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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Why Send It Plain If You Can Send It Fancy?

I really can't seem to leave well enough alone....I've got to play......
I am loving these colors lately..

I had to mail someone some rolo cards for a swap so I had to make a little folder to send them in...just sticking the rolo cards in an envelope wouldn't be much fun, would it?

A bit of outgoing mail

Stationery from Diaso needs some extra treatment to make it more interesting.

Making some collage cards

Someone brought a bunch of old family photos to our mail art group's swap table last week. I've been having fun putting them in collages.
I wish I had a huge box of of old snapshots to play with.

Rainy Day Play
We've had a lot of rain here in SF lately and I love mono printing on a rainy day.....

I'll print on anything I can get my hands on...tags and gessoed over postcards and...

rolodex cards...I printed a bunch of Rolo cards to have ready to collage on...

Altered Rolodex Card a Day Project
I'm still at it...

Altered Rolo Cards

Today's Altered Rolodex Card

(back of the card)

Dorothea Lange Photo
Just look at the size of that post box! I love it -- and the two kids on top are icing on the cake.

Hope you are all out there tearing and glueing and pasting and making and having a good mail day.



  1. Why indeed!

    May you always have such fun! :)

  2. Great mono prints - I have to try that one of these days.

  3. Enjoyed scrolling through your pics and reading your comments - lovely!

  4. I always feel so inspired to get out my art supplies and play after reading your blog. Thank you!

    1. cjsrq -- yay! I have succeeded in my mission! - let the art begin!

  5. Delicious! It is always such a delight to see what you've been up to. I love it all!

  6. I am truly impressed with your gorgeous collages and rolodex cards. Sending them in lovely packaging is the best way to get the postal carrier's attention, too. Yours are truly lovely.

    I would give anything for my gelli prints to turn out 1/3rd as good as yours. You have a magic way with your printing plate, that's for sure.

    Hope your rain doesn't turn into a flood. I've noticed there's lots of flooding in your area, so please stay safe.

    1. Thank you for your good wishes, Elizabeth. No flooding here in SF so I am thankful. I enjoy mono printing and every time I do it I think, why don't I do it more often? I am aiming to print once a month.......thanks for all your kind words.

  7. you just always send the best mail... and I adore that photo... ;)

  8. Thank you, cat! You are so sweet to say that. Your mail is wonderful too.

  9. Yep, keep the postman your postal art and the rolodex cards...I always love your works of art.

  10. Thank you for posting that great Dorothea Lange post box photo. And I hope you are keeping your workable umbrellas close at hand should you decide to stray outside from your studio!
    ~ Jack @ Cascadia Artpost

    1. Jack --- I did venture out to the mail box yesterday and sent you a little mail. Thank you for the great artistamp mailing. It poured all day yesterday and it is still raining today.....

  11. I love your collage cards. The one you made for me went straight into my Reader's Digest book. It fits *perfectly* in there! Thanks for sending it ;-)

  12. Pamela, you do beautiful work. I admire your talent and your productivity.

    1. awwww very nice of you to say, Texas Leigh.......

  13. Replies
    1. Miranda Lemon -- great name! And a new one commenting -- very nice to see you here and thank you for the nice comment!



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