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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Bella Italia (Part One)

Venice Postcards for sale -- and Boots for the Tidal Flooding

I'm back from my trip and have lots of photos to share with all of you. I did buy postcards
and I did have to buy some rubber boots for the flooding
but we were lucky enough to leave the very day before the major flooding.
I was so sorry to read about it and hope all the wonderful little shops, cafes
and restaurants I visited survived without too much damage.

Paper Shop
Just look at this wonderful little paper shop -- filled with marbleized papers and all
kinds of beautiful things made with it.  

You can just bet I was drooling at this window....and planning what I'd like to buy.

Onside --- rack after rack of marbleized papers....I know some of you are getting
jealous by now.

Don't get too jealous --  the shop was
That's right - closed. Sometimes life is just not fair. And trust me, I wasn't about to take the
vaporetto  and then a bus to another town no matter how tempting that paper was.
This kind of emergency calls for a drink -- maybe a small glass of Limoncello?

Even with that disappointment it was pretty easy to find other paper, pen and stationery shops
all around...I happen to have the most fabulous tour guide in the world
(mio marito)

Often just looking at everything is enough for me...but I did pick up some pretty labels

Fountain pens?
Little kits with pens, ink, sealing wax and seals?

Maybe some cards?
More pen nibs and seals -- I am becoming tempted...and they are small enough to
easily fit inside a suitcase. A suitcase you must tug along behind you on the boats and the streets
and the raised boardwalks over the flooding because there are absolutely no cars
in Venice. Just saying.

So then I got this really great idea --- when I saw the laundry hanging out over the canals
looking so pretty I thought -- "What about a  Cristo-like mail art installation with mail hanging on all those clothes lines instead of laundry?"  A good idea, si?
I'm sure it is -- not I just have to figure out how to apply for a grant to do it.
And hope none of the mail art falls into the canal.

Jet lag is really starting to set in around here at my house. I could sure use a shot of
cappuccino - or espresso - or hot chocolate. I'd like one of those machines but what I'd really like is to go to bed.....

We can blame any mistakes here on the 14-plus hours plane ride home from Istanbul

I have mail boxes and post boxes and all sorts of other things to report on. And then there is Istanbul.
So, stayed tuned.


Per ricevere i messaggi buono -, è necessario inviare una mail buono!


  1. Welcome home! You must be exhausted...but still exhilarated from all of your adventures! I enjoyed this first installment, and look forward to your future "reports." I've been to Venice before, but Istanbul will be ALL NEW to me! What an amazing experience! Your photos are dreamy. I want to see all the goodies you came home with, along with these fabulous pictures.

    1. Andria -- I actually came home with less than you might think. My favorite souvenirs are my photos and travel journal and this time I made a bunch of collages too. Istanbul was all new to me too and fabulous so I hope you'll enjoy those pots after I finish with Italy.

  2. Beautiful photos!:) And all those stationery shops!*w* But Limoncello is bleh:P
    This way of drying the laundry in Italy always makes me laugh:) I remember when I was in France and we crossed the Italian border and imidietally in the next town there was this laundry hanging from all the buildings and we were like 'yeah, we're definitelly in Italy':P
    Looking forward to the part 2 from Istanbul!:)

    1. Thank you -- but I must disagree about lemoncello. I adore the stuff and make bottles of my own right here in SF. You need to keep it in the freezer and drink it ice cold -- did you try it that way?
      Part two & three will still be Italy and then on to Istanbul. I took A LOT of photos!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks so much. My "day job" is a photographer and I spent four years in art school in photography so I always seem to have a camera in hand.

  4. I so enjoyed this post. I love reading about other people's adventures. So glad you posted lots of pictures. You definitely transported me to Venice. Can't wait to hear more.

    1. So happy you got transported to Venice...Hope you will enjoy the rest of the travel posts.

  5. oh my, what gorgeous goodies on display. I'm trying not to drool on my lap top. Hope you get some good sleep, and if that's not possible, lots of good coffee.

  6. Welcome back, Pamela. Gorgeous photos. Thopse tidal flooding boots could come in handy in a variety of places right now.

    I can't wait to see more of your photographs, especially Turkey. And thanks so much for the very enjoyable musical mail art you sent me just before your departure. It arrived safely. Am sending something your way soon.


    1. CH -- Why, thank you. Glad you enjoying the music and the Turkey photos will be coming was really a fabulous trip. Felt like two trips since Italy and Turkey are so different.

  7. Bummer about the first one being closed! But I'm glad you were able to find more! Glad you had a good trip. Can't wait to see more!

  8. Lucky, adventurous you! As much as I love pens, the laundry is my favorite photos. :)

  9. Wonderful to read your illustrated stories, Pamela. Thanks for taking the time to share. When you mentioned drooling while window shopping, I thought of what they call window shopping in French.... léche-vitrine ... or licking windows :)
    The marbled papers there in Venice would make me crazy, I know.

    1. CJ - I know that French expression -- very accurate!

  10. I love your photos, I could see them all over my walls.
    Your idea about the Christo-like installation - I think it would be very arty to see the mail art fall into the water and gently drift down the canals. Of course you'd have to have a ton for it to be really impressive!
    BTW, I also like your hanging envelope idea very much.

    1. Thanks, Chris -- I actually do have a ton of mail art but I don't think I could bear to have it disappear into the canals....but that is a great idea. Thanks for commenting on the photo, in my other life (besides mail art) I am a photographer.



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