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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Gobble Gobble

What could I be more thankful for on Thanksgiving than all the wonderful mail art I have been receiving all year?
I hope you all have been having good mail days too.
A happy mailbox is a stuffed mailbox -- better for the mailbox to be stuffed than all of you on Thanksgiving!

Some of my outgoing Thanksgiving mail.....

Vintage Thanksgiving cards
I had a stash of vintage cards and decided to send them out into the world.
Quite charming, wouldn't you say?

It seems people used to send more cards - Thanksgiving, Easter, Get Well  - I think we should resurrect that and start making and sending more cards out.

These cards even had the original price stickers on them - 10  cents? 20 cents?
No wonder folks could afford sending cards.
I like to make almost all of my cards now rather than pay $4 or $5 for a card.

Collaged postcard to Corrine at Dos Fishes

Outgoing to Kelly P
Maybe she will enjoy an "Every Burger" for Thanksgiving.


I have been busy this week.
I sense a holiday slowdown coming upon me since I am the
"designated chef" for all the Thanksgiving cooking --
turkey, cranberry sauce, gravy, and pies!
I'd rather be making mail art but everyone ganged up on me so it  looks like I'll be in the kitchen all day tomorrow and not in the art studio.

This went out yesterday....hum.....what could be inside?
I'm not telling.

Happy Thanksgiving Flowers for all you faithful readers!
Your support of reading and following and commenting on the blog is very much appreciated.
And, all the great mail has really been a pleasure to receive, so--


(I know a lot of folks read the blog from other countries that don't celebrate Thanksgiving but thanks to you too and bear with me on the turkey.......)

Wishing everyone in the USA a Happy Thanksgiving
Wishing you ALL very Happy Mail days!

Stay tuned.


  1. I'm not interested in pieced together cards from old paper stock. However, I also don't like spending a small fortune on cards. I've found over the last 50 years, though, that sending a simple note will elicit just as much appreciation from people as will an overpriced Hallmark card. With snail mail, it IS the thought that counts! Thanks for sharing-RichardK/TX

  2. Happy Gobble Gobble to you!!! LOL!!! I love the vintage Thanksgiving cards you found. What an awesome find. If only I had as much incoming mail as you do I'd be walking on cloud nine. I'm grateful for a lot of things none the less. Enjoy you Thanksgiving!!!

  3. Well, Anonymous/Richard -- you may be in the wrong place--this is a mail art blog and we mail artists are all about cutting and pasting and collaging and using vintage supplies and re-purposing......but thanks (I think) anyway.....

  4. Thanks for the post card and the flowers, gobble gobble to you too! xox Corrine

  5. The Everyburger has been received, to much delight, but do I dare foist it on anyone? Thank you for thinking of me...more fun to follow!

  6. @Kelly -- I don't know about the EveryBurgers --couldn't read the ingredients on the back in Japanese......Got your very cool THANKS card today and thank you!

  7. I loooove the Everyburger! And love the vintage cards too. Wow, I thought I was doing well just to send out 1 card/week :) Go you!

  8. Happy Thanksgiving!
    I'm going to remember your words about the stuffed mailbox when I'm sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner. It's so easy to eat too much.

  9. @Thanks, Annejo
    @Christine H -- go for a long walk and save some room for pie!

  10. Wonderful cards! I agree...we all should be sending more of this sort of art out into the world!

  11. @Dave - thanks! Now I am working on Christmas mail.

  12. Hi! For all the inspiration your blog has given me, I award you the Liebster Blog Award! Check it out here:




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