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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Another Kind of Desktop


I can work almost anywhere -- which is good since my studio is still all torn up. I have a plan for setting up my Gelli block in my kitchen in Saturday and letting those paints fly...or drip..or whatever.
Here are some desktops where I've worked during the last year or so....
I like the way they look.

Portland, OR

A cappuccino or coffee is always nice to have on hand. And paper ephemera. Lots of ephemera.


I actually don't pack up much to bring with me on my travels about town (or far away). I like to tear paper rather than cut and mostly I bring glue sticks and double stick tape....and madly pick up stuff as I move through the day....

Santa Barbara

St Petersburg, Russia

There wasn't as much paper around to pick up in Russia...but what I did find was super cool since I loved the way the Cyrillic writing looked.


Istanbul, Turkey

The Turkish writing is very cool too. And so was writing while listening to the Call to Prayer coming in through the open windows.....

Washington, DC

Los Angeles, CA

Palma, Italy
Sitting and writing by the fireplace in Parma was wonderful until the bug bit me!

Boston, MA

New York City

Seattle, WA

Pasadena, CA

Milan, Italy

You can always get coffee in Italy --  Grazia Dio!

Budapest, Hungary

I like taking it on the road. Packing my mail art kit is a lot more fun than packing clothes. And I love picking up every scrap of ephemera I find and tearing it up and pasting it in to my travel journals, collages and postcards.
I love the look of a happily messy desktop while on the road.

Am I alone on this?
How many of you cut and paste while traveling?
Keep a travel journal?
Make mail art?
Set up a work table in every hotel room?

Anybody taking a trip?

Tell me what your desktops look like!



  1. What a wonderful post, Pamela! Love those writing tables in faraway places. What fun!

    1. Thanks, Connie Rose! I am always happy when I have paper to tear and paste, no matter where I am....

  2. Every picture is like a postcard...!

  3. This post is an eye candy for me too!
    My desktop looks also chaotic while on the road.
    (Actually... at home too....)
    It is very important also for me visual interesting paper trash to collect and "upcycling" to collages, travel journals, bookies etc.
    It is hard to work in tiny hotel rooms, but at home, after the yourney...
    You are not alone..

    1. Eye candy....I like that....oh yes and i always like seeing photos you post of your work space too.....thanks Planet Susannia.

  4. Wow, with all that traveling you will never be short of inspiration for your artwork.

  5. girlunwinding -- exactly! That is one of the reasons I love to travel -- so much inspiration both before, after and during the trips.

  6. I love seeing these pictures. I failed to take a picture of the table Mandy and I were using in SF, and failed to take a picture of the bedroom floor I was using in Bellingham...

    My work spaces are cluttered and chaotic wherever I go.

    1. cluttered and chaotic -- the best way to go! But I wish you took pictures so i could see.....

  7. This was a really fun post to read and look at! Thanks for sharing! Hope you get back into you studio soon.

  8. I keep a travel journal but I haven't added too many odds and ends from the trip. I think I should do that! It would be much more visually appealing that just my written stories.

    1. chandlerguera -- well...i think all the ephemera makes a travel journal special...try it -- you may find the tearing and pasting addictive!

  9. I'd love to see your remodeled studio next time I visit San Francisco!
    ~ Jack @ Cascadia Artpost

  10. What a fun post! And I'm loving the coffees almost as much as the mail art and journaling!



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