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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mixed Various

More envelope making over the weekend --
nothing is safe from me.
Busy hands help keep the mind off the terribly sad news from Japan.
Stamp Collecting envelope going out to Donovan.
Three Ghirardelli Chocolate factory envelopes on their way out into the world.
I went over to Ghirardelli Square on Saturday just to pick up these menus for envelope making.
Sadly, it is a major tourist trap but Ghirardelli Square is set right on the
beautiful San Francisco Bay and it is in a great location so not a total loss.
And I got some free chocolate samples.
Two postcards going out -- made from photos I took of vintage ads.
Wow, things do change, don't they?
From today's trip over to Japan Center.
Wanted to check in to one of my favorite San Francisco spots and see how everyone is doing over there.
And I just happened to spy this great airmail stationary while I was at it.
Washi tape.....always handy.
And last, a wonderful surprise arrived from my postal pal Shelita.
For my upcoming birthday (please send mail!) she carved me two really wonderful
stamps. What fun I am going to have playing with these. Thanks so much, Shelita.
In the past few days I have received quite a lot of emails from postal pals from all over checking up to see if we, in San Francisco, are OK. Thankfully, there was no damage in SF, something we can be very grateful for. As you can imagine, we have a very special empathy for earthquake victims and there is a lot of sadness and concern for the people of Japan.


  1. Upcoming birthday, will have to send some special mail...busy hands, I so get that in wake of what is endless on the news and the heartbreak of the Japanese people and their losses. Wonderful envelopes, city living provides such great sources, more so than the countryside, no street trash here. I would have to make bark envelopes if it were not from junk mail! Even though you tell them not to send, it still keeps coming. Stay safe, and hope your friends in Japan can do the same. xox Corrine

  2. Your envelopes always seem to make me hungry, especially the ones relating to Chinese food. And I know you actually have good Chinese restaurants in San Francisco. We have lots of good Vietnamese, but haven't found a good Chinese place in Portland yet. If you happen to have a favorite Chinese place in San Francisco, I'd love to know it.

  3. As always, your photos are so wonderful, a great record of what you've been up to! Have sent you a little something, but did not realize that a birthday was looming! :-) Hmmm...of to put on my thinking cap and concoct something wonderful for you...
    PS: I bought some of that fun airmail stationery too!

  4. The envies look great :)
    And I'm also drooling of the airmail stationary & tape !

  5. When is your birthday?! You're supposed to announce these things! ;)

  6. I just made an envelope... and I will fill it with a letter for you in the next days :-)



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