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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Vintage Paper

The Vintage Paper Fair came to San Francisco again this weekend -- kind of like a museum with things you can touch (and buy). Really heaven if you like paper ephemera.
And, I do!

Actually, this looks a little bit like my studio....
fun to sift through all the postcard folders.

SF is having crazy mild weather at the moment - almost 70'.

Passports for sale -- ok, I couldn't resist one of these.....

The one I picked has tons of stamps inside from all over the world...if I can bring myself to tear it up, the pages will be great for a collage.
The woman who held the passport sure did a lot of traveling.
Reminds me a little of the Correspondence Co-Op passport...
Any other ideas about what to do with it?

WHY do I never, ever see boxes of old letters or envelopes at thrift shops or garage sales?

25 Cents
for these stamped, first day of issue envelopes -- the stamps are still good so these babies are going into the post box to some of you (with additional postage, of course).

A little bit of shopping for some rubber stamps....

A bit scary, isn't it?
My work table today....fully loaded. I just seem to work better with a lot of stuff...I mean...inspiration around me.

Collaged Postcards
I was inspired and worked on a series of collaged postcards for a Chinese New Year Mailing.
I wonder when the USPS will put out the Lunar New Year stamps.
Love the red and gold combination.
After the gel dries I have to press these overnight to flatten.

A couple more collaged cards that went out to Stanislav in Russia and to Kirsten & Sally.

Playing catch-up after a super-busy December.
January is a bit busier than expected but I am able to spend more time
in my studio.
Next Vintage Paper Fair in SF is in April -- anyone coming to visit?

Send mail, everyone! And have fun doing it.....


  1. Such a good post! I am so jealous of how many fun events San Francisco has to offer in the way of paper and mail!

    Your work table looks busy and inspiring.

  2. The paper fair sounds amazing ,though I think I'd be paralyzed by indecision in the face of so much papery goodness!

  3. @Mary Has Sound--we are very lucky here!
    @iamrushmore --I know the feeling. The nice thing about this paper fair is that there really is a lot of affordable stuff -- like 25 cent postcards so you can actually have fun. (high end stuff too but I try not to look!)

  4. Love the post. I bought an old passport in Paris in August. I really like seeing the old stamps. I'd never be able to tear it up though. It might get scanned and used that way.
    I'm just to jealous of your paper fair. On the other hand I'm richer for not having it. :) Your latest letters look great.

  5. I am sorry I didn't come to this one. I think I will try to come to the one in April!

  6. Oh, to have such an amazing paper fair near where I live! So much fun! I feel like that passport is a collage already...fantastic! I am loving your workspace and your collaged postcards...inspiring!

  7. Cody went yesterday since I was too under the weather to leave the house. It was good of him yes?

  8. You were so lucky to find all these goodies. Love the post. Best wishes for 2012

  9. You got such good stuff... now I'm mad I didn't go! I bought an incredible old stamp album at the last one. They are always so fun/dangerous for me. Well, I won't miss the next one -let's go, OK?

  10. I wish we had something like this in North Carolina... I guess I will just have to make my way to SF some day. What a wonderful find the passport was!! It seems a shame to tear up such history... I know that it is far better to use real ephemera in collage and mail art, but maybe just this once you could scan the stamps and print them on your envies rather than tear up the passport. How about having some stamps made from the original images that could be stamped on future mail? :)

  11. @Sally W and Christine -- hope you both go next time -- lunch after? But no fair grabbing all the good stuff!!
    @Maureen -- feel better soon! What did Cody get for you?
    @elle.mental -- I would think these types of paper fairs are all over -- maybe there is one near you.

    I like to use original materials in all my work whenever possible...the scans just don't make it for me. It is hard to tear things up and I sometimes can't do it but they are living on in art so it isn't so bad....

    Thanks for all the interesting comments everyone.

  12. I feel so good about my work table which I just found the bottom of now seeing yours! Sheesh, that's a lot of stuff going on. All good though.
    xox Corrine

  13. Glad you found such fabulous stuff. I didn't go this time, since I have so much stuff from the the SUMMER time (plus!) that I need to RE-cycle/use/purpose/think, etc. But I think I can work on that stash so I can be ready for more in April :D.

  14. Oh, wow! Pure treasure. :)

  15. Great post! Thanks for sharing!

  16. I think we should have a mail artists convention and all meet at the next vintage paper fair and then eat, drink, be merry & make mail art!

  17. OMG! I would love to get my hands on some of those passports! What fun things to work with!!! Thanks for letting us see all these treasures!!

  18. @Dave -- If i ever see one there again I will pick one up for you!

  19. It is always so much fun to see people's work spaces. Thanks for sharing.
    mad madge



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