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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Coffee First & Cocktails Later

Last week I took the Larkspur Ferry with some friends to Marin to see an Altered Book Show
at the Marin Museum of Contemporary annual tradition. 

With a Peets coffee in hand and a view of the Golden Gate Bridge it was a great start to the day...

When I got to the show, I had to laugh, because it sure looked a lot like my studio....

At the show...

See? This is my studio.......
I really liked this piece and...

I found the description quite touching....worked on in a hospital waiting room....I have spent some time in hospital waiting rooms and the last thing I could do was make any art. I think it is very impressive and inspiring that this artist could.

Another piece I liked...

I got to attend the show with one of the artists, bottom right is the very cool work of Punkie Ebert. She wrapped some poems around those spools....

Just bits that caught my eye....

You KNOW I have lots of books that book like these....

My studio
And, of course, there was lunch. A wonderful group of six artists and I'd love to put a photo of us all but I know they would kill me is what I had for lunch. Blackened salmon salad....delicious.

And, Barcode Barb brought little handmade presents for us all -- vintage matchbooks with her charming drawings inside.
Aren't they cool?

The view on the ride back to San Francisco wasn't bad either....every time I take the ferry I wonder why I don't take it more often......good question..

Well, it is Memorial Day Weekend coming up here in the USA. What are you all doing to celebrate.
It is the official start of summer but here in chilly, foggy, windy SF, I may have to have a nice gin & tonic by the fireplace.
I can live with that.

I'm thinking a movie and dinner date with my guy, some work in the studio, the farmers market....things along those lines.
What is everyone else planning on doing?



  1. Thanks Pamela, lovely to see.
    Thanks for taking us along.

    1. You are most welcome -- thanks for commenting.

  2. You piqued my interest when you wrote "altered books." I would have loved to see the exhibit. They were quite unlike any altered books I make, though.

    I have also made art while waiting at the hospital for my friend Sally. It's a great time to do it, and it takes your mind off other things. It's sometimes quiet, and other times chaotic, but always a great time for me to lose myself in art.

    I've never had Peets. It's not here in KS. All we get is Starbucks, which of course, is everywhere.

    Looks like you had a great day, good food, and wonderful match books created by your friend.

    I just got my patio cleaned, so I will probably spend Memorial Day out there this year, until the heat takes over. They are predicting 98F with high humidity here on Monday.

    1. Yikes! 98!! I think I'll take our 59.....
      Peets is really good and very strong. I am impressed anyone can work in hospital waiting rooms -- I have always been too stressed out to even try but I love the idea of it.
      Enjoy your weekend and stay cool.

  3. Love the little matchbooks and the altered books. And that G & T looks wonderful.

    1. That G&T is from Bellota if you are ever visiting San good....
      thanks for the comment too.....cheers!

  4. Looks like a fun event. My studio has rows of books like that, too! (lol) We don't have many opportunities to ride a ferry here in the Midwest, although I heard on the news recently about a temporary ferry over the Mississippi River (between Iowa and Illinois) due to a bridge repair project that's going to take several months. I'm sure the locals will appreciate it, because otherwise their detour was something like 26 miles.

    1. Wow -- I am pretty sure the locals there will appreciate that ferry too. Maybe you should take a little ride!
      Thanks for stopping by and reading and commenting -- much appreciated.

  5. Wow! Have to admit I didn't even know what an Altered Book was until I happened onto your blog. Love the concept. And I always love any shots of SF, having lived there for a few years as a teen so it has a special place in my heart. So nice to find you!

    1. Well, hello! So nice to get such a nice comment and welcome to my blog. I hope you enjoy it. There are books about altered books -- you might enjoy looking at some. It is a very interesting art form.

  6. Thanks for taking me to the show with you, it was really wonderful! So sorry to hear that we had the same kind of May.. Let's hope June brings only happy news.. xo

    1. You are most welcome, Cat -- and here's hoping June is much better for both of us.

  7. Wow, what a cool show! All the pieces are interesting,but I have my eyes on the second one- love the earthiness of it.
    I agree Pamela about the waiting rooms- last thing I could do was concentrate on art-but what a good way to get out of your own head!

    I always enjoy stopping in and seeing what you are up to- thanks for bringing us to the show and the lovely ferry ride!
    Jackie ")

    1. Hi Jackie -- and thank you for stopping by the blog and saying hello. I am inspired by the artist who worked in the hospital waiting room but I don't think I could do it.........



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