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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Dear Santa

Dear Santa,
I have been very good this year.
Well, I tried anyway...
And I would really like this Mr Zip comic book.

I didn't even know that there were Mr Zip comic books but I'd really like one now that I know.

...and the Zip Code family game would be very nice too.
My friends could come over and drink wine....I mean...milk...and play by the fireplace.

and, of course a Mr Zip lunch box would come in very handy too. I wouldn't put anything messy like lunch in it.
Maybe art supplies....

Since you brought me a real typewriter last Xmas, Santa, a Junior Typewriter  would make a very nice gift for me this year.
The Typewriter -- a new book FINALLY coming out from UpperCase in January 2015
I chipped in to get this baby in print way back when....and have eagerly been waiting for it to be published so I am very excited.
Santa--I am getting my copy but I bet some other folks would love a copy of
The Typewriter
You can click the link, Santa, and send copies to all the typewriter lovers you know out there.

Hum........there were postal nerds back in the day too......someone stuck all the Mr Zippy stuff they found on pages in a notebook....
And I would really like every single fabulous rubber stamp from the
100 Proof Press catalog. My copy of the catalog is completely marked up with stickers of what I want that I think I want them ALL!
In fact, I know I want them all.

who would want this? A mail artist? A postal nerd?
I would like to give it a good home.

Maybe if you are feeling flush, Santa, you could get me this real, official, vintage US Post Box that is on eBay for only (only?) $795.00.
(I notice is hasn't sold in months -- price might be a little steep)

And, not only is it super-cool, but there is a Mr Zip sticker on the side!
I could store my mail in it....or maybe wine bottles for a wet bar? I'm sure I could think of something wonderful to do with it.
Please, Santa?
Actually, Santa, when you come right down to it, I would like anything that has Mr Zip on it.
That makes it easy for you.

Mr Zip Rocks!

Maybe this will give you a few ideas for some of the mail art nerds on YOUR list!
What I'd really like, Santa, is lots and lots of mail art all year long from my wonderful mail art friends.
What a terrific community the mail art community is!
I am so happy to be included.
And, I think Santa gets a lot of mail too -- and he doesn't do e-mail. Trust me, kids -- you've got to write a letter to Santa if you want him to read it.

Have you sent Santa your letter?

What's on you wish list?

Send Good Mail -- Maybe Santa will deliver?

Hoping you all have a very Happy Holiday and lots of great mail in 2015!


  1. I have been thinking about why I hadn't commented previously ever since I read your post about your appreciation of comments. It is definitely the case that I've really enjoyed your blog for the last few years. One reason I've not commented is I didn't think I had anything useful to say and you've always seemed too sophisticated for a short "fan girl" comment. A related problem is that the large number of art bloggers who solicit insincere comments via blog hops, drawings for giveaways and/or some other type of participation scheme has made me somewhat uncomfortable about
    commenting (and social media) in general.

    I did almost comment a few posts ago where you mentioned the restaurant at Neue Gallerie since luckily a friend of mine had told me before my last NYC trip that I shouldn't miss it. I loved it -- it reminded me of my happy long ago student days in Vienna. One reason I didn't comment that time also applies to other posts which is simply that your posts are often so long that by the time I've finished them I've either forgotten what I'd intended to comment or need to move on to something else. (This isn't meant as a criticism -- just a factoid.)

    I have for many years lived in a small town and don't have easy access to the many types of activities you describe. So I get a lot of vicarious enjoyment (and happy memories) from your detailed descriptions of your travels, excursions, friends, treasures acquired, etc. Most importantly, the detail allows me to be realistic about the tradeoffs of living here or moving elsewhere.

    Thank you and Happy Holidays!

    1. Wow! Many thanks for your thoughtful and interesting comment. I do know what you mean about the blog hops and drawings/giveaways. I don't do blog hops for that reason and rarely do give-aways (but I do like to share).
      It does seem rather "needy" to ask for comments, I know, but it is helpful to know who is reading my blog and what they might actually be interested in...or not interested in. Plus, feedback, in general, is my only reward for all the work i put into the blog.
      I didn't actually think the blog posts were long since they are mostly just photos with captions. being a photographer (by profession and training) i tend to communicate in photos. I aim for posting once a week -- more than that seems like too much and less...well...too little...I don't know what my readers think about the length or frequency.
      I am not especially sophisticated (just ask my friends) and I am friendly. I love meeting people with similar interest in mail art, paper ephemera etc
      I really enjoyed reading your thoughts and I appreciate you taking the time to comment. And I am very happy to know you have been enjoying the blog.
      Happy Holidays. -- Pamela

    2. Well maybe "sophisticated" was the wrong word. What I was trying to get across is that you have a lot more expertise and experience in both photography and mail art than I do so it seems inappropriate for me to say something like "I love your use of color, Mr. Matisse." What I can say is I've learned a lot about mail art from your blog. I look forward to your blog posts because of your enthusiasm, your openness, your thoughtfulness, and the variety of new ideas. I'm 74 years old and retired from a professional career in a field unrelated to art but am now interested in visual art and art journaling. Because I know what expertise in my own field requires, I'm more comfortable with blogs (like yours) that exhibit the kind of expertise that can't be acquired overnight but that, at the same time, are accessible to the learner.
      Thanks for your thoughtful reply!

  2. I NEED that zip code game. That looks awesome!

    1. Pretty fun, dactyllife...if you get I will come over and play....

  3. Great Mr.ZIP blogpost! My favourite is the notebook page with collected Mr.ZIPs glued on, how deliciously vintage.
    What's a "dead letter box"? :-o

    1. I lost the eBay bid on that one, Marie--Bah humbug! A "dead letter" box is where the sad letters that are incorrectly addressed and cannot be delivered all go......

  4. This is my favorite kind of 'post'.... a blog post about the post! Love you nostalgic photos of our mail history. I have lots of vintage envelopes with old postmarks and postage stamps on them. I love to draw on those!

    1. Another post-lover! yay! Thanks for commenting, Katherine. I would like o see what you draw on the vintage envelopes with stamps/cancellations.

  5. What do you actually *do* in the zip code game? Been trying to imagine and not coming up with much.
    Love the dove stamp and the post box. Hope Santa is really good to you!

    1. Good question, Leslie--I have no idea! I just like the box. I have that dove stamp and it is one of my favorites -- It has based on a real stamp and I have some of those stamps too...I will have to stamp on something and mail it to you!

  6. Fantastic post, as usual! I have a lunch box just like the one above! The only problem, is that it was sold to me without my knowledge that the thermos was missing & that the wire to hold the thermos in place was missing, but I still love it! I do not dare put a lunch in it! I stash some supplies inside. Very light supplies; I'm scared to overload it & break it. I just adore Mr. Zip! We should swap my lunch box for some of your handmade books! I live about an hour from SF, think it over & email me! :)

    1. Hi Linda -- what a charming offer! i love a good swap. But there is a rumor around here Santa just may deliver one of those Mr Zip lunch boxes....but which books are you interested in? My handmade books are pretty simple ones....

  7. Wonderful post Pamela.. was quite funny. I HAVE the comic at the beginning of this post. Would you like a copy of the PDF?? Been collecting many of these items and making high res scans and fixing many of them.

    1. Derrick -- I am so glad someone appreciates my sense of humor. This was tongue-in-cheek -- but WOW! -- yes I sure would like a PDF of the Mr Zip comic! How fun is that? I have never actually seem one. Thanks so very much.
      You have my email? Or just e-mail through the Blogger profile -- and thank you so much.

  8. Aw, I love reading your letter to Santa, Pamela! You have found some true goodies to wish for this holiday season. That junior typewriter is so cute! When you show these kinds of vintage images, I wonder if the postal system was held in such greater regard "back in the day," or if our mail paraphernalia of today will look this cool to generations in the future.

    1. Andria -- good point -- but I don't find very much new postal stuff -- no lunch boxes or games or anything like that being made now. And I still say the smartest things for the USPS to do would be to bring back the adorable Mr Zip!

  9. This was so FUN...FUN...FUNNY! I love Mr. Zip--I think he is adorable! Too bad the USPS marketing department haven't figured out his popularity...might make some sales for them and get them in the black! Also, loved the mail box...we lived on a corner in St. Louis, MO. Hoffmeister and Zeiss to be exact. We had a nice big mail box on our corner . I have great memories of the postman emptying it...and of course me being able to put my mail into it. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Pam -- No kidding about Mr Zip and USUS marketing -- they are missing a big opportunity to make people smile instead of frown when they talk about the PO. I love that mail box too -- but I do wonder how a private party is selling it....why not the US{S selling off vintage PO products? Maybe I should volunteer for the job?

  10. Great graphics. You sure do have a wonderful postal list. Hope Santa is good to you! xox

    1. I hope so too! Thanks, Corrine. Happy Holidays to you and the superhero.

  11. Hello Pamela!
    Wow! I have some catching up to do on your many wonderful posts!
    Great stuff! That little Junior Typewriter is really cute! I'll keep my eyes peeled for Mr. Zip items!
    Have a great evening!

    1. Thanks, Indigo -- nice to see you back and commenting. Happy Holidays to you.



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