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Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Mail Box

Today's Mail
There can be quite a lot of grumbling around my house when I get little or no mail
but today wasn't one of those days.
Six letters and seven postcards.
No complaining here.

I do have a lot of catching up to do now though...
but no
I am not complaining.
Thanks to all of you (you know who you are).

What's not to love about these French stamps?
Everyone knows how much I like food and farmers markets and cooking
so I especially love the cheese and tarte tartin stamps.
Merci, Isabelle.

Speaking of French, here's my " French homework" for the Homework show at
(And thanks to SuperHero who sent me his French homework)

Into the Lucca ravioli box and off it goes to Tallie.

Two of the Mail Art 365 cards I sent out today.
Numbers 99 and 100.....
I am still hanging in there with the 365 project.

My copy of Esopus magazine also arrived today. Every news stand in San Francisco was sold out so I ordered it online.


How can you resist that front cover?

And the back cover? Lots of cancelled stamps!

Inside is an interview with Robert Warner about mail artist Ray Johnson and
selections from his work. Very interesting.

Ok, folks. Thats a wrap for today,
I'm going outside to enjoy the rare lovely warm day here in
San Francisco
and I think I'll re-read all the wonderful letters that arrived today.



  1. Hurray, homework! Looks like this show will have two great sets of French homework. I can't wait to see yours side by side with Superhero's. Thank you!

  2. Thanks, Talitha! I just wish I could go to the opening and meet you and SuperHero!

  3. I have that copy of Esopus! Interesting read I must say. =)

  4. Great stuff. A stamp with cheese on it - I don't think you'd ever see that in the U.S., but it speaks to me!

  5. Time for me to play catch up in a serious way. Magazine has a great cover Pamela, will hace to check it out. Thanks, xox Corrine

  6. Wow, great mail day!! Mine has been depressingly empty...taking a trip and not having mail out going really impacts on what come to the POB! The addage, "you have to send mail to get mail" is oh so true!! I did get a very nice letter today from a new pen friend, so today was a good mail day!Very much enjoying your blog... elle

  7. Today my mailbox was happy too! Thanks ^_^

  8. That's a REALLY happy mailbox! Great stuff and keep hanging in there with MA365. It's a helluva challenge!

  9. Thanks, Andy. Yeah...very happy mailbox on Monday but nothing at all today....let the complaining begin! Of course now I owe everybody mail so that could be part of the problem. I actually do make mail art every day but I figure the mailart 365 project is separate from that so I have to something specifically for that. I wonder, could I just include my "regular" mail art as part of the MA365? Hum.....

  10. I just descovered your blog via !

    This idea is great and wonderful!


  11. Thanks, Franka! I met Meike Winnemuth yesterday and she is delightful. I loved her blogpost on mailart, including mine -- I just wish I could read German. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  12. This is awesome. Discovered you too via Meike and it so reminds me of my teenage years, when I was growing up in the rural outskirts of nowhere and had penpals all over the world. I loved getting letters and sending them. Once I had a whole wall of my apartment (years later, of course) plastered with envelopes and letters, postcards and stamps. Loved it! Today most of my penpals have turned into email- oder facebook friends. Not so bad, but in a way I'm missing the 'real' letters...
    Thanks for reminding me, it made me smile.



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