more frequently. Like many of you, I am struggling with the world situation we have found ourselves in.
I try to keep a positive attitude but there are days....

What's helping me?

I've been working on a Corona Collage Journal for the 30 days in April. I've always found tearing and cutting and arranging and pasting a comforting thing to be doing and it still is.
And, since the shelter-in-place law has been extended for ANOTHER 31 DAYS I guess I will be working on the May version of the corona collage journal. Art is my way of dealing with things.

Looking for beauty is another way I deal....

And, I am finding cooking quite comforting. As you can see, I have been doing a whole lot of cooking and my husband is very pleased.
Usually I am complaining that cooking takes too much time but I seem to suddenly have a lot more time than I used to....

Sometimes you've just got to get OUT.
A drive along the CA coast pretty close to SF was very soothing...

In San Francisco, when you get an actual warm day, you better go for it. It is almost always too cold to sit outside but last week we hit 75 degrees and had lunch out in the garden.
So fun.

Speaking of the garden, it has been giving me great pleasure. Watching buds form and flowers and blossoms bloom and everything coming to life......
Life goes on.

Friends have been giving me pleasure too. My little city front "porch" had two special deliveries today.....this first one from my pal Pam (on IG @dogearedjournals).....still warm scones and homemade lemon curd and a tiny little wonderful book she made. What a great start to the day.

Later, my neighbor dropped off a bag of zucchini flowers from the farmers market. What a terrific treat and I am making my special Greek recipe with them...

We have been driving around SF once a week on the nearly empty streets. Spotted this mailman and we had to STOP so I could jump out and take a photo. Luckily there is no traffic. We also drove down Lombard Street The World's Crookedest Street (ahem) a number of times. It is never without cars and tourists and we took adventure of it now...very fun.

Yes, I have been sending out mail...slowly.....and cleaning my studio....even more slowly.....I found an old 8x10 photo of flowers and folded it in half to make an envelope. Kind of a fun idea. I can see  using different photos and making more of these...

I hope you are all staying well and safe out there.
Remember to keep six feet away and wear your masks (which are hopefully arty).
We will get through this.
And maybe we are all learning things somehow.....

So, I continue to glue things in my glue book...
cook and drink a little wine...and make a few things and write a few letters and do a bit of slow stitching...
Sometimes I just lie on the couch.
That's OK too.
Please check in and tell me how you are all doing. And WHAT you are doing?
I miss everyone.
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  1. I think your mayor is brilliant. You are in possibly the safest city in the U.S. right now. I love the journal you worked on for April. It certainly explains how you have handled this weird time in our lives.

    Squash blossoms. I love them, too. You certainly haven't gone hungry during this lockdown. I've been eating what I have on hand. Some meals are rather unique, but at least I'm clearing my pantry so I can start over again.

    Don't you just hate what Trump is trying to do to the Post Office? I always hate it when they raise their rates, but I understand why they need to. However, I wish Trump would leave the one thing that has been around since the beginning of our country's independence, alone.

    Stay safe and calm, dear friend.

    1. Hi Elizabeth - I agree about our mayor and SF doing so well. Between London Breed and Gavin Newsom we are in good hands here.
      I can’t even talk about Trump and the USPS. Unbelievable. How can he even think we don’t depend on the US Postal service? I’ve been writing letters.
      I’ve been cooking all right.....
      You take good care and stay safe - and thanks for commenting. So few people do ......

  2. I love your blog and the wonderful photos! Glad you enjoyed your porch goodies! XO

  3. Your garden is beautiful. Thanks for the beautiful blog post.

    1. Thank you FinnBadger — appreciate the nice comment — and I’m glad you liked the post.

  4. Lovely post. How nice of that postman to pose for you :) I can't spend too much time cooking--it hurts my back and is not great for the waistline either. But I did just buy a roll of first class, a roll of postcard and several international stamps, so I'm doing my bit for the P.O. I also wrote postcards to my congressjerks and the occupant of the white house warning them that if they kill the Post Office Ben Franklin will rain lightning on them (and he can!).

    1. Yes! I hope Ben Franklin does that!! And I just ordered 70$ worth of stamps online ....writing letters too. Save our postal service!

  5. All I can say is, "Ditto all the above." I've been doing some cleaning and cooking (I think I've gained 10 pounds since being furloughed on March 16!), and making a little art. Now that it's getting warmer in the Midwest, at least we can be out in our yard and that is helping me cope with this pandemic. It's been a struggle. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos.

  6. Just found your site, Pamela. Thanks for the inspiration. Here in Wales we also have very, very rare days warm enough to go out but never get near 75 except for four days a year, tops. Still jacket weather and looking at August! We are also cooking for sanity but I am a lucky woman - my husband does all the cooking! Keep safe and keep sane, my dear. Kelly at Book and Paper Arts

    1. So nice to see a comment from you - thank you. We rarely hit 70 all summer. Still jacket weather here in San Francisco too. But I like it better that heat and humidity. Stay safe and enjoy your husband’s cooking!

  7. Your artwork is always inspiring. Your photography is wonderful! You capture art in the streets of San Francisco that everyone else walks past. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.



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