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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lunar New Year/Part One

Joss Paper Men's Jewelry

Paper Daily Cleansing Kit -- toothpaste, comb, soap, toothbrush
Everything you might need in the afterworld...

Joss Paper
Eye glasses, gold watch, gold rings and my favorite, a blue fountain pen - made of paper.

Can you see what I love to go visit the joss shops in Chinatown so much?
Joss Paper Shop

All decked out for the Lunar New Year -- Year of the Snake
This time of year is a terrific time to walk around Chinatown. The shops are all stocked up and decorated for the Lunar NewYear.
There is a street fair, a flower market, a big parade and lots of delicious Chinese food.
What's not to like?

Joss Shop

By now I think you all know how much I love roaming around SF's Chinatown. I
especially love the Joss Shops -- it is all PAPER, after all. And there isn't anything I don't like about paper.
I admit -- I don't use the joss paper for the purpose it is intended
(to burn as offerings for the deceased).
I like it for collage and mail-art. I really, really like it.

A stop for a cup of tea....

Buddha Exquisite Corp is my favorite joss shop. I admit I was too chicken to take photos inside the shop though. I was afraid someone would yell at me.
But trust me, it is fabulous. They have paper everything -- iPhones, cars,
clothes, shoes, toothpaste and toothbrushes, jewelry, smokes....
Really, just about anything you can think of. So cool.

I asked my sweetie for a paper iPhone and paper shoes for my birthday.
Not too much to ask for, is it?

Year of the Snake Envelopes
These are for givings money/gifts but I like to stamp them up and mail them off....


Smaller gift-giving envelopes
They come in lots of sizes. I got some teeny ones. I will think of something to put inside.

Some of you have gotten my Lunar New Year postcard edition with the tiny cards
like this one
Another size is the perfect size for a gift card.

I love the colors, lanterns, lotus and bricks....

Joss Shop

Incense (the wrappers are pretty beautiful too). And you can use the paper
wrappings for collage...

Fire Crackers and pink door...
Joss Paper Man's Suit
Is this cool or what? I love the clothing and especially love the paper high heeled shoes.
I neglected to photograph them but trust me, they do exist.
Maybe not in my shoe size though...
Chinese Sweet & Sour Soup. This was delicious. Except for those things that
look like cucumber sponges.....not so much....

Part Two of this post will show some of the stuff I make with joss papers and various other Chinese/Asian papers I pick up -- calender pages, newspapers, food packaging etc. I think you are going to like them. (I may have to put a Valentine post in between)
So check back!

How about some comments about what you would like to see one the blog?
I'm up for ideas!

Tomorrow, February 10, is the big day so happy Lunar New Year to all of you
who celebrate.

Gung Hay Fat Choy


  1. I love all the Joss stuff too. I bought my brother one of the paper suits a few years ago. The store clerk was very amused and wanted to know why I was buying it.
    I am really curious about the ingredient in your soup. At first I thought it was some kind of bitter melon, but I guess not. We have a number of Great Asian markets here in Portland, but I'm not always sure what the produce items are. Sometimes I'll ask someone, but it would be great if someone who knows this stuff would lead a small tour.

    1. I've had some amused clerks but many times they tell me it's "bad luck" to buy the joss paper for the dead...but so far so good...They do have tours in SF like you described..

  2. Could it be Loofah?
    I remember looking at a seed packet for loofah and was surprised to see that you can eat them before they become fibrous and suitable for sponges. I wonder if that's what was in your soup.


      Christine -- I believe that's just what it is (above). I am a very adventurous eater but I didn't care for it -- pretty though. I have some new restaurants for you to try next time you visit SF.

  3. Now I know where you get all those fabulous bits that become your mail art. The secret is out. Amazing stuff. xox

    1. Corrine -- yup, I shared my secret! How are you doing in all that snow?

  4. I loved all the photos!! I've never been to Chinatown b/c they don't exist around where I live (rural Missouri), not even in the city! I am so jealous of all the cool papers!!!

    1. Jessica -- thanks for commenting! Maybe you better plan a trip to SF and go shopping???

  5. the shops look amazing. I love seeing all those household items made from paper.

  6. OMG i promise to my self someday I'll have to visit Chinaa!! Beautiful :)

  7. I really need to visit Philadelphia's Chinatown's been ages since I've checked it out, and I'm wondering if there are any joss shops like these. What amazing paper goodies!



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