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Monday, August 22, 2011

More About Mail

More About Mail
The previous post got loads of views and I got lots of questions and e-mails
so I am adding a couple of ideas about getting mail.
Or giving mail.

You would probably like to have a glorious pile of letters like these on your desk, right?
If you would like some German correspondents,
try this
This "pen pal club" is sponsored by the German Post Office.
Can you believe that?
I really think the US Postal Service ought to do this too.
Support your local Mail Artists!
I have had tons of requests from people in Germany (Hi Heidi!) to correspond
and recommend this site if you are interested.

Paint by Number Vintage Postcards --
need I say more?

A Decca record from the amazing Kelly P
and a lovely fan from a Cappuccino and Art fan.

A couple of beauties...ok...maybe not a beauty but another fabulous envelope from Kelly P (bottom) and from Julia in Germany, an envelope with a bow (!) and coins glued on.
Two out of the three coins made it to SF, Julia. 

Typewriter keys for sale.
Did I mention I went to a fantastic flea market over the weekend?
Typewriter keys and paint by number postcards
and some old card games with great graphics and old photos.

Humm.......see that bracelet made of the typewriter keys?
I could not resist all those "P's".
My husband said "Just think how many typewriters had to die for your bracelet".
Sorry guys.

A Mail Box on steroids -- I have never seen any mailboxes like this before.

More mail tips -- be sure to write your return address very clearly on the envelope and inside.
I get a lot of mail and if I don't see a return address I don't have time to hunt for it. And sometimes, the address on the outside gets postmarked and isn't legible so it is a good idea to write it inside too.
After I know I will be corresponding with someone, I add their address into my special mail-art-only address box.

Outgoing to the famous Kelly P

 Another tip, if you are doing a lot of mailing, invest in a scale to calculate postage. I got a food scale as a gift and use that. The USPO has a lot of rules about postage - more postage if the envelope doesn't bend (I don't ask why) and more for odd shapes. I always add extra postage after weighing my mail and so far -- knock on wood -- it seems everyone has received everything. 


I am back from a little tiny mini vacation and came home to find some lovely mail waiting for me. Almost takes the pain out of coming home so thanks for that everybody!

Back in SF in time for the next Correspondence Co-Op meeting.
The Zine Fest is coming up and summer tomatoes are at the Farmers Markets.

So, people -  get out those pens and start writing to each other and have fun!

Write a Letter to Get a Letter!


  1. WOW!! I just adore those paint-by-number postcards!! Any chance you could give me any info as to how I may purchase a few??? Thanks for another great post and I will definitely check out the German postal website for another pen friend.

  2. Another great post. I almost drooled when I saw the paint-by-number postcards. And the German post office does have the right idea. The U.S. post office is pretty clueless when it comes to marketing.

  3. I also highly recommend the Letter Exchange,, as an excellent place to find fellow letter-writers. The emphasis is more on letters than mail art, I've made some great friends through LEX.

  4. German post is amazing! I wish every country would do that!

  5. Fabulous, juicy mail post - thank you, Pamela - this is inspiring!

  6. Ms.Pamela! Thanks for this post its inspirational for all the beginner writers thanks alot!


  7. Is that really you? Wonderful your husband's comment about dying typewriters for your bracelet. Fantastic outgoing, I have been lax and need to get pen to paper. xox Corrine

  8. @Happy Mail Day and Christine H -- here is where I got the Paint By Number postcards --

    I don't them them on the web site but you can e-mail them to order. I went to the booth at the Fremont Flea Market in Seattle on Sunday -- too much fun.

  9. This post is inspiring! I have a stack of fun mail to reply to & am excited to stay in during the storm this weekend to create and write. So watch your mailbox next week for some rain-splattered envelopes.

  10. @Stephanie--whoa--first an earthquake and now a hurricane in NYC? Use waterproof ink, my friend! Looking forward to hearing from you and take care.

  11. your husband's comment on your bracelet made me laugh. ;-D

    i like it; it's really neat.

  12. This is a great post. I like the old Letter Box at the top and paint-by-numbers postcards. I'm heading over the Letternet right now to see about getting involved.



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