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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Let's Make an Origami Wallet

(NYC City Bakery flyer with NYC ephemera tucked inside)

Origami wallets are so fast and easy to make -- and fun to fill up and mail.
It really takes only four easy steps to make a wallet and I can whip them out in a minute.
Want to see?

Take a sheet of double sided paper (maps, pages torn from an Atlas, magazine pages, menu, flyers).
Look it over and place the side you want on the outside of the wallet  FACE UP.

Fold the TOP of the paper down about 3/4-1" like this.
with the folded part on the top face down (as seen below)

Then, fold each of the (short sides) about 3/4" like this. Press them down with a bone folder.

Now your paper looks like this (only with the sides pressed down)

Now (fun part) fold the top down a bit less than halfway like this.(That very first fold you made at the top will be showing).  This will become the top sleeve in your wallet.

Now you will fold the paper up from the bottom to make the bottom sleeve like this.
You want to tuck that top corner right in to that bottom corner there on the right side....and then tuck it the same way on the left side, which will create the bottom sleeve.


See? Tuck the TOP (blue) into the bottom (Black)

**I hope this doesn't confuse you -- the wallet is flipped in these two photos. Remember you are tucking the TOP corners into the bottom...the black is the bottom here and see who the top corner is getting tucked in to it?)**
And there you are -- see the two sleeves? If you do it wrong you won't have two sleeves so just try it again.

Now your wallet looks like this.....
Fold it in half and you are done.

Origami wallet
It looks harder here than it actually is. Once you get it, you will be making them so fast you won't believe it....

By now you all know I can't leave things alone so I had to add some washi tape and dots and a cut-out from an old dictionary.....

And, of course, you can't send someone an empty wallet, can you?

Wallet from a flyer I picked up at the library around San Francisco...

Atlas page wallets

You can make origami wallets when you travel and tuck in business cards and souvenirs  from your trip. Make one with a flyer from your home town for a friend who is coming to visit...or use menus or atlas  pages or anything else you might think up...
it's fun and it is creative re-use.

I have had this ready for a long time but didn't post it since I couldn't be sure the instructions were clear enough. They seem clear to me but I already know how to make the origami wallets so what do I know? Let me know if you figure it it (I hope so!). They are really fun.
Hope you all (in the USA) enjoyed your holiday yesterday -- BBQ and fireworks and heat. It was a chilly 60 degrees here in SF.

Speaking of that, check out my favorite creative re-user, Monica at
The ArtFul ReCrafter
to see what origami tutorial she has for you!



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