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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Seeing Red!

It seems to be that time of year -- no, not Christmas -- think Red Hearts and lots of chocolate,
maybe some champagne or a bottle of wine by the fireplace....
you know...

I am in a Valentine swap with members of the San Francisco
Correspondence Co-op.
(if you're in the swap -- don't look at the rest of this post or you won't be surprised!).
I was having a little trouble getting inspired but once I set out the
sheets of red and paper paper and the vintage heart doilies and those
cool old vintage hearts I started getting in the mood....

Vintage photos
A pal gave me a box of old photos that were inspiring too.....


I got busy and cut the paper into postcard size pieces....using my vintage, deckle
edge paper cutter...

Check out those edges!

Et Viola!
The finished edition of 2012 Valentine to make and (I hope) fun to receive..

Vintage Valentine Cards
I think these old cards with a kid typing and a postman are quite charming.

Looking out my back windows I see -- PINK! Even nature is in on this.

Yes, someone has been playing with her apps....

Now if you haven't already made some Valentines, better get busy.
Valentine's day is coming right up, February 14.
If you don't want to make an edition, make just one for someone very
special to you --  your mom, grandma, best friend -- make someone happy!

You won't be sorry.

And take at look at Red Letter Day (on the left). Jennie H is very inspiring for Valentine's Day too...

Have a sweet one!


  1. Hi, I intern at the SF Center for the Book and I saw one of your fliers today. Is there a meetup on Saturday? Just wondering. I'd like to come.

    1. Monica--There is a "Letter Writing Social" -- complete with typewriters at ARCH on Saturday (tomorrow!) February 11 from 1-4PM. Hope to see you there.

  2. These are lovely! Thanks for your advice bofore on how to get into mailing art, I'm looking forward to it!

    1. Thanks, Debbie! I am sure you can get yourself set up with some mail art pals. Check out Letter Writers Alliance too.

  3. Sweet hearts for sweet mail friends. It's hard to get inspired sometimes, I know. Mine are in the works and some are in the mail! xox Corrine

  4. Great blog! Thanks for all the mail art inspiration.

  5. I really enjoy this blog. it is cute, funny and very inspiriing. I would love a V-day postcard from you if its something you would be interested in sending and I can send one also. Just let me know at

    1. Thank you -- but I am afraid I made an edition of Valentines for the swap and sent them all out. Hummm...what's the next holiday? Maybe I should host a swap sometime...

  6. I looooooooooove your blog!! *o*!!

  7. It looks like you love crafting for Valentine's Day almost as much (if not more!) than I do!



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