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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It's Like They Knew I Was Coming.....

Ok, I did tell my pal JH I didn't need any more shorthand books. I admit that. But this one was only $1.00.

And look what was inside! Lots of practice  papers.....the real thing.

I can only imagine how hard it was to memorize all these squiggles.

My mom knew shorthand. And how to type. 

I found this brochure inside the shorthand book...

And, this one too....see what I mean? It's as if they knew I would be there...

(brochure opened up)

I have rarely met a vintage bird book I haven't liked...

Especially one with illustrations like these inside the front and back covers...

One table was filled with religious books...I didn't actually buy the books but flipping through them I found a treasure trove of holy cards and cool religious ephemera...why yes....I did help myself to them...

Another book had pages and pages like these....collage anyone? I think so.

Well, I know old books are the best. Who can resist them? So many things you can do with them. Some, I just keep intact because they are so wonderful. Some I tear up completely and use all the various parts to make collages. Or altered books. And some I tear the pages out for collage.
You can't do this with an eReader.

You never know what you'll find out there, or, sometimes you won't find anything at all. But it is always fun to hunt. 

And then to make things.

Playing with paper.......
and scissors and glue....what would YOU do with all this? Collage? mail art?
Any suggestions?


  1. Shorthand practice sheets - cool! I have that field guide to birds. Reluctant to tear it up since I keep looking up back yard birds in it lol. And those little guys with open books, also very cool. You didn't say where you were but you had a good day.

    1. Leslie -- I don't know if I can tear up the bird book either.....

  2. while I never learned shorthand, it was already pretty obsolete by the time I did learn to type! those practice sheets are pretty cool... and the birds... gorgeous!

    1. Caterina -- I never learned how to type and shorthand was before my time too but I think it would be fun to know and use for secret communications....

  3. Good stuff. I did learn a bit of short hand, but mostly have forgotten, my best high school friend knew it though. We learned to type on the big monster size manual typewriters which made you really reach for those keys. I still remember my pinkie being sore after typing class. Great finds all. You luck gal. xox

  4. MORE eye candy. I have that bird book too with the inside cover illustrations and I CANNOT cut it up. I enjoy looking at it too much. My oldest sister and my mom are the only ones that know shorthand. I remember my mom saying "learn to do shorthand and type so you always have something to fall back on..". I did however learn to type in high school where the typewriters keys were blank and once my good friend had her fingers placed one key over and got a ZERO on her test. I will never forget the look on her face when she look at her paper and saw everything spelled wrong! That was in 1974!

    1. that is the same thing I was told....and I refused to learn typing because i knew I didn't want to be a secretary ...... of course now it would be nice if I could type! I am actually a really good typist with two fingers. A typewriter with blank keys? Yikes!

  5. I sometimes dream that I am walking down a street and see something on the ground (like a coin, or a beautiful bead, or other small treasure) and I bend down to pick it up and notice another nearby, and another and another. Your trip to the book sale is like one of those dreams come true. Wonderful finds!

    1. I've had dreams like that too, Karen! Just went back to the Steps sale on Thursday and found two bird books and three cool shorthand books....$1 I need more!



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