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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Travelin' But Not Light

Turkish Airlines Postcard

I'm getting myself ready for a trip! But I'm afraid I just don't travel light.
I try.
Really, I try but what about art supplies? My journals?

Airline Stickers --
Wake Me Up For Food??? Oh yes!

My friend Christine H sent these to me today and I had to laugh --
what do you do? Stick one on your forehead in case you asleep on the plane?
Why no "Wake Me Up for the Drink Cart"? or"Wake Me Up When We Land?"
I can think of quite a few ideas.
So funny, thanks Christine.

Absolutely no idea of what clothes to pack but I cleared off my work table
to work on getting some travel journals started....
first things first, right?

Large Travel Journal
I'm combining both countries I'm visiting into one journal,
Turkey (Istanbul) and Italy.
I found some wonderful old postcards of Istanbul when it was still called
I'm adding old maps and the vintage cards now and all the rest while traveling...

Two Mini Journals
I made a small mini for each country. I've been writing notes in them like addresses and info. I plan on carrying one around with me when out and about.

The (mini) Italian
embellished with a lovely stamp.

Vintage Turkish Postcard

What else have I been doing besides obsessing packing, art supplies, weather, etc?
Well, I took up a challenge from
Karen of I Am Rushmore and Mail Me Some Art
and last night I had fun making some duct tape booklets. These are really quick and dirty
(as some say) and quick and fun to make.
I'm thinking they would be fun to make while traveling using
"foreign" papers and ephemera. 

Here's an inside page.........

Chinatown Photo/Collage/Book Project

I've also been working on my Chinatown project (it is an ongoing one).
I am making a series of books of photos, joss paper, collage and vintage Chinese booklets.
And those chopsticks are made of paper.
Pretty cool, don't you think?

Another Page....
I think I should put this project aside and figure out what clothes to pack though...
Chinatown lunch - Clay Pot Chicken

I found an old test from an Italian class I took -- with a B on it.
Not bad -- too bad I have forgotten everything.

Any of you out there have any great restaurant tips for Istanbul or Venice, Italy?
Any helpful hints?
Anyone want to come over and help me figure out what to pack?
Can anyone tell me how to pack light????

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  1. I'd help you pack :)

    I hope you have an amazing time!

  2. I have no travel tips for either location (haven't been to either -- yet!), but my husband wanted you to know that he has always been unhappy about the name change from Constantinople because it's a much more fun word, and was pleased at your vintage postcards reflecting such.

    1. Melissa -- I agree with your husband -- the old name was lovely.

  3. I am not nearly the organized person that you are, but I have learned to travel very light. I never regret it. You can always photoshop some different outfits on your pictures when you get back. The rule for me is that everything must match everything else, which is to say that every top must match every pair of pants and every skirt. That limits your color palate, but I think it's worthwhile.

    The only catch is that I think it's always good to have shoe options. On the other hand, you will be in Italy...

    I like the idea of having my luggage shipped ahead of time and waiting for me at the hotel. I know you can do that, but of course I never would. But doesn't it sound civilized?

    I'm excited about your trip and hoping that you have a wonderful and exciting time. Wake me up upon your return.

    1. Christine -- I'm good with clothes, colors, layers etc but I want to bring a wheelie carry-on in case my bag is -- ahem -- delayed or lost -- and Also a checked bag but I'm afraid that is too much to drag around.
      I'll wake you up when I'm back.

  4. I love your journals, and I want to see them when you return! I guess I'll have to come up to SF some time later in the winter....have a wonderful time, I just know that you will !

  5. I'm the girl who took her folding art table and her printer/scanner on vacation, so I'd be no help in the packing department whatsoever. (granted, I wasn't flying, but still).
    don't forget: if you've a date in Constantinople she'll be waiting in Istanbul.

    1. Uh Oh...a folding table and a scanner???? OK, I am not asking you what to bring along...

  6. I love those "Wake me for dinner" stickers you get on a flight! I got bumped up to first class coming home from France once, and it was the first time I had seen them. Brilliant idea!

  7. My writing and reading supplies are ALWAYS the heaviest things on travelling. Otherwise I travel light, t-shirts I can combine over each other in case it gets cold, then one pullover is enough for a while. And my swim suit is light too. :-) (I always try to get a swim anywhere ... not always possible though!)

    Great website, by the way! I hope to get more letters written again and always on the hunt for inspiration ...

    1. Anni -- thanks for commenting and the compliment. Glad to help with some inspiration. I like layers in SF we wear layers just about all year round.

  8. Oh have a marvelous time, sounds quite old world and intriguing. Can't wait to see what comes back with you. I know it will be most interesting. xox

  9. I'm with you: I figure out my journaling and art-making supplies before I plan out my clothes! What an amazing trip you have coming up! The ephemera alone that you will collect makes me swoon. I LOVE your mini journals as well as your duct tape journals. Beauties!

    1. Thanks so much, Andria. I'm sure I'll be posting some of pages from my travel journals and my collages....and maybe a few mailbox or PO photos too.

  10. I'd offer tips on how to pack light, except this is an area where I too am sadly lacking in expertise! Like you, it's the books and the art supplies... In September, I arrived in Delhi and unpacked my suitcase... only to realize that I'd brought 1 computer, 1 iPad, 7 paperback books, 5 sets of colored markers (all different!), 4 sets of colored pencils (ditto!), 6 rolls of washi tape, 2 glue sticks, and I won't admit to what all else was packed into that bag. It was, uh, a. LOT.

    Good luck! and Bon Voyage! :)

    1. CMN - thanks. I see you are like me. Art supplies and books first. Clothes later....India? I'd love to visit there - a friend of mine is there right now for an extended stay. Thanks for commenting.

  11. Once I wanted to sleep in a plane but the stewardess kept waking me up whenever she brought something so I would stick one of those stickers even on my forehead if I had one:P I like the Turkish airlines postcard. I didn't know there are airlines postcards, I wish I got one:)

    1. GotThatSwing - all the airlines used to have postcards back in the day. But sadly most no longer do. I have picked up airplane postcards at the vintage paper fair here in SF. And yeah--don't you love it when they keep waking you up? Grrrrrr

  12. I'm Turkish, a woman, a journalist & a mail artist! I really love your posts and all your interesting images and treasures you found. I would like to mention that Istanbul has been "Istanbul" since 1453. It's amazing that people are still riled up about the "fall of Constantinople" to this very day. Often times, when one refuses to call Istanbul "Istanbul" it is due to the obvious reasons of uneasiness, hatred, racism, prejudice, or Christian-centric belief that it {the city} is on loan to Turkish people. While it may be charming or an old throw back to call Istanbul, "Constantinople", it's also very hurtful and holds a strong political / religious connotation. It pits Greeks against Turks, and encourages one to choose sides (of course, Greeks are often the ''winners''). I assume you all did not mean any such thing, but I felt the need to enlighten you to this.

  13. Thanks for the comment, Asli. Very interesting.



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