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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Making Stuff

Oh yes, I've been busy. Besides exploring my friend's studios and going a little crazy at the Vintage Paper Fair, I am always making stuff.
These tri-fold pockets were inspired by one my mail art pal Dori Singh made for me.
They are so fun to make (and to receive). I like to fill them up with little surprises or letters.

Thank-you folder for j

Here is the folder opened up and filled with small surprises.....

....easy to do -- just either use double-sided paper or put two sheets together -- and do a tri-fold.
Then, fold up the bottom part way to make a pocket.
You can either sew the pocket closed or (as I do) use some double stick tape
and punch a hole on the front, thread some ribbon through and
fill 'er up!
Thanks for the inspiration, Dori.

Outgoing to the UK -- vellum envelope with airmail folder tucked inside.
This one did NOT make it to Alex in the UK.
I wonder what happened to it. I took it to the PO to be sure the correct postage was on it and had it hand cancelled.Very frustrating.

Little rubber stamped zine -- an edition of only six! 

But -- you can all take a look inside!
I spent one chilly, foggy SF summer day making loads of envelopes -- very fun!
The kangaroo is for Vizma in Australia (of course). I bet she's seen a real kangaroo or two.
Now she'll get a mail art one.

Support Your Local Cow -- do I have to say any more?
(to KSP)

Some summer farmers market inspired envelopes -- the giant tomato goes to
Miss Millicent.
The only thing about making loads of decorated envelopes is that you've got to actually FILL them up.
I'm working on it.

I got out the watercolors and started splashing and dripping and dabbing (and then stamping) on papers......that was fun. A lot of fun!
But waiting for everything to dry is hard on an Aries...

Allan Bealy/Pamela Gerard
Took a little time out to collaborate with AB on a collage postcard. 
Remember the postcards I was working on in the Collage post? Well, here they are all finished and going out to Jon Foster and Stan Askew....

A couple more envelopes ready to be finished up, filled and sent off into the world....
This week was all about farmers markets, summer produce and vintage kid's books...

An Empire State of Mind -- outgoing to SW
Playing with paint...
I have been having so much fun just fooling around with paints, inks and rubber stamps.
Getting your hands dirty is really fun.
And my motto is
Why Send It Plain when You Can Send It Fancy?
These sheets of lined paper just needed a little something...

It was quite entertaining to flick paint around and dribble and stamp some distress ink and generally make a (beautiful) mess. I am really getting into this...

After the paint comes the rubber stamping -- now I'm ready to write some letters to fill up all those envelopes I've been making!
A couple more inspired....
And some postcards.......Avocado cards and  a postcard I made while fooling around with paints and stencils...
Now I'm just sitting around waiting for different paints to dry.....gathering up my nerves after a 3:32AM wake-up call in the form of a 6. earthquake.
I really can live without those suckers.
We are fine here in SF except for jangled nerves but I really feel for those folks up there in Napa who really took the hit.
I guess earthquakes are the price we pay for living in one of the most wonderful places in the world.

I am happy today to be safe and work in my studio. Thanks to all of you who contacted me to ask if I was OK. Such a lovely, international mail art community.

So, what are all of you working on this week? Envelopes? Collages?Letters?
Do tell.


  1. Why Send It Plain when You Can Send It Fancy? : I LOVE this!!!

    & i am eager to get into my study tomorrow after too long a hiatus due to travel and etc. thanks for the toothsome inspiration!

    1. It's always wonderful to be back in the studio, isn't it? Have fun in there, miss polly!

  2. Wow, great collection of new stuff by you. I love it all!

  3. I hear you on waiting for watercolor paint to dry. And I'm not even an Aries!

  4. So glad you are safe. Love the "Crash an Indian Wedding Card" I definitely want to use that tag line in a card for my friends! Hugely productive art making session! Wow!

    1. Glad you like everything, Pam and feel free...I will keep an eye out for another Crash an Indian Wedding flyer for you....

  5. So glad to hear that you weren't affected by the earthquake!

    1. I'm so glad too, Cindy.....but that shaking scared the hell out of me!

  6. Thanks, for the shout out, Pamela! All looks good!

    1. Very welcome Miss Dori! You are an inspiration for sure! Someday I'd like to do a blog post about your work.

  7. Wonderful stuff!!! Thanks for all the inspiration! So glad you are safe.

  8. Replies
    1. Thanks, Marie W -- we do like our food -- pictures, collages and the real thing!

  9. Glad to read you are ok! Again you made wonderful art, looking at your blog is always so inspiring!

  10. Mail bonding and naughty, that's you. xox

  11. Your blog is my most favorite of all existing blogs! I love all the beautiful things that you make! You never fail to inspire me!
    Have a great afternoon!

    1. Flutter Whirl -- well, that comment just makes my day! It isn't easy to think up blog posts every week and comments like that keep me trying! Thanks so much for commenting.

  12. That's a whole lot of making!! Those tri-folders sound so simple to make, and look like they are packed with fun goodies. So many fun postal stamps in that zine! I'm glad you came through the earthquake okay...scary stuff!

    1. Hi Andria -- they are simple to make and fun. I have just made a few more today....

  13. Wow - you've been wonderfully productive as usual! I haven't been able to read blogs in weeks (let alone catch up on my towering pile of mail.)

    I too am totally impatient with drying time. (I can't imagine working in oil paint. I'd lose my mind.) It helps to have so many things going at once, you can move on to another project while other things are drying. And I'd be lost without my trusty heat gun. cuts that waiting time way down.

    1. Oh yeah....I have a lot of things going on at once....and I have the mess to prove it.....I am finding waiting for paint to dry a rather zen-like experience.....



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