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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Another Week

Saturday Incoming - the USPS is talking about stopping Saturday delivery of mail and I am not amused. I got all this wonderful mail on Saturday and enjoyed it all weekend. Wouldn't have wanted to wait two more days for my mail.
Great handmade stamp envelope from my pal in The Netherlands, fabulous dark chocolate with sea salt from Donovan, collage card from Mim (made in Istanbul and mailed from France) plus three more wonderful collage cards.

I am inspired by La Belle France (as many of you already know) and often look through my French ephemera for ideas.
I like red too.

Mailart supplies

Paper is good - I like the real thing - no Kindles or online newspapers for me.
I love dictionaries, especially in other languages.

A little outgoing from me -- cheesecake envelope for KW, a cheesecake lover and a hint of spring for SW, plus a couple of postcards.
Love those new JAZZ stamps. But the Latin Legends? Not so much.

Spring has hit San Francisco. Flowers and sandals and sitting outside at sidewalk cafes .
Hope spring is heading your way too.

Happy Spring.
Happy Mailart.
Go write a letter,
Make an envelope.
Have some fun.


  1. Have a cup of coffee outside for me, with sandals please? Great incoming and outgoing. 50 here today but overcast/rain. We can't have everything, I'll take 50F. xox corrine

  2. There is so much color in your life! I love it.

  3. pamela, i was just over at blick on market st and they have some discounted cavallini products, like the paris rubber stamps, postcards and stationery. just wanted to give you a heads up - it's not really advertised in the store, not all of it is on sale but the ones that are discounted are a good deal. glad you are getting awesome mail, i've been behind on sending mail!

  4. @DosFishes--thanks and I will have a cappuccino in your honor. Hang on, spring will arrive in New England too...
    @CJ--You are very kind
    @annie--thanks for the tip - now I just have to get downtown. And, I know you are busy with school but a lot of mailboxes miss you...

  5. I'm always happy to see the envelope survived the long journey! :D Spring will hopefully arrive here end of the week....

  6. @Annejo--I know what you mean, I am always happy to know when a letter arrives too....especially the international ones...

  7. Happy Spring!! Lovely Pink Tulips. It was beautiful here today, blue skies and a nice breeze. I spent the day outside to celebrate. Hope you enjoy the nice weather and enjoy your cafe and coffee!



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