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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Catching Up Is Hard to Do

Busy playing catch-up. Various mail going out - two handmade envelopes and a postcard to Belgium and a
SHOE. Yup -- a paper shoe -- we'll see if it gets delivered.
And maybe next time I'll send a high heeled shoe.

(Update: I just got the word -- the shoe was delivered!)
OUTGOING to Vizma in Australia
Can you see the paper clothes? on the left is the collar of the shirt.

Outgoing to Susanna in Germany
She Liked It!
Click here to see what's inside the envelope. I liked
seeing those faces peeping out through the vellum.

Outgoing to John Held Jr
The Gutai show -- with mail art
John was a co-curater of this show at the San Francisco
Art Institute (my alma mater)and there are shelves of mail art you can pick up and look at. If you're in the Bay Area I recommend seeing the show.

Outgoing to KC in SF -- vintage recipe cards and a
vintage kitchen collaged postcard

Outgoing Collage Postcards
You can never have too much joss paper and Asian ephemera --
at least I can't!

Collaged cards edition with security envelopes, washi tape,
vintage stamps, postal ephemera -- these babies are ready to be mailed out at the National Postal Museum in Washington, DC.
Rumor has it there is a special postcard so we'll see..

Here's another one...these were fun to make...I knew I was hoarding my old USPS insurance forms for some reason.
Outgoing to Cuan in South Africa - I love international mail art!
Hard to show you this fabulous pop-up booklet from Stephanie Blake (IUOMA). I brought this to our last mail art meeting for show-and-tell and everyone loved the booklet Stephanie made.

Mail-Art Meeting
This time I actually made some collages with found papers at the meeting (instead of just gabbing and eating cupcakes).
Two cards I made are on the left and two Annie Yu made are on the right.
And here they go out -- along with some other outgoing
One of our Co-Op mailart members works in the Book Arts and Special Collections (zines and mail art) Room at the Main Library -- and we are so lucky that she brought a box of mail art to our meeting for inspiration.
Go have a cappuccino in your favorite cafe and make some mail art while you sit there.

Thanks to all of you who commented on my last post when I asked if I should continue the blog.
Your comments were much appreciated and gave me some incentive to keep going.
I would love to hear from you -- what you like,don't like, any questions,
ideas, special requests??

Cappuccino & Art has a Facebook page too so if you're on FB please "like" my page. I post outgoing mail photos and interesting postal links on there -- things that aren't on the blog.

March is the birthday month so I am looking for a happy mailbox.
Unlike todays where there was nothing.
That is pretty unusual for me and not a happy mail day.

Take care of yourselves and send mail art!


  1. Liked your idea using the security envelopes! Didn't know about your FB; will take a look there too. Have a great time in D.C. (which is in my neck of the woods) and check out some tearooms while you are there and have a cuppa :>

    1. I'll probably being tearing through the town on my one day there without doing any sitting and relaxing -- my usual mode of travel! But maybe I can have some tea....and write some postcards...

  2. A paper shoe... I'd love to hear how that went.
    I love those vellum envelopes and joss papers.

    1. Thanks, TomoyoHime -- will keep you posted (!) on the shoe travels....

  3. Totally yummy collages Pamela....there will be smiLing mailboxes out there! xox

  4. Nice post. You had a bad mail day too? You're not alone, because I haven't gotten anything for two whole days. Anyway- I love the collages and the paper outgoing. Hugs!

    1. Uh Oh...Millicent...i better get busy and send you some mail...

  5. ooh...birthday month! it's a good month to be born. many of my most favorite people on the planet were born in March, including that sweet child 'o mine. can you hear my brain churning out ideas for a happy mailbox?

  6. I love your blog and look forward to it whenever it comes out. The outgoing mail is fabulous and so much fun to see. Thanks for sharing it with us. ju

  7. Oh, the luscious, luscious mail, Pamela! I feel like everything you make is just gorgeous. Super cool translucent envelopes. You have definitely given me a great idea with those security envelope postcards. And you definitely deserve to have a good mail day EVERYDAY!

    1. Thank you Andria. Happy you enjoyed the post and got a little bit inspired (not that you need much inspiration -- your work is terrific. Loved those Raison duct tape journals.....)

  8. Drooling over all your posts!!! I'm getting that book you mentioned right now! Looks great! Can't wait to start making some mail art!!!



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