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Friday, August 26, 2016

Two Mail Art Gatherings in One Weekend?

My last post was about the LWA Mail Art Social on Friday -- and on Sunday we had a meeting of the SF Correspondence Co-Op. I know, you hate me. two mail art meetings in one weekend.
Well, that's the way we roll around here.
We had a guest appearance of this cursive beauty -- and it was for sale!
Imagine that.

There's always show-and-tell. SallyW brought that book in the lower right corner and it was really interesting. Maybe your library has it?

Our "theme" this meeting was sketchbooks of whatever interests/inspires you. And we saw some real beauties.

These are Gregg's and you can check out his blog
The Junk Thief
right here. 

Wonderful old stamp album turned into a book filled with collages by Scooter.

Two of mine.....that vintage telephone book is filled with collages....and, inspired by seeing all those other books I just started a new one....

Of course we had an artistamp for our passports! (And we had three new members of the co-op checking in and buying passports and adding stamps).

And another artistamp by James Cline, Burning Man Postmaster and -- I  just found out -- retired USPS letter carrier. How did I not know that?

Passports and artistamps...
(Can you see the little bumps on the artistamps? That is Braille!)

And what have we here?

One of our new members brought in a book she made using a Priority Mail Envelope she received.
Isn't that a great book?
I know you'all are going to be asking me -- YES there is a tutorial and you can find it
Right Here

And, I highly suggest you check out her wonderful blog with LOTS of tutorials and books she's made
The Mellow Miller
And I'd appreciate it if you leave a comment, tell her I sent you over. 

I can't just sit there -- I made a little collage postcard...

And, I brought some of the wonderful incoming mail I've received for show-and-tell.....

This little party-goer was so excited she had to take a little rest on her typewriter........

And here is a link to my pal Ryan's Flickr photos of the same mail art meeting -
Check 'em out

Remember my fabulous Rolodex Art Cards? Well, now you can have some too, Mail Me Some Art is hosting 
It looks like a good one to me -- I'm doing it! 
And, I added Mail Me Some Art on my blog roll -- there are a number of interesting swaps happening right now.
If you're looking for more folks to trade mail art with, this is a good way to go.

I added various things to the blog -- there is a brand new "contact me" form -- I still love comments but if you can't comment, try contacting me. 
And I added two new blogs on the sidebar - Mellow Miller and MMSA. 
Also a link to my INSTAGRAM photos. (click the Instagram logo after you click a photo to see them on IG)
So, I hope you all enjoy the changes. Say hello.

So, it is another Friday mail art events planned this weekend but lots of fun is coming right up -- The Zine Fest, The Library Book Sale, The Vintage Paper Fair....
I might need to rest up and get ready for all the upcoming fun...



  1. Passports and stamps! I'm flying to SF. Hahaha
    Happy to see the journal cover!

    1. pmarti5 -- I wish you were flying to SF today.......someday....and yes, that journal cover goes all over with me. i am loving it so much....(going to work on cheer-up mail for you today...)

  2. Wow! What a great gathering! I almost feel like I was there. I visited all the sites you mentioned above - what fun to find new mail art enthusiasts with clever ideas. Thanks for mentioning the MMSA Rolodex Swap and thanks for being the inspiration!

    1. cjrsq -- I wish you were there with us! Glad you enjoyed the post. And I put that MMSA Rolodex swap on the blog's FB page too -- a number of people have told me that they are doing it. I already made my cards!

  3. Looks like fun every time! I've been enjoying your Instagram too (I don't have a personal account--just one for my dog--silly, yes).

  4. I realize I'm late getting here, but I was so enthralled by this latest club meeting you attended. And those stamps that included braille were so inventive.

    I also enjoyed the journals. Some were simply incredible. You are SO lucky to have such a great support group and a way to interact with others who share your passion.

    Now I'm going to be jealous of your Library Book Sale coming soon!!

    1. Elizabeth -- yes, I agree - I am so lucky to have a tribe of like-minded art friends. They are all inspirations.

  5. Love seeing all this inspiration, as usual, & thanks for the links. I especially love the journals and books - the postal notebook was very clever!

  6. I am loving those postage stamps. How fun are they?



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