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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wait a Minute, Mr Postman!

Correspondence Co-op Meeting
German journalist, Meike Winnemuth, second from right, visited the group's
meeting Wednesday night and wrote about mailart in her blog:

Wait A Minute, Mr Postman

Guess what? I'm on there along with pictures of some of my mail art.
Now, if only I could read the German.

Can anyone translate for me?

(I translated it on-line and one of the lines is I am an "unauthentic" mail artist - something got lost in translation) 

Check it out -- very fun.

Mail artists hanging out -- we came, we cut, we pasted, we socialized, we drank wine, we traded 
supplies and addresses.
We had fun.

Ray Johnson mailart wine -- who knew?
Labels by Jennie H. of Red Letter Day and co-author of the

Good Mail Day book.

One of the projects going on at the co-op.

My mailart going out (the same mail as pictured on the German link)


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(But I'd rather get comments here on the blog)

As I told Meike yesterday, mail art is a lot of fun!



  1. omments are always nice! I was actually thinking of copying your little group locally, but we'll see!

  2. Great article. I don't have time to translate right now, but the word you are referring to can be translated as inauthentic, but not in this context. It's tough to find an appropriate English counterpart though. The closest I could come is 'figurative', but I don't think that's right in this context either.

  3. Pamela: I just love seeing your snaps -- like little bite sized pieces of SF action! You captured the essence of last night's get-together quite nicely: commraderie, correspondence, and cookies! :-) Thank you so much for being your fantastic self...

  4. Dear Pamela,
    "eigentlich Fotografin und uneigentlich Mail Artist"
    is an untranslable german pun, it´s mean cca:
    your main profession is photograph, the other one is mail-artist.

    Many many thanks your lovely comments and the following my blog. All the Best: Susanna

  5. Thanks, everyone. Always great to hear from all of you....and thanks for help with translation Christine and Susannia....

    And man, the power of the press, the blog had over 800 views after Meike's story appeared.

  6. Glad you are having fun and getting to meet other mail artists in person!

  7. Hello Pamela,

    did somebody the complete translation for you?
    I saw your blog and i´m german...
    greetings, Ute

  8. Hi Ute--I used to read it. Thanks for asking. I am working on a new post now and a give=away for "followers" since I hit 100.

  9. Looks like a good time. Which one are you? Dark hair glasses is my guess? Am I right??? xox Corrine

  10. Oh and smiling across fro whom I think is curbside treasure?

  11. Nope, Corrine--I took the photos and I am not in any of them. Don't wear glasses either.....

  12. Yes--that is Annie, Ms. Curbside Treasure, hard at work at the table on the left....



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