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Friday, August 3, 2018


Dori Singh Mail (skippydori on IG)
As promised, here is some of my wonderful incoming mail. I love everything I get from my pal Dori....

Patti Martin (mysticartbypatti on IG)
Patti sends me all kinds of wonderful mail. She made me a BOOK this time....

...and all the pages are beautifully collaged....if I made this I'd want to keep it!

She included this postcard that I had sent very fun to see it inside the book.

Adrienne Mason
Check out her great blog and collage adventure here
A wonderful collage and postcard from my pal Adrienne really cheered my mail box.
Christie JZ
Another cool handmade book arrived in the post from Christie...

And she also re-cycled some mail I sent to her, like this orange envelope. I loved getting it back.

Of course there is usually a postal theme in what I get since all my mail art pals know how I love mail.

Michele C (mbcano1 on IG)
Michele sent me a cool.....(I'm not entirely sure what to call it)....postal folder made of envelopes.
Just my type.

See? Very cool.

Tammy W (PaperTams on IG)
Tammy sent a little booklet with surprises inside.

Two rolo cards from PaperTams for my Rolo Art File.
Michelle G (@HoldDear on IG)
From the amazing Michelle Geller an airmail fantasy.....this was really a good mail day!!!

From Virgo and Russia with Love
I love trading mail with Virgo in Russia. And this mail only took two weeks to get to me. That is fast. Sometimes mail from him has taken five weeks and I am a very impatient Aries so I don't like that.

Margarete (Margarete.Miller on IG)
From another special pal -- my first mail from Slovakia! She spent five weeks in Europe and sent mail from Slovakia and Vienna.....lucky me! But I'd be even luckier if I was there with her.

Even with all these numerous photos I haven't been able to include all the great mail I've gotten but each piece is very wonderful to receive and thanks to you all.
And, remember

What are you waiting for??????


  1. Replies
    1. Cindy -- good thing it didn't all come in one day (or even one week) or I may have passed

  2. I love your friend Patti's collages. They truly speak to me. They are so orderly and not hodge podge. I was super impressed.

    I also thought Michelle C's contribution was wonderful, too. Of course, it was all great. You really DO get good mail, dear.

    1. Yep, Patti and Michele are great -- but then I think they are all wonderful mail artists. Lucky me!

  3. Oh, I just love it! How flattering to have my mail art featured on my favorite mail art blog. Thank you.

    1. I'm so gad you like it, PaperTams -- and your favorite mail art blog? So very nice of you to say.....

  4. Whoaa. Gorgeous stuff! Can I see some of it next time I come visit? I'd love to touch some of those :-) You know, what you receive is a reflection of the good mail you send out. I'm so happy for you. You deserve it :-)

    1. Margarete -- of course you can see it -- and touch it -- all you want!

  5. What great mail. Thank you for sharing these pieces of great mail art! (I have a muni ticket for you I picked up off the ground where I usually see them. Mission and Silver is full of debri and that is my work corner...silver lining for litter) As the theme in my art show-- "finding the beauty and purpose in the discarded". You do that with some of your collage pieces!

    1. Monica -- always great to see your name pop up and you have certainly sent me some great mail over the years too. I'll take any Muni cards you find -- thanks. And I LOVED your show,

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks, Jacki .....some days I have a very happy mail box.

  7. Wow! Flattered to be included among such talented mail artists! You send great mail, and so you receive great mail! I love it all! 😘💌📮

  8. Well, you certainly deserve it, Michele. Love your work and it is always so much fun to get mail from you....

  9. WOW! Totally cool mail!!! Each piece, page,folder, stamp, sticker,etc. was a delight to look at! So happy you shared you Good Mail Pamela!
    Happy Sunday!
    Jackie ")

    1. Thanks so much, Jackie -- so glad you enjoyed seeing it.

  10. Loved this post. Sooooo much arty goodness.

    1. I'm so glad you did! A little eye candy for mail artists.

  11. What fun to be included on your wonderful blog! Thank you! You certainly do get great mail! Keeps me on my toes trying to find something special to send you.

  12. Are you kidding? You always send me amazing mail art -- and I have to think of what to send you back.

  13. That’s some wonderful happy mail! Glad you like the booklet. I had fun making it over the summer. Hope to make another one soon.



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