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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

So, did you say you wanted to come over?

I am having a little trouble getting myself to work since the weather is so lovely....
Just sitting around my studio with all the doors open and hanging out.
Want to come on over?

I planted myself on my couch and I'm just looking at the walls...ok, and all the stuff sitting around here....

It is rare to have a lovely summery SF day of somewhere around 70 degrees. Temps are supposed to drop 20 degrees tomorrow so I am just being lazy and enjoying today...

I carted these posters home from Deyrolle in Paris.

The nesting dolls I bought in Russia. I do like souvenirs of my travels.

Uh Oh. This is the OTHER room. The messy one. But hey.....I work in there. And, when I'm not being lazy I've been really busy doing all kinds of things.

See? I have been making some teeny, tiny books. And some zines. And mail art. And a birthday surprise for a friend. And collages. And adding things to my glue book. I've got a lot going on.

And, I went to the SF Correspondence Co-Op Birthday Party on Saturday -- SEVEN years of mail art with my peeps.

But, some days, it is really nice to do almost nothing....sit around....and just enjoy the day.
Don't you agree?

(maybe tomorrow)


  1. Oh how I love pictures of your creative space!

  2. The one room is well worth sitting in and appreciating everything on the shelves and walls. The other room would drive me mad, since I'm a neat freak. But I would LOVE to come visit, especially since temps here are in the mid to high 90s F with heat indices of over 105 most days. I am glad you are enjoying great weather and your meal looks yummy, too. Very refreshing, in fact.

  3. Ha ha....I kind of love a good messy workspace.....You would like it even better today - the temperature is going to be 65.

  4. I understand completely. My back yard is finally at a place where I can mostly sit and enjoy it instead of working like a day laborer. In the morning, I sit and watch the birds and squirrels and their antics with an occasional bunny hopping by. I just want to sit and enjoy so I do...until the porch temp hits 90 and it just becomes too uncomfortable. Then, I go to my studio!

  5. OK, I laughed out loud at THE OTHER room. I also have one of those, but somehow it is starting to creep into other areas of the house as well! Creative stuff kind of does that. What a wonderful view and day you had.

    1. I am the does creep, doesn't it? But as soon as I clear off my work table I mess it right back up again....cannot help it. They don't call it "a creative mess" for nothing.

  6. I really enjoyed this post - particularly the OTHER room. I thought "Wow! She's just as messy (oops, I meant 'creative') as I am!" Your alfresco dining looks enticing, but it's way too hot already here in Chicago to do that.

    1. Oh yes -- just as actually thrive in that chaos but my husband isn't thrilled....but it's MY studio. You have some real highs and lows (temperatures) in Chicago, I know.

  7. Yes! I totally want to come over! In lieu of that though, I have made you some mail in my little studio.

    1. Adrienne -- you are TOO nice to me -- I owe YOU mail and I am about to get on it. I was just thinking of you, pal. Thanks for checking in.

  8. Such a lovely life!
    Good for you to just sit around and enjoy the weather- life is too short to not do that!
    I enjoyed the walk through and should I come to SF again, i shall be sure to call upon you for a visit! ")
    Have a super day Pamela!

    1. Well...I am happy I did because it has been about 59 degrees all week now and foggy and cold.....that's why i knew I had to go for it when it was so nice. But It is supposed to be 102 in Sonoma on Saturday and I definitely prefer the cool SF weather to that. Yes, let me know if you visit SF.



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