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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mail Bag

Old letters -- aren't they wonderful?
Facebook and email and twitter cannot replace the loveliness
of real mail.

Par Avion

Taking it on the road -- the mailart kit
in my favorite color

Inside are stamps, stickers, dater, some vintage postcards, scissors, tape, pens.

LaLa Land -- the land of cars and freeways and pink poodles and movie stars.
(And fabulous restaurants, great farmers markets, good pals)

Mail hasn't been as good as usual lately so I had to place a little Etsy order to cheer up my mailbox.

My wildly talented pal, Barbara Wyeth, makes incredible portraits  (I like to call them) of flowers.
I am so lucky to have gotten these in the mail.
(You can buy them at

Red Bubble

Here's a letter I got from the wonderful writer
MFK Fisher.

Some very cool incoming mail.

Two more arrived today.
Ok, so you don't feel too sorry for me.

from me!

OK, folks.
Thanks to the three new followers.
And thanks for mail received and comments posted.

Oh--and look at this--
Thanks Annie and Carolee

Good Mail Day


  1. Sweet Mail Art traveling kit. It's fun to see others' kits. A letter from MFK Fisher - 1983! How cool is that!

  2. Love your mailart kit. ^___^

  3. Snagging parcels of old letters is the best. Your friends floral portraits are fantastic. Dots box, the best! xox Corrine

  4. I mailed something small to you yesterday... a "real" letter will be coming soon :-)

  5. Yes, letters beat anything digital. Obviously the digital world has its place but all the important stuff is on paper.

  6. i don't feel bad for you, i haven't gotten anything all week! :-/

    i like seeing all the travel art kits, because i'm in the process of making more fluxus art kits for some friends of amanda's! i love seeing all the ideas!
    vintage postcards would be a great touch,
    where do you find such things???

  7. Don't feel bad because my mailbox has been dry the past 2 weeks. I only received 2 letters!! By the way, what etsy member did you purchase the goods from?

  8. Looks like you're having fun! Enjoy all that good mail... I am afraid I will be mail free for awhile since I am not home and haven't been writing. I am trying to write "everyone" a post on my blog instead of an actual letter, since I am pretty sure a real letter, mailed from Costa Rica, would never reach its final destination... :)Having fun, hope you are doing the same.

  9. @Annejo --mail from you arrived today (thanks)
    @SuperHero--maybe you will see something on here in your mailbox.
    You can get vintage cards on eBay. I know a good seller of them and will send you info. Also snagged a bunch in LA real cheap.
    @Williams77 -- sent LA postcards to cheer up your mailbox and letter soon
    Thanks all!



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